GOD Speaks by His Spirit To The Coming Storm [Kindle Edition]

GOD Speaks by His Spirit To The Coming Storm [Kindle Edition]

by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

ISBN: 9780473209568

Publisher The Advent Charitable Trust

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Church & Church Leadership, Christian Books & Bibles/Protestantism, Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Christian Books & Bibles/Theology, Children's Books/Educational, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality

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Book Description

3rd Book

Of that which should become of imminent concern to man, bringing a dilemma before the mindset of man; a course of action to be under urgency, action which saves an errant life.

All is laid bare for the assimilation of man; declared in intensity of purpose for the noticing of man before it is too late.

This book still speaks of the need for preparation: the urgency for awareness of the coming storm; the urgency of seeking the Kingdom of God – of Jesus The Messiah – while it is today. May a sense of urgency propel the seekers into a destiny within the presence of The King.

Sample Chapter

Testimony of My Book of The Storm

“This day, I speak to the nations of the earth, the peoples of the earth, the tongues of the earth so they may be aware of what is on the way, so they may be prepared for what is round the corner, so they may have the foresight to see what is just below the horizon of man.

I speak to encourage preparation for the tempests of the days, the floodings of the days, the shakings of the days, the deserts of the days, the hunger of the days, the butchery of the days. I speak to man of the days of his coming storm: of his desolation; of his tribulation; of his mourning; of his fleeing; of his starving; of his isolation. I speak to man of the days of his coming storm wherein he will be in need of sanctuary.

I speak to My people that they may not be left to wander, that they may not be left unsheltered, that they may not be left to hunger, that they may not be left bereft of the necessities of life.

I speak to My people that they may read in wisdom of the quartering of the earth, of the storm of pestilence which follows on the heels of mourning, of the storm of fire which precedes the storm of butchery – where freewill runs rampant until exhaustion seals a day.

For the season which holds the days of thunder approaches as a whirlwind in the clouds. For the season of consternation to man is like he has never seen before, the like of which he will not see again.

For the season which approaches has been long foretold by God, has been made aware to man, has been making man complacent because of non-appearance, has been building to a climax which will test man to his core.

For the season of fullness of arrival will display man at his best, will display man at his worst, will display the upholding of the word in waiting.

For the time of forbearance will adjust: the attitude of man; the outlook of man; the surroundings of man; the presence of man; the beliefs of man, the faith of man.

For the onset of the season of tribulation will test the survival of man who is found with faith missing from his heart. For the season soon to be evident before the eyes of man will not wait out the procrastination of man.

For the season of tribulation terminates in closure of the gate of grace, is about to test the preparation of man to meet his God, is about to affirm judgment before the great white throne, is about to vindicate His word: where man finally acknowledges he dwells within the end-times planned by God.

I, The Lord Jesus, say to man this day, ‘Foolish is he who fails the test of urgency, who continues in denial, who lingers on the fence, who sits there still – even as it falls.’

I, The Lord Jesus, say to man this day, ‘My hand in recognition is offered, is extended, is firm within its grasp: to uplift those bogged and stranded; to greet those who do call out; to usher in all who knock – thereby to cause the door to open in a welcome borne for man.’ ”


Excerpted from "GOD Speaks by His Spirit To The Coming Storm [Kindle Edition]" by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Copyright © 2012 by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony is 72, having been married to his wife, Adrienne, for 49 years. They have five children all of whom are married – Carolyn, Alan, Marie, Emma and Sarah – and ten grandchildren – Matthew & Ella; Phillipa & Jonathan; Jeremy & Ngaire; Jake; Bjorn, Greta & Minka. Anthony was raised on a dairy farm in Springston, Canterbury, NZ in the 1940’s, graduating from Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Mathematics in 1962. Initially employed as an industrial chemist in flour milling and stock food production, he later was involved in Linear Programming applications within the oil industry in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. This was followed by sales and managerial experience in the chemical industry. The family moved to a Bay of Plenty, NZ, town in 1976 when Anthony took up funeral directing, as a principal, in a sibling partnership until the early 1990’s. At that time they built and promoted a new funeral partnership practice in Hamilton, NZ. The partnership also had a number of other funeral firms in various parts of the country at differing times. Anthony acquired practical experience in accounting, business management, and computer usage (early Apples - including the ‘Lisa’) and the necessary programming. Upon retiring from active funeral directing in 2000 and selling his interests, he then commenced the promotion and the writing of funeral management software for the NZ funeral environment. Rewarded with national success, he has now also retired, in 2007, from the active management of that interest, living with his family in Hamilton NZ. Anthony was brought up in the Methodism of his father until his mid-teens, his mother’s side was Open Brethren. He is Christian in belief within an Apostolic Pentecostal framework of choice (since the 1990’s) having been earlier, until escaping with his family after several years, in the Mormon church. Thereafter he was in the Baptist denomination followed by finding a home within the Acts (Apostolic - rooted in the Welsh Revival) church movement. Both He and his wife, who has visited a number of Asian countries, have also been to India twice in the last 2 years (2011-12) on the tasking of The Lord.

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