The Adventure of Being: self-knowledge through life experiences

The Adventure of Being: self-knowledge through life experiences

by Kinsky

ISBN: 9781470132651

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Self-Help/Personal Transformation, Nonfiction/Philosophy

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Book Description

Life is a reflection of what we were, what we are, and what we can be. The way we live, that is, our lifestyle depends on our thoughts, which we materialize at all times. Sometimes when we ignore that our thoughts are real, it creates problems because the thoughts attract and manifest what we don’t want to have.

I hope this book will help you to know yourself and to know your worthiness, because you have a gold mine inside of you!

Sample Chapter


The Adventure of Being is the introduction to self-knowledge. This book was given to me through life experiences in 1993 and taught me to know, to accept, to appreciate, and find love, happiness, and the path to success, as well as how to contact and be in communication with our Father-Mother God, I learned to recognize that everything starts from the inside out. All of our values, as my teachers taught me, are within us. We need only connect with our Source, our Father-Mother God, to recognize that life is an amazing adventure!

It has been several years since I received this book, and I have lived through many difficult ordeals since then. My teachers have taught me that life is a continuous rise of levels of consciousness, until we manage to take away those layers, those ideas and beliefs that hinder us, and discover who we really are and know, accept, and learn how to love the world around us.

I had to learn to recognize that everything starts with us, like change, love, our dreams, our wishes, and all our possessions. Our happiness begins with us, and it’s our responsibility to make it happen.

The Adventure of Being is an adventure of life that ends when we leave a mark of our existence on this Earth. And it continues until the day we are face-to-face with our Creator, our Source.



Life is a reflection of what we were, what we are, and what we can be. The way we live, that is, our lifestyle depends on our thoughts, which we materialize at all times. Sometimes when we ignore that our thoughts are real, it creates problems because the thoughts attract and manifest what we don’t want to have.

In a society like ours, we are not allowed to know ourselves. As we grow, we have so many responsibilities that there is no time to analyze or to look at ourselves and know who we really are, where we come from, what our purpose is on this planet, where we are going, where the path for happiness is, and so on.

Currently there are plenty of books that help us to know and find out who we are, but when we try to do what the book tells us, we face a terrible disappointment it’s never as easy as the book says. Changing ourselves is to accept who we are right now.

We need to forgive all the mistakes we have made and stop punishing ourselves. We need to know how to love ourselves where we are now. That is what will help us to change and accept ourselves because there might be a truth or reason that perhaps we cannot understand.

Through my experience, I have seen in the world people who deny their lives, their fates, their families, their problems, and even their bodies. They hide their personalities behind masks that they change every moment and every place. They pretend to be vain, beautiful, and smart, hiding their insecurity, fear, and heartbreak.

We get so involved in this superficial living that sometimes we might even think that it is impossible to change! Experience teaches us that we can. If we really have our eyes open, we will realize that we have days so different from one another; that there are four quite different seasons each year, and they are changing constantly; that half of the body is bigger than the other; and that within our families we are completely different from one another, and yet there are identical twins who are completely different.

Now tell me, if we are surrounded by change in our clothes and shoes, the cars we use, a certain season, foods we eat, music we hear on the radio station, and even the places we visit why is it so hard to recognize that as there is a day and night, we can change as often as we wish? Life is an adventure in which every moment we have to solve many things and decide whether we want to make them well or not.

I hope this book will help you to know yourself and to know your worthiness, because you have a gold mine inside of you!


How To Know Yourself

In this life I have been given the opportunity to meet different people and to learn from them. I’ve been in different situations, traveled to different countries and societies, explored different philosophies, and realized that there are different religions and all of them have the same goal.

Some time ago I had so many questions of the world around me, about my family and myself. With the help of my guides, my teachers, I began to understand the world around me, which let me know myself and understand God better.

I found that to start any path of self-knowledge or wisdom, it is necessary first to know and accept yourself. And if we want to change the world around us, the first step is to start with ourselves. How can we want to love others if we do not accept ourselves? How can we help and understand others if we do not understand and help ourselves to become better?

Then, you may ask, how are we going to do it?

Well, the first step is to really want to do it. We need to have the willpower to make changes, we need courage, and we need to be positive. We need faith when our days turn cloudy. And we must remember that nothing lasts forever. This will come when we are ready for it. If you are ready to enjoy a change within you, then welcome, we can make a better world!

I have met several people who say it is impossible to change the world. And I tell them that they need to change themselves first because everything we have within, we reflect constantly into our world, creating it and manifesting it. That is how we create our world, our reality, and our luck.

Take a moment to visualize that each of the inhabitants of this planet has its world and its reality or truth. Now think…we are like cells, like molecules coexisting together, and if we could really understand who or what we are doing in this world and accept and appreciate ourselves, our reality, and our problems, this world would change because we would extend our borders to others, recognizing that we are one with this planet and our planet depends on us.

There are many people who don’t understand the real meaning of love. Some people might think that love is vanity, but remember that vanity is insecurity. Our personalities, our egos show our outside beauty. We do this only to be accepted by a certain society or group. We do anything, even pretend to be someone we are not, so that we can be accepted in a job, in a team, at school, even if it takes us far from who we are.

We need to understand that if where we belong really reflects who we are inside, then it’s fine. However, if we have trouble staying on it, or really pretending to be or do what other people want from us, then it means that we do not really belong to that world or reality.

Amazingly, everyone is an important piece of this planet and there is a job for each of us, a couple, everything. It is only important that we really want it and that we are not afraid of change or chasing our dreams. Remember, everything is changing and dynamic!

Now, since we have accepted that we want to change, to grow, to be better, then what follows is to work on this matter. I think this should be one of our first missions in life: to know ourselves. It is very important that we spend some time alone to examine who we are, and we need to talk about ourselves as if we were different people.

We need to sit for at least five minutes and write what we like about ourselves and then what we dislike. Here we need to learn to motivate ourselves and try to accept our qualities, as well as all the things that are not very positive about ourselves. Remember, you are talking to your best friend, your inner self.

Long ago I heard that if we do not like something about another person, it’s because we see something in them that we don’t like about ourselves. Think about it!

And remember: "If you see a wise man, imitate him. If you see a bad man, examine yourself."

Experience a moment with your true self.

1. Write what you like about yourself, your attitudes. Point out all the qualities you are proud of yourself

2. Write what you don’t like about yourself and what things you want to modify.

3. Give yourself a time limit, like a week or a month, to smooth out your mistakes

Do not push yourself too much, or be angry with yourself. If you fail, remember that you’ll have another day to improve what you could not achieve.

Chapter 2

How to Accept Yourself

Acceptance is the hardest step to take that every human being can give. We look in the mirror and see that all of us have thousands of errors that we need to accept. Perhaps these mistakes are so bad that we try to hide them. But remember that the sun can never be overshadowed; the light will shine even if you try to hide it with your hand.

Observing your faults, many of you may feel hurt because you are not as perfect as you expected. By not accepting your body, some of you look in the mirror as if you were gazing at your worst enemy. You punish yourself each time you gain weight, because you can’t accept that you may have a problem, or perhaps you need to change.

To be accepted as you are, you must love. Love those details you do not like of yourself, and try endlessly to improve them. It’s complicated, but if you really want to improve yourself, it really pays off. Just remember that if you really want to become a new and healthy person, you need to love yourself and treat yourself with respect as well.

This is how you start the path toward change. Only you and your best friend, you will be on this new path together. The more you love, know, and appreciate yourself, the easier it will be.

You need to keep in mind that the extremes are bad. If you spoil yourself too much, it will prevent your change, and if you push yourself too much, you will become uneasy.

You need to keep in mind that balance is the key to any path or change in life. In Buddhism it’s called the Middle Way. It might be difficult for many, but with practice you can achieve great results.

Remember that if you want to be accepted, the first step is to accept yourself. How can you ask for love if you are afraid to love or appreciate yourself or even look in the mirror and accept who you are?

We prefer to buy expensive clothing, jewelry, or material things to attract attention, and we do everything in society to be accepted. But in reality, what does acceptance mean? It is to recognize, accept, and appreciate. Recognize that you are priceless, that you have a lifetime of unforgettable experiences, and that you exist!

On the path of understanding yourself, you accept your reality. You accept that you are perfect! Perhaps there is a reason that you currently do not understand why everything is like it is.

When you begin to accept your body, your person, and you see yourself as you really are, you can say, "That’s me, and that’s how and who I am!" You take a giant step toward realizing who you are.

This is when you realize your positive aspects and try to improve your flaws. Although this is the hardest thing to do, change your negative aspects into something positive. It’s challenging, but remember that everything is possible.

I have often wondered how humans can be happy. Is the world complicated, or is it humans themselves that complicate its existence? I let my mind fly and always reach the same point. A human being is the perfect creation, living in a perfect world that has built perfect machines that help other humans work. And yet we humans are not allowed to learn through our mistakes.

We are not allowed to see our internal beings and accept ourselves as we are. This is where the questions bombard my mind:

• So how do human beings want to be happy, if they are not happy with themselves?

• When will human beings realize that we are capable of being happy at all times, and when will we accept this reality?

We prefer to find our value in external objects, luxuries, and amulets. We work on material things, and as time flies, we realize that we have enslaved ourselves and all superficial things won’t allow us to discover and know who we really are or where we are headed.

Experience a moment with your true self.

Take time to share the best experiences with your best friend: you. Be always grateful for another day to be better. Give thanks every morning for all the blessings you have for your body, your life, and your existence.

Accept yourself as you are physically. Remember that you are a perfect being, and you have the power to be who you really want to be, and you need to fight to make your dreams come true.

Examine all the good and beautiful things you can do. Try to change those details that bother you, but do not push yourself too much.

Love yourself a lot because you’re worth it!


Excerpted from "The Adventure of Being: self-knowledge through life experiences" by Kinsky. Copyright © 2012 by Kinsky. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Monica (Kinsky), positive, open minded, passionate for knowledge, is a transformational author, English/Spanish Teacher, graphic and web designer, entrepreneur and mother of 2 beautiful children. In 1993 the book : "La Aventura del Ser" "The Adventure of being" was given to her through life experiences. it was published in Mexico City in 1993 with help of Julia de la Portilla from Ediluz. In 1997 the second edition was published and after 15 years the first edition in English" The Adventure of Being" is now available. Like her mentors and guides have mentioned to Monica, all of the knowledge she receives from them, she needs to live through her life, and after she has lived all the experiences and figures out on how to find the answer in solving her life, is when "Kinsky" writes all the experiences in a deep and profound manner so she can share her experiences and knowledge she has learned from life, and this has been the process of 20 years. Monica has learned philosophy (eastern and western), meditation, yoga, tai chi, assisted many self-help seminars and read many books of great authors that has helped her balance her life.

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