GOD Speaks for His Bride Via The Clouds of Conquest [Kindle Edition]

GOD Speaks for His Bride Via The Clouds of Conquest [Kindle Edition]

by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

ISBN: 9780473228170

Publisher The Advent Charitable Trust

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Church & Church Leadership, Christian Books & Bibles/Protestantism, Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Christian Books & Bibles/Theology, Children's Books/Educational, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality

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Book Description

6th Book

Here God Speaks for His Bride via The Clouds of Conquest and these missives disclose God’s relationship to His bride, verify His intent in closing the wait of millennia by her. Here is God speaking from eternity – concerned with the finality of preparation for the homecoming of His bride.

His book speaks so we may know what is expected, know our ways of achieving same – know how to realize the goal as set before us, so we may have our treasure with our jewels stored beyond the refiner’s fire, where the key is not available to rob or to destroy, where such has the oversight of God.

Sample Chapter

This is the sixth book for the encouragement of His people – of all peoples seeking to know their God in person – to not while away their days in ignorance, for all to commit to a destiny of wonder, for all to examine their expectation from life – the goal, the purpose, the certainty achieved, the idols which have been placed for prominence. All of relevance to each life established and where each goes from here.

Man’s wielding of freewill is not a matter for casual consideration, can result in going where choice would not so place. The content herein, as received from The Lord of Hosts, is worthy of perusal for application to each life while it is today.

This book speaks to the would-be Bride of The Lamb of God – to the bride in all her glory, to the bride in belonging, to the bride in gathering, to the bride in preparation, to the bride in servanthood, to the bride in reality, to the bride-in-waiting, to the bride in purity, to the bride in presentation ready for uplifting. The alerting of His bride-in-waiting to Her coming time; so all occurs with purity for each within freewill as expected, the groom bedecked in finery in the presence of receiving angels, as The Hosts ready to attend the bride at the altar.

Introductory Item Excerpt:

My Missives for My Bride

“My Missives for My Bride are begot by God, are begot with wisdom, are begot with encouragement, are begot for the end-time of man, are begot for assisting in the preparation of My bride within the time of grace.

My Missives for My Bride bring urgency to some who are basking in the sunlight, bring a call to action to some who know procrastination well, bring a call to attend the fields of harvest in a gown at present carrying little by way of adornment – where the jewels are widely spaced – where much has not been placed – where the scene is reminiscent of the pharisees and scribes – with little to sustain their presentation when in the house of God.

My Missives for My Bride carry warnings for the goats - who would be seen as sheep – whose nannies are always dry with no kids at foot, whose billies only bleat and stamp their feet and leap from craig to craig.

My Missives for My Bride carry warnings for the goats in need of a change of heart – in need of a sea change in commitment – before they can become the sheep they try to emulate, before they can have a lamb at foot, before the precarious vantage point held presages a fall of pride for which no tears are shed, before the sheep are drafted with great care and farewelled to go elsewhere.

My Missives for My Bride are addressed to the present and the correct, to the grace-filled and the prayerful, to the ready and the clothed, to the treasured and the bejewelled, to the righteous and the just.

My Missives for My Bride are addressed to My sheep who know My voice, to those who would know My voice, to those yet to hear My voice, to those prepared to recognize My voice.

My Missives for My Bride are not for those still unprepared with a fear of fire, for the timorous and the fainting still with a fear of life, for the unprepared where righteousness is still not understood: leading to failure on each test of the fear of God. For such as these is homework much required, is much practice of My Spirit’s gifts still necessary, is learning with wisdom still essential to bridge the chasm evident in such understandings of discipleship.

My Missives for My Bride are here to convey the blessings of God, to ensure non-inclusion does not come as a surprise, to prevent the willing from falling through the cracks of tuition of the flesh, to promote the voyage home as the onset of dwelling in the wonderland of God, to ensure grace is regarded as both dependable and reliable as the qualifier for the committed flock of God.

I, The Lord Jesus, await, with some concern, the readiness of My bride. Let those with fear and trembling walk in the strength of faith. Let those who enter My sheep fold on the run in haste have no fear of puffing nor of being left. Let those who would rejoice at being through the sheep dip know the value of their faith in establishing all righteousness. Let those who cry out to Me in panic be assured of inclusion before the day of reckoning. Let those who know the way lend a helping hand to those uncertain of their steps. Let those who would be sheep join the flock while it is today – in answering My call for the preparation of My bride and all that that entails.”


Excerpted from "GOD Speaks for His Bride Via The Clouds of Conquest [Kindle Edition]" by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Copyright © 2012 by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony is 72, having been married to his wife, Adrienne, for 49 years. They have five children all of whom are married – Carolyn, Alan, Marie, Emma and Sarah – and ten grandchildren – Matthew & Ella; Phillipa & Jonathan; Jeremy & Ngaire; Jake; Bjorn, Greta & Minka. Anthony was raised on a dairy farm in Springston, Canterbury, NZ in the 1940’s, graduating from Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Mathematics in 1962. Initially employed as an industrial chemist in flour milling and stock food production, he later was involved in Linear Programming applications within the oil industry in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. This was followed by sales and managerial experience in the chemical industry. The family moved to a Bay of Plenty, NZ, town in 1976 when Anthony took up funeral directing, as a principal, in a sibling partnership until the early 1990’s. At that time they built and promoted a new funeral partnership practice in Hamilton, NZ. The partnership also had a number of other funeral firms in various parts of the country at differing times. Anthony acquired practical experience in accounting, business management, and computer usage (early Apples - including the ‘Lisa’) and the necessary programming. Upon retiring from active funeral directing in 2000 and selling his interests, he then commenced the promotion and the writing of funeral management software for the NZ funeral environment. Rewarded with national success, he has now also retired, in 2007, from the active management of that interest, living with his family in Hamilton NZ. Anthony was brought up in the Methodism of his father until his mid-teens, his mother’s side was Open Brethren. He is Christian in belief within an Apostolic Pentecostal framework of choice (since the 1990’s) having been earlier, until escaping with his family after several years, in the Mormon church. Thereafter he was in the Baptist denomination followed by finding a home within the Acts (Apostolic - rooted in the Welsh Revival) church movement. Both He and his wife, who has visited a number of Asian countries, have also been to India twice in the last 2 years (2011-12) on the tasking of The Lord.

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