When A Woman Dreams of the Perfect Man!

When A Woman Dreams of the Perfect Man!

by Thaddius Johnson

ISBN: 9781304019141

Publisher Lulu

Published in Arts & Photography/Performing Arts, Entertainment

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Book Description

Story of a young couple whose marriage is becoming stale after 3 long years. James & Samantha notice things about each other that sparks fits of anger between them. One day when coming home early, He hears Samantha & her friend Shanna, talking about what James should work on to be the perfect man. James makes changes to become the perfect man secretly. James makes extreme changes to his usual routine trying to fit her description of the perfect man. However, instead of seeing the good in his improvements Samantha begins to suspect James is dressing up for another woman.

Sample Chapter



Chapter One



The feeling of a Saturday morning always felt good to Samantha. Especially on days when her husband was away from home. He worked from home sometimes but, when he went to the office it made her very happy. She had the whole house to herself.  She could do her morning workouts, lunch or drinks with her girlfriends or just be alone for some peace and quiet.  

But this morning...he was home, and somehow everything he did or asked annoyed her. The marriage between Samantha and her husband James was starting to get to its breaking point. In conversation, every other word was “You make me sick or I can't stand you!”  That was from both sides of the fence.  They love each other, but it's something about him that just really bugged her.  She had no clue what it was.  Could it be the way he chews his food or maybe something that he doesn't do?  And for James, was dinner not ready when he returned home from work or was it her cackling friend Shanna that came over every day and weekend?

Of course when they were dating they couldn't wait to see each other, they couldn't live without each other. Now that they have been married for three years, most of the time they can't wait to get away for each other. But for the past two weeks they have been at each other’s throats.

Waking up and getting out of bed, James walks out of his room and stumbles in the doorway, holding on to the wall trying to keep his balance.

“Good morning!” He said to Samantha, still struggling to stand.

“Hello.”  She answered, but not looking up to acknowledge him.

“What are you doing?” He asked politely.
            “I'm reading a book, am I allowed to do that?” She asked, turning to the next page with force.
James is just standing there looking at Samantha shaking his head, wondering why she was giving him such an attitude. “I thought you were cooking breakfast this morning?” He asked.

“Why don't you cook breakfast? Is there ever going be time when am I going to wake up to you cooking?!” She asked curiously.  “You normally get up and cook every morning.” He replied.  “Well maybe it's time for you to start breaking some eggs, Honey.” She said clearly giving him attitude. He finally gives up talking to his wife and goes to take a shower.

James is one of those mild-tempered brothas, who sometimes let’s his woman walk all over him. As do most men in the world. When a man is right, he's wrong. When a woman is wrong, she’s right.  Down through history it's always been that way, the man suffers for his woman’s happiness.  With silent treatment for breakfast, James leaves home to go workout at the gym and to meet up with his friend Leroy, who's also a personal trainer.
Samantha is now home alone. She reads three pages out of her book on interior design, and after a little while she decides to do her workout to relieve some stress. “I'm so glad he's gone!” She said to herself. Walking into the bedroom where the treadmill was, Samantha presses the run button and began running for about five minutes. Hearing a buzzing sound Samantha picks up her cell phone that was vibrating in the cup holder of the treadmill. “Hello!” She answered.

“Hey girl, what are you doing?” Samantha’s best friend Shanna asked loudly into the phone.

“It’s nine-thirty.” Samantha answered.  I'm doing my morning workout. What are you doing?”

“Okay, well hey I'm close by your house. I was going to stop by.” said Shanna.

“Alright I'll see you when you get here.” She replied.

Then, suddenly there's a knock at the door. Samantha presses the end button on her phone, hops off the treadmill, and then walks through the living room of the condo to get to the front door.  She looks through the peep hole of the door, and then opens it. Samantha sees Shanna standing there looking as frumpy as she wanted to look.  Wearing a lime green hat, some grey sweatpants, and a sky blue shirt that had the word ‘Special’ written in white letters on the front.

“Hey girl, I told you I was close!” Shanna yelled loudly as if it wasn't early in the morning.

“Shanna! Shanna! Please you have to calm it down girl, we have neighbors.” Samantha said to Shanna trying to quiet her down.

“Girl I'm sorry I'm just so happy, I got a raise at work yesterday.” She explained.

“A raise, how did you get a raise? I've been there longer than you have.” Samantha asked surprised. “Oh well Susan thought I did a really good job closing the store down last week. Remember when she had that emergency?” I close the place up for her and she gave me a twenty-five cent raise!” Shanna explained. “Twenty-five cent, girl please you made it seem like you were getting bumped up two more dollars or something.  Samantha said with a sigh of relief. Samantha again looks over at Shanna’s outfit and it makes her wonder. “Shanna, where are you going dressed like this?” Samantha asked holding in her laughter.  Shanna walks in and takes a seat on the green sofa in the living room. “I went to audition for that stage play their working on downtown.” She explained.

“You’ll do anything to get on TV won’t you? What part did you audition for, a homeless woman?”

“Whatever!” Shanna said brushing off Samantha’s sarcasm. “So what do you have planned for today, since you’re off work and everything?” Shanna asked.

“I'm going to the famous Susan Chante's Clothing and Design.” Samantha said with a fancy ascent.  “Maybe I can get some shoes with my employee discount.” She continued. “So it's your day off and you’re still going to work?”  Shanna asked.

“Just to shop around a little bit.” Samantha answered shrugging her shoulders. “Then I planned on coming home and cleaning up the house.”  

“Ok well, we can go together. I could grab few things too.” Shanna suggested.

“Sure, but first I have to clean up this room.” Samantha said straighten the pillows on the couch.  

“Okay girl let me know when your finish.” Shanna uttered stretching out her legs on the couch trying to get comfortable.  

“Shanna!” Samantha yelled playfully, staring her down and putting her hands on her hips.           

“Okay, okay I'll help you girl. I didn't even clean my own place yet.” Shanna whispered under her breathe.”

While Samantha and Shanna are cleaning up the condo, James on the other hand was on his way to the gym to do a short workout and to see Leroy, his longtime high school friend and college buddy. He drives to the fitness center which was about ten minutes away from his house.  Once in the gym, James walks up to Leroy’s office.


He knocks three times then opens the door. “Hey Leroy what's up?” James asked as he walked in.


Leroy is sitting at his desk waiting for his morning clients to arrive. He looks up, and then gets out of his chair. “Hey James, what’ve you been up to?” Leroy asked reaching out to shake his hand.
“Not much, just here to get a workout in, plus Samantha is at the house being dramatic as usual. So really I’m here to relieve some stress before going back home. She wouldn't even make me breakfast today.”  James said with a frowned face.

“Come on James, she can't be that bad.” Leroy uttered patting him on the back.  

“Are we talking about the same person?” James asked with a surprise big eyed expression on his face. “Yeah maybe you're right. Samantha can be a little eccentric sometimes.” Leroy acknowledged.

“Who are you telling?” James asked in agreement.

They both laugh about what's going on with James and wife for a few minutes, doing their best to make light of the whole Samantha situation.
“So what are you working on today?” Leroy asked noticing that James was actually there to workout for a change.
James opens his gym bag and pulls out his workout agenda. “Well today I have biceps and back, then a thirty minute cardio session.”  

“Okay, Sounds like a plan. Hey I see my client. I'm going to workout with her and after that, I'll come over so we can shoot the breeze for a while. I’ll see you in a bit.” Leroy said to James.

Leaving Leroy, James goes to the treadmill station and begins running for his warm-up. After running, he goes and does a few pull-ups and some biceps curls. By the time he was done forty-five minutes had passed. Once he had finished, James notices that Leroy is on his way over to where he was.
“Hey I'm back!” Leroy said. “Come on let’s go chop it up a little bit.” They walk over to the stairs that lead to the upper deck of the gym and sat in the middle of the stairs. Leaning over and resting his elbows on his knee, James says “Leroy I have to ask you something. How do you keep getting all these beautiful women as your clients?”

“What do you mean?” Leroy asked confused.
“I mean the last client that just walked out of here looked like she could’ve won Miss America or something!” James explained. “I haven’t seen you speak to anyone over thirty years old. The ugliest person you spoke to today is me.”

“Ah, man it's just the first of the year; everybody is in the gym after New Years.” Leroy explained.

“Yeah man, but you seem to get all the women.” James said looking around at the women in the gym.

“Well, they like the muscles and the tight shirts. Plus I'm what women want. I could even teach you a few things about women.” Leroy taunted.

“Teach me, teach me what? How to squeeze myself into a tight shirt?” James laughed, firing back.  “I could get a big shirt and wear it until it gets tight. But I can't do extra medium shirts dog!”

“James I could give you advice on how to get into better shape and maybe how to dress a little better, it's time you stop shopping at the Good Mart.” Leroy said to him.

“Hey!” James yelled. “Don't sleep on Good Mart, you can find good stuff. If you dig to bottom of the box then match up the socks, you’ll get twenty-five percent off.”

“I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you say that. I mean come on man, you make good money.  Speaking of which, how's the internet business coming along?”  Leroy asked hitting James in the arm with the back of his hand.

“Well you know.” James said shrugging his shoulders. “Things have been going pretty well. It's actually going so well that they're allowing me to work on my own projects now. That should bring in a few extra dollars.”

“That's good James; Samantha has to be happy you’re bringing more money home!”  Leroy said with enthusiasm.

“Not really, she'll a find a way to complain.” James said, continuing to shake his head. “Why do you two fight so much?” Leroy asked with concern.

“It's her!” James yelled. “She's the problem. Even if I don't do anything, everything is my fault.  Like the time she wrecked her car. She tried to blame me for her texting and driving before she ran over the curb.”

“Wait a minute James! Weren't you the one that sent her the text?” Leroy asked.

“Hey whose side are you on?” James mocked.

“Look man I realize you and Samantha are having some trouble, but marriage is about love and trust and all that junk right? So go home and make this right with your woman.”  Leroy said.

“How would you know? You've never been married.” James said.

“I've watched the Cosby show on TV enough to know about marriage.” He replied.

“Yeah right! Well hey, I'm about to head on home I'll give you a call later today.” James said to Leroy.

            “Okay cool, but not too late. I have a date tonight.”  Leroy said.
    “A date?!” James asked. “Why am I not surprised?”  

“Yeah I got tickets to see a stage play tonight.”  Leroy answered.

“A stage play, man you've changed!”  James said looking Leroy up and down as if he were a man who was sick.
“Hey man it’s not what you think. My mother is here visiting and we're hitting the town tonight. So I’m taking her to a play. It’s just a little something to entertain her.” He explained.

“Oh, then tell your mom I said hi and I hope she's doing well.” James said picking himself up off the stairs.

“You should come by. She may be able to give you some advice on how to deal with this whole Samantha debacle.  I mean I would give some but, you don't want to take my word for it.” Leroy said to James, as if he hinting that he had a solution.







Excerpted from "When A Woman Dreams of the Perfect Man!" by Thaddius Johnson. Copyright © 0 by Thaddius Johnson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Thaddius Johnson

Thaddius Johnson

I'm a 32 year old man, from Fayetteville NC, Born in SC with a dream of becoming a successful author. I enjoy writing and bringing stories together. I started writing because I was inspired by my father to do so. He told me I had a crazy imagination and that I should write a book someday. In 2006 going into 2007 I began to write down ideas for potential stories. With my father believing in me I felt I could do anything. ‎I'm still a working in progress as an author, but I want to eventually work in Film and TV also. The stories I write are very simple, easy to read and enjoyable. ‎ I'm inspired by Tyler Perry, David E. Talbert and Omar Tyree when it comes to telling a great story. I want people to read my stories and simply enjoy it and take the ride. Over time I'm hoping to be a success in this business.

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