My Call

My Call

by Ronald Gray

ISBN: 9780615743974

Publisher Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing

Published in Literature & Fiction/Drama, Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction

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Book Description

Moses brought you to the promise land in "The Ten Commandments." Toni Montana rose from a Cuban refugee to King Pin in "Scarface." Nino Brown and G-money controlled the streets of New York selling crack, twenty four seven in "New Jack City." Now comes the story of the millennium... "My Call" Drama, action, sex, violence, humor, heart breaking emotional events, super natural forces at work, and special effects all packed in this story of epic proportions. A must read book!

Sample Chapter


                                                        Chapter Five

                                                                                           The Church


    David and his family attend church in Hanover, MD. It is a nice brick building with a seating capacity for six hundred people. For Thursday night revival the church is full and music is playing. David and his family are sitting together close to the front of the church. Mr. Cleo Williams is the Pastor. He is thirty seven years old, African American, five feet eleven, dark skin tone complexion, two-hundred twenty five pounds with a baritone voice. He walks out to the pulpit wearing an off white and red robe and raises his arms high in the air.

      “Praise the Lord Saints, praise the Lord everybody. I do believe tonight is the night. I know Betty Wright sung the song first but I am talking about a mighty move from God, not a sex thing.  Can I get an Amen?”

      The church says. “Amen.”

      “I thank God for blessing us to gather in his name one more time. I believe the Lord will move tonight in a mighty way. He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. I feel like praising him but I have a message for the house tonight. Church, you cannot live the life God has called all of us to live unless you have the word of God on the inside of you. I am not talking about church attendance, bible reading, telling people about Jesus, and speaking in tongues. By the way the devil can speak in false tongues.”

      “Fasting is an important sacrifice. Most people are just dieting. Eating pork and meat or neglecting to eat it will not get you in heaven either. No, I am talking about being born again by the holy spirit of Jesus and walking in the spirit of obedience to his holy word. This is the only way heaven will be your home. Jesus Christ being your Lord and master and living a holy life.” He looks up. “Yes Lord, have your way.” He looks back at the people in the church. “Saints, God is going to answer a long sought after prayer.” He waves his hand.

      “David and Sheila O’Neil, will you come to the altar please.”

      Sheila and David stand up and David looks at his daughters.

      “Christine, you and Sandra stay here. We will be back.”

They walk to the altar and the pastor steps from the pulpit to meet them and he stands directly in front of them.

      “Praise the Lord David and Sheila.”

      “Praise the Lord Pastor.” David and Sheila said while nodding their heads.

      Pastor Williams places his hands on David and Sheila’s shoulder.

      “Sheila, you and David have been praying for years for a son. Well your prayers have been answered and a lot more.” He stares at Sheila. “Sheila, you are three weeks pregnant with a boy. A miracle birth because physically you could not have any more children. This child is special. Before God formed him in your belly, he knew him and before he comes out of your womb, God has already sanctified him to be a mighty evangelist. God will give him spiritual gifts to prove the unlimited power of God and defeat the works of Satan. But beware; the devil himself will try to destroy this child and his end is not known. But you and David keep the faith. Hold on no matter what happens.”

      The entire church stands up and starts clapping their hands and praising God. Sheila and David fall down on their knees crying, thanking and praising God.


Chapter Six

The Belly of the Drug Beast


    Victor has one thing on his mind this morning, getting his drug shipment out. He is sitting at his desk in his office in a large warehouse in Bogotá Columbia, which happens to be the main location of his production and distribution of his daily death, cocaine. This is Victor’s multi-billion dollar empire. He is wearing ostrich skin shoes, dress slacks and a dress shirt with a gun in his shoulder holster. Two of his body guards are dressed just as nice and are standing on both sides of his desk carrying guns in their shoulder holsters. There are many men working in the warehouse loading pallets with stacks of tightly wrapped Cocaine. A workman is standing in front of his desk.

      “I don’t care what it takes or how much work, I want this shipment ready. Use three shifts if you have to but this shipment will be ready. This is worth one hundred million dollars cash on delivery and I will kill anyone who gets in my way, their mother and their entire family.” He points at the man in front of him. “You are my shop foreman, make this happen. Do I make myself clear?” He said staring at the guy with eyes of death.

      “Yes sir Boss, it will be ready, no problems,” he is nodding his head as he walks out of the office. Once he is in the warehouse he looks up. “This man is crazy, no mistakes. He ain’t killing my family and I love my mother.” He continues to walk away.

      Another workman walks in Victor’s office removing his mask that protects him from the drug fumes and stands in front of his desk. Victor looks at his men, then at the man standing in front of him.

      “What is it and this better be very important and quick. You are messing with my money fool.”

      The workman quickly starts sweating and stuttering when he speaks.

      “Mr. Augular, I just received a very urgent phone call. I must go back to the States to take care of some very important personal business.”

      “Look at this fool. You are wasting my time and risking your family’s life. I have a large shipment that must go out and I need everyone working until it is complete. You can leave when it is finished, stupid idiot.”

      The workman is very nervous and is sweating so badly he can feel the sweat dripping down his leg and his back. He swallows hard before speaking again.

      “You don’t understand Mr. Augular. My wife is about to have our first baby. I must go now sir.”

      Victor laughs then his entire demeanor changes into instant rage.          

      “You are one foolish idiot but you have balls. I don’t care nothing about your wife or your new baby fool, but go ahead. This must be your lucky day. If you have to go, then you have to go.”

      The workman was so scared he thought he would piss on himself. He nods his head repeatedly.         

      “Thank you Mr. Augular, thank you very much sir.” He turns and begins to walk away.

Victor shakes his head and pulls out his .357 Magnum and walks in front of his desk aiming it at the workman.

      “There is one more thing.”

The workman turns around.

      “Yes sir boss.”

Victor shoots the workman in the chest and head then looks at his body guards.

      “He said he had to go so I sent him on his way.” He put his gun back in its holster. “Now get this garbage out of my office.”

      Three of Victor’s warehouse guards quickly come in the office with automatic weapons drawn. They look at the man on the floor, then at Victor. Victor points to the guards that came in.

      “Get this dead body out of my office, now. Then find out where his fat, pregnant wife is, and kill her and his family.”

They put their guns away and drag the body out of the office.

Victor’s office phone rings and he walks over to his desk, sits down and picks up the phone.

      Hello, yes send him in.” He put the phone down and pulls his gun out but keeps his hand under his desk.

      Mr. Bones walks in the office wearing all black carrying his black cane.

      “Mr. Augular, you can take the gun from under the desk and put it back in its holster.”

      “Mr. Bones, you continue to amaze me,” he puts the gun in its holster, “I called you for some information and direction.”

      Mr. Bones leans his head back then looks at Victor.

      “Ahhh yes, you want the bones.” He pulls out a black pouch from his pants pocket and holds it in his hand. “Ask the question Mr. Augular.”

      “I am working on a one hundred million dollar deal. Will it be a success and on time?”

      Mr. Bones shakes his black pouch and walks over to the desk, shakes the pouch again and dumps the bones on the desk. He stares at the bones then looks at Victor. “The bones say ‘yes, and yes’.”

      “Are you sure?” He said while rubbing his chin. “This is too important for anything to go wrong and I don’t give a damn about killing people in the process. Are you certain?” He stands up and his body guards slide their hands towards their holsters.

      “Mr. Augular, the bones never lie and I have never been wrong about anything. So yes, I am very sure.”

      “No you have not, but there is always a first time,” he said smiling at Mr. Bones.

      “The first time, we both know will be the last time, but you should never question the bones Victor.” He backs up and mumbles some words and taps his cane on the floor twice while looking down then looks directly at Victor. “Victor, open your desk drawer.”

      Victor opens his desk drawer and sees a black snake that starts sliding out. He quickly jumps back kicking the desk drawer shut smashing the snake. His body guards pull their guns out aiming it at Mr. Bones.

      “You made a mistake.” Victor pulls out his .357 Magnums and aims them at Mr. Bones. “I will see you in hell.” He unloads the guns on Mr. Bones and his bodyguards do the same.

All of the bullets hit Mr. Bones’ dead center in his chest ripping through his flesh like paper. He falls down still holding his cane. Blood is pouring from his wounds. Victor and his men look down at Mr. Bones and smile. Seconds later blood stops flowing from Mr. Bones wounds and they start closing up. His eyes open and he mumbles some words and the end of his cane taps itself on the ground twice. The bones that he put on the desk begin to shake and they float off the desk over to Mr. Bones, landing in his hand and his body stands straight up.

      “The bones, you can’t beat the bones.” He said yelling and pointing his finger at Victor.

Victor’s bodyguards step back with their mouths open in total amazement but aim their guns at Mr. Bones. Victor steps back as well still holding his guns. He can feel his heart rate increasing and feels fear, but he hides this well.

      “Well I’ll be damned. There is no way you could have survived all those bullets. We shot you over thirty times in your chest, big holes and all that blood, no damn way. How in the hell did you do that?”

      “Victor, you will be damned and in hell if you ever go against the bones,” he said with a very deep voice and his eyes turn blood red. He steps closer to the desk. “When will you fools learn? I run the whole earth, I am hell. Tell your men to put their guns away before they piss me off and I go and kill their whole stinking sinning family, today. Now is there anything else Mr. Augular?”

      The bodyguards put their guns away and step back.

      Victor looks at Mr. Bones and put his guns on top of his desk as he sits down.

      “Yes there is. Tell me my future.”

Mr. Bones walk over to the desk and put the bones back in the black pouch shaking it and mumbles some words throwing the bones on the desk. He stares at them.

      “Ahhhhh.” He screams with his eyes opening very wide and he steps back. “Never have I felt or seen such a powerful spirit.”

      Victor’s bodyguards step back and Victor quickly stands up looking at Mr. Bones.

      “What is it? What did you feel and see? Tell me.” He said with a trembling voice.

      “Remember you asked. There is one that will be born soon and he will be given great powers. He will be a great threat to you but fear not, because you have me on your side and no one can beat the bones.” He walks over to the desk and grabs his pouch and bones and throws his bones down on the ground and a cloud of black smoke appears then quickly disappears. Mr. Bones is gone.

      Victor wipes his forehead.

      “What have I gotten myself into?” He sits down. “Who did I really make a deal with? This man has got to be the devil incarnate to do all that he does.” He slides down in his chair staring out into space. Victor stands up with a look of confidence on his face and looks at his men. “The hell with Mr. Bones and his threats, we will find a way to defeat him when the time is right but in the meantime, let’s make this damn money.” Victor smacks his fist with his hand. “Damn, I feel like killing someone.” He walks out of his office and into the warehouse with his men following closely behind him.


Excerpted from "My Call" by Ronald Gray. Copyright © 0 by Ronald Gray. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Ronald Gray

Ronald Gray

Ronald Gray was born in Washington, D.C. and attended high school in Maryland. After a short time in the military, and living in various states, he ended up back in Maryland where he presently lives. He enjoys reading, traveling, and weight lifting. Discovering writing as his blessing and passion, Gray looks forward to waking up just to write. This led to the formation of Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing. This is his first book, but hardly his last. Some people write stories from their imagination, but Gray has lived many of the experiences he writes about. He knows what it is like to do supernatural things by the forces of darkness, to walk in the awesome pow-er of God, and to see the so called impossible become instantly possible…. Miracles! Through this, he strives to be what God has called him to be. He refers to God as “King Jesus.” Get ready to be emotionally and spiritually blown away by his forthcoming books and movies that will affect so many people in a positive way. You will see yourself as one of the characters in every story. His stories are for people who want the raw uncut truth. This is the world we live in!

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