Nothing More, Nothing Less

Nothing More, Nothing Less

by Ashley Dukart


Publisher Beaver's Pond Press

Published in Literature & Fiction/Coming of Age, Literature & Fiction/General, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description


When Brandon finds that his mother committed suicide, he blames himself for her decision. His guilt drives his young life into a downward spiral of drugs, drug-dealing, and violent repercussions when his “business partners” don’t get what they want. Haunted by the past that will never change he fights to forget and to escape the memories he often relives. His brothers, who don’t always seem to understand him and what he’s going through, desperately try to help, but as life becomes further entangled, will Brandon find the escape he so desperately needs before it’s too late?

Sample Chapter

The room was dark as my eyes shot open. Covered in a sheet of sweat I sat up and swallowed, trying to control my rapid breathing and heartbeat. I closed my eyes at the memory and the grief that threatened to rise from that deep pit I had locked it in so many years ago.

Getting up I unlocked the back door and walked out into the yard. The morning air was crisp, clean, and cool against my sweaty skin. It was comforting after the dream, and it calmed my nerves.

I walked to the edge of the yard and jumped up onto the fence where I sat down and stared out into the dark, just letting my mind wander, not thinking as tears slid silently down my cheeks.

It wasn’t long until the sun began to rise. Red and orange rays spilled into the sky, lighting the area. I heard the door open behind me, but I didn’t turn to see who it was.

The morning was peaceful and easy going. Songbirds chirped to greet the new day.


It was Cole, which I had figured. I heard him walk up to the fence and stand beside me.

“You been out here since last night?”

“No,” I said quietly, “just since I woke up.”

I looked at him and he read it in my eyes. Turning my attention back to the horizon, I didn’t let the contact linger. I didn’t want him to read too deeply, to see the anguish and depression I felt.

“I heard you get up. Do you want to talk about it?”

I was quiet for a minute and finally shook my head replying softly, “No.”


He had been there with me; he knew what I knew.


Excerpted from "Nothing More, Nothing Less" by Ashley Dukart. Copyright © 2012 by Ashley Dukart. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Ashley Dukart

Ashley Dukart

First off, my name is Ashley Dukart. I was born in Texas and began to write at an early age. Writing, however, is not my only passion. I love to read, draw, paint, and among other things spend time with my family and pets. My long term goal is to become a veterinarian, but writing was such a part of me I had to pursue it as well. Nothing More, Nothing Less is my first published novel and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I currently live in Texas with my family and I am continuing to write for my own enjoyment and hopefully for yours’, the readers’, as well.

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