Faith and Labor: An Examination of a Texas Public High School

Faith and Labor: An Examination of a Texas Public High School

by Richard J. Bennett

ISBN: 9781479288694

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Published in Education & Teaching, Nonfiction

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Book Description

The history and reflections on a Texas Public school in the North Texas area, including interviews with students, teachers, Administrators, and members of the School Board.

Sample Chapter


Chapter 6


The MacArthur Riot


     In the fall of the school year 1971-71, rumor had spread among the students that Irving High School (cross-town rival and team we were to play that week) was having an all-day pep rally.  So in the morning of the scheduled MHS pep rally, many in the school walked to the Field House with the idea that if something were good enough for Irving High School, then it ought to be good enough for MacArthur High as well.

     There sat most of the population of MHS, resting on the bleachers surrounding the basketball court, having a regular pep rally, watching Cheerleaders, Cardettes, the Band, the Football Players, and after roughly 30 minutes we were dismissed to go back to class, as usual; but that's not what happened. 

     It was as though a mass hysteria had taken over the student body, and, after being told numerous times to return to class, the students began to chant a Vietnam-era yell, "Hell, no, we won't go!" and stomping the bleachers again and again until the faces of the Administrators and Teachers began to show a little concern; things had gotten out of hand.  This went on and on until the Administration told what the consequences would be if the students didn't obey.  There were a few student subversives, but most of the students, being trained to conform, were just watching to see what would happen next.  More yelling, more orders, more concern.

     Finally, the students decided to exit the Field House; they went outside and took off in all different directions.  Some roamed the school halls, some took to the courtyard, others ran across the parking lot and fields.  Those in the courtyard were carrying on, acting as though they were celebrating a victory; there were a mix of students, including some who were barely passing their classes as well as National Honor Society students, dancing around chanting and yelling; this may have been their only time to have a bond with the rest of the school body.  They were disobedient, and it felt good.

     Those who were there were asked what they remembered and what their impressions were.

     Helen Ceraldi recalled:

     I remember running outside and .........


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Author Profile

Richard J. Bennett

Richard J. Bennett

Richard J. Bennett, born 1957, is a retired USAF Reserve serviceman, and currently a 20+ year USPS mailman in his home town of Irving, Texas. Richard is a full-time mailman who writes part-time in his spare time, hoping one day to become a full-time writer.

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