Alfalfa Connection [Kindle Edition]

Alfalfa Connection [Kindle Edition]

by David Clink


Publisher David Clink

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/General, Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

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Book Description


Abdul Mossad was a standout Iraqi student in science and math. The son of a successful merchant he had unlimited potential. Having the grades and a chubby checkbook he was welcomed with open arms into every American university. Abdul’s life plan was on track until one night at Virginia Tech when it all came apart in the woods at the hands of some southern rednecks. Now Abdul had to abandon his entire life’s plan and take the Jihad to a technological level. He would drop some towers but this time they would not be steel and stone.

Sample Chapter


Abdul ordered the man with the leather hockey mask to hold the video camera steady. With the video light mounted atop, it posed the only illumination in the dark damp basement. Janice White was tied to a chair with her knees pulled apart. She was gagged but not blindfolded so her face and the horror of what was happening could be recorded. Abdul and a big hairy-chested man wielding a large scimitar-style knife stood next to her. The man had cut away her blouse exposing her $80 lavender Victoria Secret brassiere that her husband, Dan, had given her for her last birthday. He slid the knife under each bra strap and cut each one with the scalpel-sharp knife. He then severed the rear strap, causing the bra to fall away, exposing her athletically-developed breasts. Janice could not move or scream but the tears of fear, anger and shame poured down her cheeks and trickled between her breasts. Abdul directed the cameraman to capture her tears, a close up of her breasts and up to her fear-contorted face. As he panned away, the nappy-chested butcher began slicing the seam on her designer skirt. The cameraman zoomed in revealing the matching thong to her now dangling bra. Between her knees they wedged a sign saying, “Mr. White, how far will you let this go?”


Dan White sat on the deck he and Janice designed and built several years ago. Even though it had been two weeks since he had received that horrible video the graphics were still vivid in his mind. Everywhere he looked he was reminded of her. She always looked so adorable wearing one of his Catholic University ball caps with her hair hanging out of the back in a pony tail. She still could take his breath away when she wore certain shorts and tank tops. The agony of never seeing her like that or in any way again was the worst pain he ever felt. How could he raise his children without Janice?

He knew that somewhere Craig Bacon was likely looking for some kind of metaphysical breather after learning the love of his life, Sheryl McKenzie, was also missing. Why were both of these wonderful people abducted the same day and was there any connection? Were they still alive? Those bastards at the FBI continued to harp on the slim odds of any kidnapped victim surviving past two weeks. Dan, however, had to dismiss those thoughts. He watched Janice night after night putting the children to bed. How she looked at them and how their faces seemed to glow just going through her nightly ritual of preparing for bed. Reading their favorite stories, some of which she had written. She even did the voices of the characters. How she cleverly wove in lessons on reading, vocabulary, and geography. Some parents send their children to bed; his wife took them to bed like she took them to church and school. They were a part of each other. No, she was alive. He did not know how he knew that but he was sure about it.

Something deep inside Dan detected a sensory overload and forced him to escape into his past. Dan once read that mental therapists often treated moderate depression by teaching their patients to find someplace “happy” to escape to in order to regain a positive view on their life. Everything and every smell reminded him of her. Often he could not even breathe when he looked at a picture of her. Where could he go?

Dan forced himself into reflecting on the last 20 years as a way of getting some kind of relief, however temporary. A lot had happened and he started by reviewing how Janice and he met and how he could not get her out of his mind. Back then she had become a wonderful vision and was all he could think about when his mind drifted. As he sat on their deck trying desperately to escape, he would look around thinking he caught a whiff of her L’air de Temp perfume. He ached to turn and actually see her standing there in her steel gray dress suit; her hair pulled back into that stupid bun and wearing only a hint of make-up. Even though she purposely dressed down for work, she was still a head turner.

The holograph of her dissipated and once again he felt the familiar pain of his heartache. Emotions swelled into his throat as he stared into the empty space. Something or someone was trying to help him escape his misery and he felt a strange presence and a momentary calm. Could this be his Guardian Angel his mother had professed to exist? He recalled the day he and Janice met in the cafeteria at the Shrine on the campus of Catholic University. Saw her again for the first time in her wedding dress. How his heart raced and his mouth dried when she would face him and drop the body towel she used after her shower. The day she learned she was pregnant and when she saw her child for the first time. Would he ever see her again? Would his children ever be able to accept her loss? Was she suffering some unspeakable torture or sexual assault? He could think of nothing but getting her back whatever the cost? Sure, his children needed a mother but right now he was a selfish man who wanted his wife, lover, his soul mate, the one woman he was sure God made just for him. Dan had not slept since the kidnapping and when he laid back in his chaise lounge, he fell asleep with his wonderful memories.

Janice welcomed the dead quiet of the basement. Someone with a Halloween mask over his head had replaced her blouse and she had some sort of blanket over her shoulders that also covered her legs. Her hands and arms were bound with Velcro strips and at the moment she was as comfortable as she could be given the circumstances.

She had lost track of time but she was sure it had been several days or a week since all this started. Deep in her soul she somehow knew she would survive. Her abductors needed her alive for whatever reason. In the quiet of the moment she again fought back the fear and panic. Her go-to respite was Dan and her children. She could vividly feel her children’s faces and even smell their hair after their evening bath. Her daughter’s hissing S’s from her lost tooth would make her smile and give her what Dan called “hot eyes.” Mimicking her children’s books and doing the characters helped her escape the moment and strengthened her resolve to survive this ordeal. She would love her wonderful husband like never before and hold her children until they begged her to let them breathe.


In his slumber Dan White revisited how he had become a senior engineer with the Defense Department. It was not uncommon for young people to begin planning for retirement early in their careers and Dan was no exception. The government had an awesome retirement system and encouraged employees to plan early. Janice and Dan were well aware of the old adage that “people do not plan to fail…they simply failed to plan.” Dan had taken comfort in his visions of slowing down a bit and shaving a few strokes off his golf game. No more alarm clocks, and the pièce de résistance, no more sitting in rush hour traffic. He knew he was still a long way from considering retirement but it was always fun to think about it.

In reality Dan enjoyed his career up to now and had developed many critical Department of Defense programs. His office awaited a critical funding decision for the final construction stage of their new Global Positioning System for both land and sea-based weapon systems. Once they achieved this final milestone, he planned to ride this program into retirement unless the higher ups needed him elsewhere. He had felt certain his program would be approved for full rate production. He had been immersed in preparing the final Test and Evaluation Master Plan and was confident his program would be awarded the coveted, Suitable for Full Operation, rating with no or minor caveats. Dan, like most engineers, really wanted to go out on a high note. He had been the first ever to consult with the independent testing boys a priori to make sure his developmental efforts were on target to actually represent reality.

Dan White had been involved in sensitive programs since joining the Acquisition Community of the Department of Defense (DOD), but he was not up to speed on all the latest surveillance technology being developed by the U.S. Moreover, he had no way of knowing that the enemies of the U.S., and even some allies, were focusing on more sophisticated ways of stealing other’s secrets, defense and industrial.

Engineers and scientists developing offensive and defensive systems are under constant pressure to field the latest toy for the war fighter well before it can be done and fully tested. Dan truly despised the method of carving a fielding date in stone and making the entire Research and Development (R&D) work fit to that date. He often wanted to stand up and scream, “Shit, most of this technology does not even exist anywhere and has to be invented.” For developers the protection of information related to these “never-never land” systems is an eight letter word for pain-in-the-ass, SECURITY. It is kind of a no-win situation for most because the exploration of new territory is not a 9-to-5 mental process. It occupies all of an engineer’s waking moments and his sleep respites. Often Dan would wake in the middle of the night and record some thoughts into a small digital recorder he kept on his night stand.

Dan never suspected that those whispering vibrations were felt on the floor to ceiling windows his wife, Janice, designed and installed into the master bedroom of their rural Virginia trophy home. Even the tapping of a keyboard could be recorded by surveillance thieves. The concept of microbial size listening devices was not even in the picture for him. Surely somewhere the “secret squirrel,” as Dan and others called their security officers, awakened in a cold sweat screaming for no known reason. Secret squirrels were never known for enhancing anyone’s career, only destroying them. It mattered little to them if their violators were desperate victims struggling to keep themselves, or worse, their families alive.

All the while neither Dan nor his superiors knew that a cyber terrorist was vacuuming up all his “trons” and collecting information that would aid him in setting up a no-way-out trap for Dan. Dan and his contemporaries were engineers not intelligence weenies. He would be just one of many in government and industry who would unknowingly fall victim to exploiters of advanced technology in the near future,

He had no way of knowing that events in his work life would soon complicate his personal life beyond anything he could ever have imagined.


Excerpted from "Alfalfa Connection [Kindle Edition]" by David Clink. Copyright © 2012 by David Clink. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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David Clink

David Clink

Retired Engineer from the US Navy. Retired Disabled Viet Nam veteran. Married for 44 years with three children and six grandchildren. I began writing after a friend gave me a two line lead-in after I retired. Now I have three books avaialble on for both the Kindle and for paper book readers. I have been a fan of Flynn, Baldacci, Silva, Clancy and other military influnced thriller/espionage writers for years.

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