Down From Skitts Mountain

Down From Skitts Mountain

by Nina Jeanne Still

ISBN: 9781482083408

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Literature & Fiction

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Descended from William The Conqueror, one particular line of Peck family members settled on and around Skitts Mountain in north Georgia ... this is the story of their conquering spirits despite their shortcomings and strengths, tragedies and triumphs, loss and redemption. It is also a love story of a people for their allotted land.

Sample Chapter


Jenny knew her way this close to home so it did not matter that Jake was asleep with the reins draped loosely across his lap. Her hooves held sure in the red, wet, sticky clay as the smooth motions of the surrey sliding about in the cushioning mud put Jake into an even deeper sleep.


            Jenny, the surrey, and an occasional rabbit darting across the road, were the only movements this late at night. The surrounding terrain housed exhausted farmers already retired for the night, gathering rest for a long, hot workday ahead.


            Faithful Jenny pulled her load up a rocky, rutted path on the little mountain in the north Georgia hills. Skitts Mountain lay quiet and dense among the many other mountains in the black Georgia night, spared from the darkness by only a slit of light in the form of a quarter-moon hanging low over Brasstown Bald Mountain miles away. A vast, dark, brooding sky tented the whole array of mountains. Despite the late hour, the August air was hot and heavy.


            Jake Wesley Peck lay in the comfortable, red-velvet surrey, confident in sleep as in wakefulness that no harm would come to him. He felt that he owned every square inch of these blue-ridged mountains. In reality, he did own most of Skitts Mountain.


            Jenny started up the path to Walnut Hill and whinnied upon seeing the light from the kerosene lamp glowing softly through a window. At the same moment, a lone cow bellowed nearby, waking Jake with gratitude that the long, tiring trip had ended.


            Nancy Jane was expecting their first child next month, so he would not be making any such trips for a while, even though staying close to home would be hard on his restless personality. While Jake had inherited his father’s shrewd mind, he invariably felt the surge of passion that had set his beloved mother apart.


            Jake felt that his mother’s care and understanding had made her stand out as a diamond among the stubborn rocks in the mountain. The day he visited the Wofford home in Habersham and saw Nancy Jane Wofford descending the stairs of the gracious Victorian home, he thought he saw that warmth again. However, two years of marriage had proven that Nancy Jane lacked those deep, mysterious undercurrents that seemed to hold Jake’s digressing attention. Despite his wandering mind and eye, Jake was deeply in love with Nancy Jane and excited about their expected child. Jake’s own childhood had been ideal and he felt the only true avenue of happiness lay in the re-creation of that blissful atmosphere.


            Reeves heard the surrey rumbling toward the house and hurried out to put Jenny away, short of breath from too much tobacco and his latest news. He yelled, “Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Mr. Jake, Miss Nancy Jane done gone and had a poor sickly young’un before time. My Amy Lou done the best she could delivering it, but it’s done been a while since she done any midwifing. Not since you and your brother but she done fair, I reckon. But, Lord, that’s a poor baby. Why I seen more fat on the drumstick of a bantam rooster than I can find on that baby and it’s probably cause Miss Nancy Jane picking her food like she was a little bird or something. That ain’t no way to make a baby ready for this world. No, sir, fatten em up, that’s what my mammy used to say.


            Jake left Reeves still talking and wrestling with Jenny and bounded the stairs to Nancy Jane’s room where he found her sound asleep. He then scanned the house for the baby and found it in the arms of fat Amy Lou who was sitting in the big clean-smelling kitchen with a look of total rapture on her face, gazing at the tiny bundle that she held.


            “Mr. Jake, she’s a poor one, but she’s got eyes as bright as the stars in these hills,” Amy Lou said as she lifted the baby up into Jake’s arms.


            Jake took the promise of a baby girl into his arms and stared into a mirror of his own eyes as he cupped the small perfectly round head of black chestnut hair.

            “Sintie Luvada Peck. That’s what we’ll call her, Amy Lou. Sintie Luvada,” Jake whispered

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