The Secret Language of Dogs: Stories From a Dog Psychic

The Secret Language of Dogs: Stories From a Dog Psychic

by Jocelyn Kessler

ISBN: 9781571746832

Publisher Hampton Roads Publishing

Published in Calendars/Animals

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Sample Chapter


I Wish My Dog Could Speak!

So often I hear people mutter, "If only my dog could talk. Then I would know what it really wants. I would know what to do!" All the while I am thinking—they are communicating with you. They are communicating with you more than you communicate with yourself. That is the problem.

As a society, we are genuinely disconnected. We grasp for anything that could bring us light or joy, and the irreplaceable feeling that we are made of love. We live in a place that fears connection yet pines for it at the same time. You've heard the rant—real connection comes only from you. This, mind you, requires a great amount of work. The excuses fly left and right, and everything else in our lives is prioritized ahead of making the effort to do all the work that is necessary. It is too damn hard to take ownership of who we are and how we behave, so we all stay in that safe disconnected space to which we are conditioned.

That is, unless you have a dog, and not just have a dog, but really love your dog. If that is you, then you may be in more luck than you know! Help is not only on the way, it may be sitting at your feet as you read this.

Animals tend to be undervalued, underrated, and underappreciated. It must be emphasized that all animals of any nature have the ability to communicate energetically. They communicate in the moment and unobstructed, whether dog, zebra, wolf, or horse. This should be remembered and identified as we move forward. However, because the domesticated dog interacts with and around humans, and lives so closely with us in our homes, dogs can communicate on a more in-depth level concerning any of our human afflictions. Most humans do not frequently interact with, nor do they normally live daily with or around, wild animals. I have chosen to focus my book on the interaction, communication, and connection to domesticated animals and not wild animals.

A good example of how connected our dogs are to us is the fact that your dog knows when you are getting a common cold even before you start sniffling. If you have great anxiety, not only does your dog feel it but she takes it on immediately. And, most of the time it's because your dog doesn't want you to feel it.

Animals live in the moment. Once they take on human neuroses, whatever they may be, they have no idea what to do with them. It develops a toxicity that is reprehensible for the animal, and they know that it is not their true identity. When human beings function within all our conditioned issues, we have no idea if those issues are right or wrong, true or untrue; they just are. This is an unnatural state. Your dog, if shown the way, would love to move out of that state instantly and bring you with him.

Unfortunately, we are the ones who refuse to move entirely out of the dark and have become accustomed to the disconnection and conditioning. We have forgotten what it feels like to live in the light. What we don't know is that our dog tries twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to have an open connection with us. Our dogs are saying, "Hey, I get you and I am here to tell you we can do this together. Don't you want to live in the moment before you get sick, or divorced, or fired from your job?"

What we need to realize and remember is that an open energy flows between you and your dog, and that what we inflict upon ourselves due to the human condition is transferred energetically to our dogs. Now don't get me wrong. There are many individuals who dearly love their dogs and would never think of intentionally sending any energy that would harm them. However, it does occur.

The most common example of this is the rescued dog, whose life was usually very horrid before he ever came to you. As amazingly wonderful as it is to rescue an animal, the flip side tends to be that whatever may be plaguing the animal is something that has plagued the new human companion for years. Although the dog's past issues that were brought to you when you rescued it are none of your doing, the dog has come to you for a very specific universal reason. It is just manifested in a different way that is not so direct or evident, but is deep-seated and buried within us. In contrast, dogs are so uncomfortable with their affliction that you can see it vividly as it is on the surface and crystal clear.

When I am asked to come and read the energy between a client and their dog, I always connect and listen to the animal first before sending the energy through to the human being. That is because animals are so clear with their energy, and they jump at the opportunity for assistance, whereas the human companion scrambles to detract me during the session or cover up what is really going on. I always say it is never just about the animal. It is always, always, always about the human companion and who they are in relation to their dog.

To uncover and discover this relationship requires an open connection between dog and human companion. Once that is achieved, both souls can be retrieved. The animal and the human being then begin to see one another in a whole new light—a true light that illuminates your dog as a guide, a mirror to reflect who you are, an educator, and a creature who knows you better than you know yourself.

In this way, your dog is the perfect being to show you how to really connect to yourself. Through such a teacher, one cannot help but become conscious. The beginning of a new happiness is realized. Energy begins to flow, to move forward, and opens us to limitless change.


What Does a Session and the Process Involve?

Throughout the book I will be sharing stories of various clients, like Sonny, to illustrate the process involved and the actual experiences had by all, including me. Since I spent the last five years of my life living and working in Hollywood, many of my various clients come from referrals within the entertainment and other high-profile industries. To keep their anonymity, and the anonymity of all my clients, I have changed their names and the names of their animals. An example of a form of disconnection is the story of Sonny.


Prior to meeting a new client, I always ask the human companion not to provide me with any information other than the name of the dog, and so, I had a name only—Sonny. For days leading up to my visit, I felt pressure in my heart. The pressure indicated something was trying to open up—burst, if you will. As I brushed the energy aside and cleared myself, I knew I was going into a very interesting and special case.

When I arrived for my visit with Sonny and his human companion Steve, I immediately received informational energy about who this dog was. As I approached the front door, I took a breath and became instantly open and yet protected at the same time. I knew the issue was a Heart Center connection, and that both Sonny and Steve needed to bridge a gap that existed between them.

Sonny, a boxer mix, was rescued about six months prior to Steve contacting me. Steve gave me a smile as I stepped in, and his energy was hesitant with a hearty dose of skepticism. I instantly bent down and acquainted myself with Sonny. I tend to go right to the animal before really acknowledging the human companion. I am there for the dog, horse, cat, or whatever the animal may be, and my real relationship begins with them.

The energy between Sonny and Steve was flat, very much like that of a boss and his assistant. When Steve spoke to Sonny, he was always very matter of fact. Steve wanted me to see he had everything together, and that Sonny should know that as well. The funny thing is, every time Steve gave Sonny a command, Sonny glanced up at me with such an expression that if he could have shrugged his shoulders and shaken his head, he would have. The look was, "See what I am working with here?"

Steve began speaking in his orderly fashion, attempting to control a situation over which he had none. "Where do you want to do this? Pick a room, I mean where do you need to be? How about here? How about over there?"

I always try to calm the human companion with a quiet and easy voice that assures him that everything is okay, and this is not by any means a hard process. So, as always, I suggested a room or area of the house where the animal, as well as the human companion, would feel comfortable—a place where we could sit on the floor and just spend a little time together.

We decided to sit on the floor right outside the kitchen on a rug that Sonny loves. I always begin with the statement that sometimes it can take a moment before the dog will start really opening up. I surrounded myself with my own guided assistance. Once that was accomplished, I asked through the use of energy for Sonny's guides to come in. Some days it can be an instant beginning, and on others we may have to sit for a bit. I try to relay to every client that, although we live in a world of instant gratification and zero patience, patience is a full-fledged requirement throughout the process. We can't watch the clock ticking here.

Sonny came over and sat on my lap. Now, mind you, this is a good-sized dog. His warmth is overwhelming, and when you touch him, it is nothing but sheer joy. Literally. Every animal is different, and not all are over-whelmed with sheer joy at the moment of first real contact. This one was.

As Sonny and I merged, I could see and feel the energy travel between us. I closed my eyes and saw Sonny's heart and Steve's heart. Then I saw something that looked like a cinder block wall encompassing Steve's entire Heart Center. And then there was stagnant static energy—fixed, still, unchanging, and motionless—as if a six-foot fence of static was revolving around Steve, pulsing around him.

Although Sonny was a rescue, he generally didn't have any neuroses of real concern (no sickness, issues with his food, or real material or physical needs that were not being given to him). He had a good mother who did the best she could. He didn't get much food as a puppy, which, by the way, seems to be a standing issue with most rescues.

Sonny let me know he came to Steve for one reason only: so Steve could learn, in the second half of Steve's life, to love something again. Steve had been severely hurt and traumatized from loss in the past. Sonny's reasons for coming to Steve were to let Steve know he did not need to feel alone, and that his heart is actually alive, well, viable, and capable of feeling unconditionally again. Sonny was there to revive a heart that was really no longer living.

Sonny sent the energy that he is nothing but patience, real patience. He was sent to Steve to endure the many days, months, or years it might take for Steve to really let his heart feel again. Sonny was so thankful that Steve, as hesitant as he was, felt the energy from Sonny to come find me. It was certainly very lovely to witness, and a pleasure for me to share in the experience.

Every animal wants you to love them, and they want to love you. That is never in question. But remember, there are often so many things they need to work on. Quite often, their issues are the same hidden issues the human being needs to discover and release from the dark confinements of the mind. The energy and the message are different for every case. However, in every process a Heart Center connection is made that allows the light to shine for both. In this case, Sonny was sent to Steve to restart his life, not only for Steve to learn how to love again, but how to love Sonny as himself and then eventually to love another human being. That human being could never arrive unless Sonny succeeded in his task. Quite a beautiful thing. Sonny was Steve's guide to give life to a deadened heart.

"Steve, did you have some significant loss or trauma, maybe in the last couple of years?" I asked. "I am getting that it was a lot of trauma or loss. One hit after another that left you desolate and numb." As I looked up at Steve, he had a sad but concerned smile. "You are smiling; am I off base?"

"No," he replied. "I am shaking my head because you are right." He was shocked that I could immediately go there, but again, it isn't as if that's where I choose to go. It is where Sonny and the energy led me. It is where they needed to attack. In fact, it was really all they needed to attack.

I then gently broke all the news to Steve that Sonny shared with me—about Sonny living in a backyard where he was semi-confined, that he lived most of his earlier life outdoors, and that food was not exactly plentiful. I asked Steve if he knew whether Sonny lived on a farm of some sort. Sometimes the energy, when it only wants me to focus on one thing, will give scattered information without much detail, so I am forced to ask the human companion questions to clarify. At that point, the energy can get a bit more focused and I can decipher the information being sent to me.

Simultaneously, there is also energy coming from the human companion, saying, "This is what I want to know: I want to know where he lived and what he did." Yet, in this case, Sonny knew the only real information he wanted to impart to Steve through me was that we must mend Steve's heart and quickly.

"Steve," I asked, "do you find that sometimes you feel as if you are living in a box of static?" He nodded "yes."

I continued, "…as if nothing new is happening; business is at a standstill; no communications coming in or really going out; deals postponed or disregarded entirely; and no drive or motivation? In fact, perhaps you are altogether rethinking your line of work. And when you reach out, you can't seem to touch anything really tangible in your life. You are at a complete and utter standstill. Does that sound right to you?" As a couple tears inched down Steve's face, he again nodded "yes." Sonny ran over to comfort him.

"You are afraid to really connect to Sonny," I told him, "because he could die or be taken away from you. That loss, considering what you just experienced not too long ago, is something you cannot possibly imagine enduring again. Yet, when you adopted Sonny it was an instant thing. You knew right away, gut intuition, no debating. Sonny was just sitting quietly waiting for you and only you. Do you know that?"

Steve let me know that was exactly what happened. He went to a couple of rescue centers with a friend, and when he saw Sonny, he knew; he didn't need to think. He was in the immediate moment. Very much like an animal. He knew at his core, without any thought, that this was it. Sonny was able to penetrate the static force of energy Steve carried that no one else knew how to see through.

Sonny and Steve knew this was the moment, the time, the beginning of change that would alter the whole next half of Steve's life. Sonny was ready for the job and was just waiting for Steve to be ready. Sonny let me know that he was already prepared to do whatever was needed for Steve and for himself. It is so very rare to find this in human nature. The majority of us do not have the capacity to think this way. That is what an animal, in this case a dog, can do for someone who is willing to work on that level. They can quite literally change the whole course of your life.

At this point, it was time for us to get right into removing the block and the static, and then retrieve the soul from both Sonny and Steve. I do this differently for every case, but what stays consistent is that the energy goes in, as asked, and retrieves and mends what is needed so the souls can become bright, alive, and live vibrantly again in both the human being and the animal.

I laid Sonny down and rolled him over on his side. I put my hand on his heart and let it rest there for a moment. Sonny's eyes shut, and a beautiful calm took over. His heart was beating full and strong. Sonny, the energy, Steve, and all the guides that were with us were ready for Steve to connect and reopen his heart. I kept hearing that Sonny's heart was to become one with Steve's, which meant the strength and openness of Sonny's heart would breathe life into Steve's.

I called Steve over and had him lay his hand on Sonny's heart. I then put my hand on top of his. Steve definitely had an air of skepticism and a look on his face that said, "this is beyond ridiculous." I never let that bother me. I always keep moving with what is necessary for the process. As Steve's hand rested on Sonny's heart, I sent my energy through both of them, internally asking for assistance from my guides to open their hearts and bring the connection.

After a moment, I removed my hand, and it was just Steve and Sonny. Steve's eyes started tearing up. He smiled and said, "I don't think I have ever felt his heartbeat. Wow. What an amazing thing. This is so beautiful. I can hear it, feel it. It is so tranquil and lovely. I think he likes it too!"

Excerpted from "The Secret Language of Dogs: Stories From a Dog Psychic" by Jocelyn Kessler. Copyright © 2013 by Jocelyn Kessler. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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