Shadow on the Stars

Shadow on the Stars

by Robert B. Marcus Jr.

ISBN: 9781936210190

Publisher Morningside Publishing, LLC

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Book Description

As a telepath, Krison Camarch is despised by humanity. Haunted by a paralyzing alien force, he finds himself aboard the starship Birmingham. To his horror he learns he has been kidnapped from his time and place to play a role far in the future. Amid the mind-bending ruins of C'hah Lai, Camarch discovers that juggling the future has devastating ramifications for the past. New Edition of the last book in the Laser Series, which is a collector's item.

Sample Chapter




There was light where no light should be. In the depths between the stars, where space should be dark and empty, light blazed and moved; light produced by no physical source, but born of the intertwining of a life-force with the fabric of space-time.

For the light was alive, in a way no human could ever hope to understand. It was a member of a race that had survived two billion years past its first venture into space, a race not native to this galaxy or even this time period. In fact, more than a billion Earth-years would go by before the planet on which the light-being’s race would evolve cooled enough to produce the first proteins necessary for life.

The light-being had come a long way on this mission; it had much farther still to go.

There was a planetary system just three light-years ahead, and the light-being moved toward it. Eventually it reached the outermost of the small yellow star’s five children, but it ignored this world of frozen methane, as it also ignored the next three worlds whose orbits it crossed. Only when it arrived at the water covered innermost planet did it pause and drop down to hover over what little land was present, as though contemplating its next move.

There was life on the planet, but the light-being was not interested. Other planets in other time periods had more intriguing life forms. This was in no way a unique world now.

But it soon would be.

The light-being moved again, spreading out into a girdle of fire to encircle the entire planet. It had finished thinking; now was the time to act. Invisible forces clawed dark rocks from the bowels of the mountains. Invisible hands shaped the rocks, transformed them to a chalky white and assembled them. The light-being worked leisurely, and years went by before the structure was completed. But one dark morning, while the yellow sun still hid behind the eastern storm clouds, the last stone was placed.

This was not the end. Guardian forces had to be left to prevent all but the two who were meant to come this way from entering. That done, the light-being surveyed the work.

It would serve.

The girdle of light coalesced into a sphere less than a meter in diameter. Slowly it began to rise to the stars.

The light-being had now completed the first part of its mission—on this and another world two time-gates had been built—but the hardest part was yet to come and required another parsecs long journey.

The light-being probed the nearby space. It was alone. Nothing had seen. There were no shadows on the stars.

Someday, the shadows would come. In the not-too-distant future. And then someday, far down the pathway of time, the light-being’s race would battle those shadows for all the worlds to come.

But for now, the light-being could travel unmolested. It had forty thousand years to reach its next destination, and it would need much of that time to plan what it would do when it got there.

Excerpted from "Shadow on the Stars" by Robert B. Marcus Jr.. Copyright © 2012 by Robert B. Marcus Jr.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Robert B. Marcus Jr.

Robert B. Marcus Jr.

Robert B. Marcus Jr. has a bachelor’s degree in physics and a doctorate in medicine. As a practicing oncologist, he has been a Professor at two major medical schools, and is listed in U.S. News and World Reports Best Doctors in America, as well as Castle Connolly's Top Cancer Doctors and Castle Connolly's Top Doctors in America. He has been selling science fiction stories since he was in college, when he made a sale to Analog Science Fiction/Fact. Since then he has published a number of other stories and two novels, with two forthcoming novels, one science fiction novel The House of the Last Man on Earth and one political thriller Yesterday's Tears, the sequel to The Far Side of Silence. He is a lifetime active member of Science Fiction Writers of America and the International Thriller Writers.

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