GOD Speaks of His Return Introduces His Banner: 1 [Kindle Edition]

GOD Speaks of His Return Introduces His Banner: 1 [Kindle Edition]

by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

ISBN: 9780473166212

Publisher The Advent Charitable Trust

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Church & Church Leadership, Christian Books & Bibles/Protestantism, Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Christian Books & Bibles/Theology, Children's Books/Educational, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality

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Book Description

1st Book

God Speaks of His Return - Introduces His Banner is a fascinating collection of divinely originated texts transcribed from the visionary voice of God, exhorting those with eyes to see and ears to listen, to unite under the Kingdom Flag (Emblem) of God and to prepare for the second coming. With strong references to biblical passages containing guidance to this effect, this book will be a spiritually uplifting study vehicle for all who seek spiritual enlightenment through Pentecostal teachings.

Sample Chapter

Testimony of The Day of The Lord

“I, The Lord, this day speak to the peoples of the earth in confirmation of the effort of my servant, Anthony, in bringing forth this book which he now lays before you.

This book in which I speak of My return, and of the preparation of those who would participate in a journey for the jubilant, is of significance to all. This book is of My will. This book is of The Spirit of God. This book is the introduction of My Banner into the environment of man. This book proclaims the words of My mouth, discloses My intent, brings forth the word for today.

Anthony has overcome the attacks of the Disqualifier and stands with his integrity intact. Anthony has persevered in the face of adversity. Anthony has honoured his calling. Anthony has bound demonic forces for his walk with Me. Anthony is My scribe with ears attuned to hear. His ears are accurate. His ears are fortified by the fear of God. His soul is in harmony with his spirit.

By My Spirit and by determination has Anthony set a table for eternity from which man is invited to partake. I, The Lord, have garnished the table with the fare of fêtes, with the fare of festivities, with the fare of fanfares.

Anthony has validated the accuracy of his actions prior to each disclosure of My intent received.

This book in which I, The Lord, speak of My Return, has My Blessing, is under My Authority, discloses My Banner as therein revealed.

This book is a tug of encouragement at man’s freewill in pre-emption of the later fitting of the shackles. Today is in the age of Grace. Wait not for tomorrow which the grave may claim.

Foolish are they who wait as their life-blood seeps away. Foolish are they who lack the will to act. Foolish are they who discourage a commitment to a gown of life. Foolish are they who remain within the grips of demons with destruction. Foolish are they who let pride get in the way of an onward journey in the temple of The Spirit.

I, The Lord, say to the peoples of the earth read My Word. I change not. From times past My Word has been preserved for all generations to this day. I, The Lord, say read My book here placed before you. Study My book for your redemption. Take into each heart this saying of The Lord while it is today, for this book is as a golden scroll.”


Excerpted from "GOD Speaks of His Return Introduces His Banner: 1 [Kindle Edition]" by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Copyright © 2012 by Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony Alan, BSc, Mr Eddy

Anthony is 72, having been married to his wife, Adrienne, for 49 years. They have five children all of whom are married – Carolyn, Alan, Marie, Emma and Sarah – and ten grandchildren – Matthew & Ella; Phillipa & Jonathan; Jeremy & Ngaire; Jake; Bjorn, Greta & Minka. Anthony was raised on a dairy farm in Springston, Canterbury, NZ in the 1940’s, graduating from Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Mathematics in 1962. Initially employed as an industrial chemist in flour milling and stock food production, he later was involved in Linear Programming applications within the oil industry in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. This was followed by sales and managerial experience in the chemical industry. The family moved to a Bay of Plenty, NZ, town in 1976 when Anthony took up funeral directing, as a principal, in a sibling partnership until the early 1990’s. At that time they built and promoted a new funeral partnership practice in Hamilton, NZ. The partnership also had a number of other funeral firms in various parts of the country at differing times. Anthony acquired practical experience in accounting, business management, and computer usage (early Apples - including the ‘Lisa’) and the necessary programming. Upon retiring from active funeral directing in 2000 and selling his interests, he then commenced the promotion and the writing of funeral management software for the NZ funeral environment. Rewarded with national success, he has now also retired, in 2007, from the active management of that interest, living with his family in Hamilton NZ. Anthony was brought up in the Methodism of his father until his mid-teens, his mother’s side was Open Brethren. He is Christian in belief within an Apostolic Pentecostal framework of choice (since the 1990’s) having been earlier, until escaping with his family after several years, in the Mormon church. Thereafter he was in the Baptist denomination followed by finding a home within the Acts (Apostolic - rooted in the Welsh Revival) church movement. Both He and his wife, who has visited a number of Asian countries, have also been to India twice in the last 2 years (2011-12) on the tasking of The Lord.

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