GOD Speaks as His Presence Unto The Edifice of God [Kindle Edition]

GOD Speaks as His Presence Unto The Edifice of God [Kindle Edition]

by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

ISBN: 9780473231798

Publisher The Advent Charitable Trust

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Church & Church Leadership, Christian Books & Bibles/Protestantism, Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Christian Books & Bibles/Theology, Children's Books/Educational, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality

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Book Description

7th Book

God Speaks as His Presence Unto The Edifice of God discloses His will in clarity and intent as He indicates His expectations for the establishment of The Throne of God before the face of Man.

The Edifice of God brings knowledge with wisdom to The Waiting, brings forth understanding with enlightenment to His people, shares and encourages participation in His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God on The Earth is soon to commence to rule in glory.

Gives notice to man as to the limits of his behaviour – of that which he shall not, or may so, do as governance is both established and confirmed.

Sample Chapter

This, the final in His septilogy, speaks of His decrees, of the functioning and purposing of His edicts with some varying in their scope of applicability, of the morality to be expected, of the absenting of ethics, of the environment to be encountered within His Kingdom, of the accountability inherent in the present freewill of man while under grace.

This handbook of The Kingdom of The Lord follows after the tribulation of man, lists matters of what should be of concern to His bride, lists matters of what would be of concern to the multitudes surviving, lists matters of what might be of concern to those seen to be the most at risk.

This book is concise and meaningful, is relevant and current to man’s coming need for preparation, lists the practicalities involved in bringing such a change unto the earth, of the matters counselled to be avoided by man, of the matters seen to be appropriate for adoption by man, of matters as appearing in the Index of the present future, not so very far away, with which man should be cognizant and familiar.

Inroductory Item Excerpt: Believe Be Guided Be Warned

“Anthony, My son, has served with honour unto completion of the vision as declared to him over many hours of days stretching into years. As I, The Lord, have spoken, so Anthony has recorded accurately and in fullness all which I have spoken to his spirit’s ears. This book brings forth the necessary knowledge destined for man in preparation for The Kingdom of God on The Earth. For man should not be nonplussed by the activities of God, by the plans of God, by His keeping of His promises.

I, The Lord, say again, the day soon dawns which will awaken man to meet with My presence, to meet with his destiny, to meet with a change of lifestyle and of knowledge.

For herein is the foundation of My kingdom’s rule, of the behaviour expected from its citizens, of the reigning of The King with love supporting His hand on the tap of mercy. For herein are the edicts leading up to and for the morality of eternity, the indicators of the will of God, the banishers of evil, the upholders of righteousness throughout the lands of God. For herein are the courts of heaven revealed prior to their coming to the earth. For herein are the indicators for the passing of Faith with Grace accompanying man – as brought by the sacrifice upon the cross for man. For herein are the indicators for the coming of Knowledge with Mercy accompanying God – as brought by His unsealing of the doorway to eternity for man. For herein are the details of the succession of the kings, of the succession of their responsibilities, of their succession within the resting place of God.

So the record stands to exalt, so the record is to be, so the record uplifts to live.

The time of man, in its coming closure, forecloses on the dominion of Satan, forecloses on the activities of demons, forecloses on the wages of sin, forecloses on the pestilence of sin, forecloses on the spread of sin, forecloses on the effects of sin.

The warnings to man should be taken seriously – both the implications and the penalties implicit in man enacting his freewill within The Kingdom of God outside the will of God. The warnings to man are extensive and proclaimed – so man does not reside in ignorance. The warnings to man disregarded, and so ignored, result in judgment without mercy. The warnings to man fall on the devilish and the deceitful, the sex seekers and the wayward, the spreaders of disease and those who will not turn within their will – to forsake a relationship with sin. The warnings to man are sent to the hearts of sinners – so each may seize the hour while Grace is still in place to erase the sin.

For as man is warned by God so God expects man’s common sense to prevail in bringing change to his intent and to his deeds.

Wise is man who adjusts the exercising of his freewill to coincide with the will of God. Wise is man who heeds the warnings of God. Wise is man who desires to dwell with God within His blessings.”


Excerpted from "GOD Speaks as His Presence Unto The Edifice of God [Kindle Edition]" by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Copyright © 2013 by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony is 72, having been married to his wife, Adrienne, for 49 years. They have five children all of whom are married – Carolyn, Alan, Marie, Emma and Sarah – and ten grandchildren – Matthew & Ella; Phillipa & Jonathan; Jeremy & Ngaire; Jake; Bjorn, Greta & Minka. Anthony was raised on a dairy farm in Springston, Canterbury, NZ in the 1940’s, graduating from Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Mathematics in 1962. Initially employed as an industrial chemist in flour milling and stock food production, he later was involved in Linear Programming applications within the oil industry in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. This was followed by sales and managerial experience in the chemical industry. The family moved to a Bay of Plenty, NZ, town in 1976 when Anthony took up funeral directing, as a principal, in a sibling partnership until the early 1990’s. At that time they built and promoted a new funeral partnership practice in Hamilton, NZ. The partnership also had a number of other funeral firms in various parts of the country at differing times. Anthony acquired practical experience in accounting, business management, and computer usage (early Apples - including the ‘Lisa’) and the necessary programming. Upon retiring from active funeral directing in 2000 and selling his interests, he then commenced the promotion and the writing of funeral management software for the NZ funeral environment. Rewarded with national success, he has now also retired, in 2007, from the active management of that interest, living with his family in Hamilton NZ. Anthony was brought up in the Methodism of his father until his mid-teens, his mother’s side was Open Brethren. He is Christian in belief within an Apostolic Pentecostal framework of choice (since the 1990’s) having been earlier, until escaping with his family after several years, in the Mormon church. Thereafter he was in the Baptist denomination followed by finding a home within the Acts (Apostolic - rooted in the Welsh Revival) church movement. Both He and his wife, who has visited a number of Asian countries, have also been to India twice in the last 2 years (2011-12) on the tasking of The Lord.

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