Powered Division: Forbidden [Kindle Edition]

Powered Division: Forbidden [Kindle Edition]

by Ryan Dunson


Publisher Ryan Dunson

Published in Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction

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Book Description

What if you had lived your entire life working to achieve your dreams, obeying all the rules set by the government only to have everything change in an instant?

This is a super powered story of a teenager, Gus, whose life is turned upside down when he injures his knee playing high school football. He discovers his best friend has been breaking a law for years, and is consequently taken away by the government. Then in another surprising turn, the girl he has liked turns out to not be who he thought she was, and he is forced into her secret life on a mission of retribution.

Sample Chapter

“Scientists have speculated that powereds have been around since the beginning of mankind, this would follow with the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’. However, unlike many species, all of humankind did not develop this adaptation. Instead the multitudes relied on the few for protection. This is opposite of what takes place in nature. The strong members of a particular species survive, while the weak die off, and the strong pass on the adaptations to their offspring to ensure the specie’s survival. In humans these traits were passed on to few, but once technology became the way for humans to survive these powers became dormant.” Mr. Reagan dragged on.

Gus knew the curriculum; it was the same thing they had learned every year since the third grade, with each teacher giving their take on powereds. Even though this was Biology Two, history would be referenced. How in 2020, a Chinese national participating in the Olympic games accidently revealed the existence of the people who would become dubbed powereds, when a terrorist organization attacked the center with a bomb. The bomb was placed under spring board, and was triggered by Mei Chin’s jump. Experts claim that the device should have completely killed everyone in the building. Somehow Mei heard the explosion as he leapt from the spring board, stopped in midair, and absorbed the entire blast into his body. The news stations went wild with the story of the first possible super human. That opened the doors for many others to reveal their unique abilities.

The bell rang dismissing the class, and snapped Gus out of his thoughts. “Quick fact: The newest study from the Powered Division states that .01 percent of all humans are powereds. We will have a quiz on Monday, so I hope everyone was paying attention today.” Mr. Reagan said in his very monotone voice.

Gus packed up his books and looked to Jill’s desk, and she was still there packing up her paperwork. Jill had been his friend since the fourth grade, and they had had classes together every year since. She was one of the two people he considered his true friends, the only person who knew he existed when he was ordinary. Even though she was beyond gorgeous, she still played the shy girl. Still laughed sincerely at his corny jokes and she did not care how popular he had become over the past couple of years in high school.

He moved to her desk and said “May I walk you to the car?” Something he asked every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after their last class.

She blushed, as she always did, as she replied “Oh, you’re such a gentleman. I guess that will be acceptable.” Then she asked in a more serious tone, “Are you ready for the game tonight?”

“Yeah, coach said I might make all district this year, maybe even better if we make it to the playoffs, and this game should be a breeze. New Guinness offense is a joke, so I’m looking for an eight sacks game.” He beamed. He knew she did not really care about football, but she was always so impressed. “Are you going to be there? I need a cheering section.”

“I don’t know how many more people you need to cheer for you, everyone is your cheering section, but I will be there. Don’t expect me to scream for you though.” She hastily replied. “Oh, and you do know that Homecoming is only like three weeks away, if you are thinking about asking someone you should do so soon.”

The hint was very direct and Gus picked up on it. “Oh, and who has asked you already?” He sheepishly asked.

“A few guys have asked, but I’m still waiting on the right person to ask.” She blushed again as she made eye contact with him. Gus knew this would be the prime opportunity to ask her as they approached her car. Even though he had a crush on her for years, he did not want to ruin the friendship that they had. So he said “Tell me when he asks. Let me get the door for you.” He opened the door and waited until she was in the car. “I’ll see you at the game.” He grinned as he shut the door, and made his way back to the athletic wing of the school.


Excerpted from "Powered Division: Forbidden [Kindle Edition]" by Ryan Dunson. Copyright © 2012 by Ryan Dunson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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