An Easter Bunny's Journey

An Easter Bunny's Journey

by Russell Whitehead

ISBN: 9781477523001

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Religion & Spirituality, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

Have you ever wondered why Easter Bunnies hide Easter eggs on Easter morning? Well, the Little Bunny in this story knows, or at least he should know. After all, all the bunnies in his family have been Easter Bunnies as far back as anyone can remember. However, it seems he's been having so much fun hiding his Easter eggs that he's simply forgotten what Easter is all about. Follow along as he meets a grumpy old owl, a shy field mouse, and an apathetic dairy cow on his journey to discover the true meaning of Easter.

Sample Chapter

Once upon a time there was a little Easter Bunny. His father was an Easter Bunny before him. His Grandfather was an Easter Bunny too.  In fact, all the bunnies in his family had been Easter Bunnies as far back as anyone can remember...and now he was one.  

Everyone helped out.  He and his mother and sisters and little brothers worked together making all sorts of candies,  coloring eggs and filling beautifully decorated baskets with all sorts of tasty treats.

Then very early on Easter morning they would start out in all directions delivering their special Easter baskets and hiding the colorful Easter eggs here and there for others to find.

 One Easter morning the little bunny was hopping about here and there with his basket of eggs when he happened upon an owl sleeping in an old cherry  tree.

 Just as the little bunny was placing an egg below the tree , the owl suddenly woke up.

 "Brrrrblububbub!  I say, what's all this fuss about?" said the owl.  "What are you doing down there making all sorts of fuss and waking up owls who are sleeping?"

"Oh dear me.  I'm terribly  sorry." said the little bunny. " I didn't mean to wake you. I was just hiding my Easter eggs.''

''What? Hiding Easter eggs? What on earth for?'' asked the Owl.

''What for?'' said the little bunny somewhat annoyed. ''Because I'm an Easter bunny and it's Easter morning! That's what for! We always hide eggs on Easter morning.  How else will others be able to find them?  It's what Easter bunnies do!  My father was an Easter Bunny before me and his father before him and so on. All the bunnies in my family have been Easter bunnies as far back as anyone can remember. And now I'm one!''

''Yes, I see.'' said the owl. ''Though, it seems a curious excercise to me, hopping about here and there so early in the morning hiding eggs so others can find them.  Indeed I wonder, why do Easter bunnies do what they do? Why is this morning different from any other morning?  What does Easter mean?''

''What does Easter mean? Well, Easter is a time when we uh... it's when we remember to... uh... well, it's jolly good fun I do know that!'' said the little bunny. ''Though, I do believe it's supposed to mean a bit more than that. I used to know what Easter means.  My Grandaddy rabbit explained it to me.  But, oh dear, it seems that in all the fuss and hulabalooh I've simply forgotten what Easter is for.

''Well'' said the owl, ''If I were an Easter bunny hopping about here and there on Easter morning and I didn't know what for, perhaps I would go and find that Grandaddy rabbit of yours and ask him what Easter is for.''  

''Ah yes. That's a good idea!'' said the little bunny. ''I shall go and find Grandaddy rabbit  and ask him to tell me again what Easter is for!  Thank you very much.  Goodbye! Happy Easter!'' And with that the little bunny hopped off down the trail in search of his Grandaddy rabbit.  The owl closed his eyes and fell fast asleep again and began snoring loudly.   

Excerpted from "An Easter Bunny's Journey" by Russell Whitehead. Copyright © 0 by Russell Whitehead. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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