Ashram of the Sea

Ashram of the Sea

by Kathryn Jensen

ISBN: 9781483950402

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Self-Help/Spiritual, Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Book Description

Ashram of the Sea Received and Translated by Kathryn Jensen

Ashram of the Sea shares the cetacean mission to help Earth’s humans beings become the most compassionate beings in the universe. The story is told by the Heart-Mind of God and sixteen sparkling, deeply loving, spiritual leaders of the cetacean community. Each dolphin and whale shares sacred wisdom that explains the special roles specific species play in human evolution. The book will light up your heart and re-kindle your desire to fulfill your divine mission for being alive.

Sample Chapter


Ashram of the Sea
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen



Archangel Michael


Avatar Bim From Sirius B’s Oceania


The Sirian Council of Nine


The Heart-Mind of God


Paramahansa Yogananda


Archangel Michael


The Legend of the Golden Dolphin is the fable of the human-cetacean bond. I realize this connection represents a spectrum of sacred, heart centered ties between humanity and the great cetaceans who have guided human beings through the ages back to their initial unity with the one called Great Creator, Source, the Heart-Mind of God or simply God.


Carving your place in the Universe has been complicated. You arrived here for the purpose of stirring up the whole Universe and creating the full-bodied concept of compassion. This process has not been without its cataclysmic struggles.


Your predecessors were the Sirian cetaceans. These Sirians arrived with the intention of carving out specific locations on the surface of Earth, where positive and negative charges were pulsed through the crust, to form frequency generators you now refer to as vortexes.


The Sirians were joined by cetaceans from three other free worlds. Together these cetaceans revolutionized Earth’s harmonic. The harmonic created scalding hot temperatures that pushed great masses of rock through the surface of Earth into her core. The rock became lava which took on the role of creating land masses.


Early Earth was a cauldron of volcanism. Earth’s landmasses were created and the vortexes emerged, throughout this process of creating the structural foundation of Earth. The molten lava coexisted with comprehensive stabilizing conduits for frequencies that indelibly scored the Earth, with the rays of Christ Consciousness.


I present a unique perspective on these frequencies for the first time in this book. The feelings that result from being kind and compassionate are more familiar. The rays of Christ Consciousness enhance a person’s ability to feel compassion.


The feelings compassionate people experience are the feelings of goodwill noticed when helping another person cope with difficult problems. They are the feelings felt as you observe and enjoy delightful art forms of all kinds. This is the heart centered state you experience as you live a life well lived. These feelings emerge in those who co-create beneficial community resources and fill up with the satisfaction of being of service.


Archangel Michael Introduces the Sirian Council of Nine


The Compassion Planet was birthed with great deliberation. The God Force lived with the Sirian Council of Nine, which is an intergalactic council of heart centered guides, who develop frequency matrixes for emerging new worlds.


The council members studied the concept of Compassion. Millions of planets were segmented off and examined for the precise frequencies their inhabitants embodied, that guided them to become beloved to one another. The council members evaluated residents’ core values and how their ideals impacted their aptitudes for bearing their souls to one another.


From this research, the rays of Christ Consciousness were developed. The complexity of these frequencies has to be emphasized. Their evolution emerged from several billion years of study on the part of the Sirian Council of Nine.




Excerpted from "Ashram of the Sea" by Kathryn Jensen. Copyright © 0 by Kathryn Jensen. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Kathryn Jensen

Kathryn Jensen

I’m an educator, energy kinesiologist, energy healer and an author. I live part time in Hawaii where I swim daily and frequently encounter my friends the Hawaii spinner dolphins. During the winter months humpback whales visit our local waters. I’ve had some profound encounters with these great beings. I also live in the Colorado where my experiences with dolphins whales began in my Denver-Metro healing sanctuary. In 1997 or so, my young clients began to experience dolphin visions as did my adult clients. This was a startling development. I began to do research on this phenomenon. I found that there were other energy healers in the world who had similar experiences as they provided hands on energy healing to clients. I also connected with scholars, biologists and others who were experiencing their own telepathic communications with cetaceans. Shortly after my clients began having their visionary experiences with dolphins, I heard a scholarly lecture on The Legend of the Golden Dolphin. The Legend addresses the past, present and future relationship between cetaceans and humans. Ancient myths and legends refer to the complex bond between dolphins, whales and human beings. In the here and now, people like myself, have been summoned to rekindle this ancient bond. After attending this lecture on The Legend I began to receive and record a fascinating book for children. What emerged was a children’s version of The Golden Dolphin Legend. The contents of the book kept changing as I experienced deeper levels of personal and spiritual growth. The book, Splash!, is now published and available! I began developing a healing system based on light filled lessons I received from the Ascended Masters and my mentor and teacher, Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, who resided in India and is now ascended. The healing system provides one with a special, practical way to release and transform fear encountered in daily life. This is a healing system modeled on the healing methods dolphins use with their pod members. I began using these healing methods with clients. I developed courses to teach others to use the methods in their daily lives. I’ve been field testing these methods for several years. I have found that use of these methods in my daily life makes everything flow with impressive ease. My purpose is ultimately to spark the connection between cetaceans and humans so we may co-create world peace. I do so through books, courses, healing sessions and products.

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