The Game (The La Rosa)

The Game (The La Rosa)

by Nadine Joy

ISBN: 9781481174909

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Romance/Contemporary, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

The first book in a trilogy. A contemporary romance novel set in the fast pace of New York city.

Sample Chapter

Her mind wander had taken her to the edge of the dock overlooking the water. The moon bounced along the waves. She could see a yacht out in the distance, a dark space in the rippling silver of the waves.

She stood leaning on the moor post with the breeze lifting the tendrils of hair to tickle her cheek. It felt good to be close to the ocean again. She did not take enough vacations to the coast. Nann would have to plan one for the Ranch for next summer. It would do them all good. they could make a summer of it. Drive out with the horses and spend time in the sun. 

A sultry male voice startled her from her thoughts for a second time that day. Controlling the urge to jump, Nann casually looked across the wooden planks to see James Prammen take up a similar stance.

"Hello." JP stood against the opposite moor post. "I would have thought you would be in there with the rest of them. Rubbing elbows." 

JP was puzzled  byher moonlit walk on the beach alone. No one ever walked out of his parties. Well, unless they wanted some alone time with another. Nann was standing out here alone.

Irritation laced with sarcasm. It was what Nann expected to here. "I like the quiet. The waves help me think."

"What do you need to think about? It's a party; you should be enjoying my hospitality like the rest of them." The sarcasm oozed thick in his words. "What does the elegant, talented Miss Nannette La Rose need to think about this evening?" Her mind was a curiosity for JP. She had captured the heart of the only other man that stood a chance to be a life long bachelor. How had she done it with such simplicity?

"I was thinking about this evening." Sometimes you get more by giving Nann thought. "I keep asking myself the same question over and over."

"And that question would be what?" Curiosity bubbled beneath JP's sarcasm.

"I am a simple girl fromt he backwoods. What could I possibly have that would make me desirable to these influential people? Why has the great James Prammen chosen me out of all the other talented competent artists?"



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