Prevent Cancer: With Mind & Spirit

Prevent Cancer: With Mind & Spirit

by Mark W. Tong

ISBN: 9781479212620

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Nonfiction

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Book Description

This book reveals: What Causes Cancer, Spiritual Ideas For Wellness, Conditions of Disease, The 7 Simple Ideas for Wellness, What you can do if you have a "symptom," and more. YOU already have the power to maintain wellness within you. This approach gives you insight to unleash that power so that you can prevent any disease, including cancer. Cancer is the result of an emotional response to an event or series of events making the person "not-at-ease." Change the "view" to "a positive view," the body begins to respond and heal.

Sample Chapter

Seven Ideas for Wellness 

I’d like to go over some ideas for preventing any disease and accepting wellness. The first idea on the chart is literally life changing.  It’s something I can guarantee you or I can promise you that if you incorporate it in your life, it truly does promote wellness. This necessity is meditation.  When you set your alarm clock 15 or 20 minutes earlier than normal, and you get up early, and you go sit in a space that you set aside for meditation, whether it’s on a pillow on the floor or in a chair, maybe you’d light a candle, but it’s a designated spot for you to connect with the Divine, the Source, God.  And, the reason why meditation is so powerful is it solves and it fixes a lot of issues regarding wellness or dis-ease.

First of all, when you sit there in silence and you connect with the source, you begin to experience the peace of God, and with the peace of God, this is one thing I can promise you, dis-ease cannot exist, because the opposite of peace is not being at-ease and that is what your cells in your body respond negatively to, is that “not at ease.”  When you begin each morning by being at ease, you’re reminded throughout the day to be at ease, and the more at ease you become, the more it promotes wellness.  

So, I suggest that you set the clock 15, 20 minutes early, designate a spot for meditation.  Either sit on the floor with a pillow or in a chair, but comfortably, and get quiet with yourself and connect with the source.  Another reason why meditation is so powerful is that many people who are dealing with a dis-ease, are dealing with identity issues, whether it’s the housewife who is now an empty-nester, the corporate executive who just got downsized or forced into retirement, in either case, they no longer know who they are, and when they no longer know who they are, they become not at ease.  When someone becomes not at ease, it allows the unconscious mind to create a new identity, and they become the person with the issue. 

So, my theory is, when you know who you truly are, and are truly connected to that source, disease cannot exist.  Identity is not an issue, because you know who you are.  Also meditation, a form of prayer, my belief in prayer is that God’s job is done and God is all-knowing, so in prayer there is nothing tell God to do, you just listen.    So, what we’re doing in prayer is, we’re asking ourselves to see a situation differently.  We’re asking to see the world through God’s eyes.  It’s “God, let me see this differently.”  Because my theory is based on the way God sees the world - it’s all in order.  There is no chaos.  It’s all in order, according to God’s plan.  If you see everything all in order, dis-ease cannot exist.  So, in meditation, often, if something is bothering us, something we’re concerned with, we’re just asking to view it differently.  “Allow me to see it through God’s eyes.”  
The real key thing to meditation is it makes you closer to God.  One of the benefits to dis-ease is that it makes the patient closer to the source.  It makes them closer to God.  The idea is if you meditate and you begin to get closer to God, there is no reason for dis-ease to exist.  That benefit has been removed.  The identity benefit has been removed.  So, for wellness, the top of the chart is to meditate.  As Jesus said, “Sit in the closet alone in silence.” 
I had somebody once tell me they didn’t like sitting alone in silence, and my response was quite simple.  “Because, when you sit there alone in silence, you don’t like the person you are with.”  Meditation makes you, or forces you to be comfortable with who you really are.  In that silence you can also reflect.  So, again, I put meditation as number one action you can take. 

For prevention – the number two idea is a very simple one.  I do prescribe this to every single patient I have received.  It’s something I know to be true, and that is to turn off the news.  Disconnect yourself from the news media.  First of all, the media is not true.  It’s not real.  Second of all, it’s not positive. 
Your body responds to positive thoughts and emotions. If you watch the news, your body is not responding in a positive way.  It is not healthy.  It is the media’s opinion of reality.  It is not a reflection of how God sees the world.  Remember that the news has to invoke fear.  If they invoke fear, they have your attention and they have control over you.  Fear is a source of dis-ease.  It’s the biggest fuel.  So, what is the purpose of watching the news, or listening to the media the media? 

Let me tell you the way it works.  If something were to happen, somebody will tell you and they can’t wait to tell you.  I had a person come up to me and say, “Well, how do you know what’s going on?”  And, I said, “Because people like you tell me.”  My view of the media and the news is quite simple.  I learned this from a master teacher.  I just need to know enough to know who to pray for.  That is it.  So, an easy solution for wellness is turn off the news. 
Also, mute or change the channel when the pharmaceutical ads come on.  Pharmaceutical ads are not healthy to your wellness.  Every thought is a prayer.  The last thought you want in your mind, consciously or unconsciously, real or unreal, is the idea that there’s this pill to fix this thing and even if it fixes the thing, you’ll have these side effects, and that gets buried in either the conscious or unconscious state, which means, there a chance that you manifest it?  Yes.  If you did not know it exists, would you be likely to manifest it?  No. 

Pharmaceutical ads give you the idea to manifest an issue, and not only manifest the issue, but manifest the pill, and manifest the side effects.  Where is the health in that?  Where is the wellness in that whole idea?  How hard is it for you to either change the channel when it comes on or mute it?  Do not expose yourself to those TV ads.  Why do you think the pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars?  Because, they get more than billions of dollars in return.  Why?  Because people have manifested the disease!  “Oh yeah, that’s me.  I must be getting that.”  The next thing you know, they’re going to their doctor and asking for it by name.  That’s what they want you to do.  They understand the process.  They know if they advertise it, people will ask for it by name.  People begin to get the symptoms.

Have you ever thought, with the pharmaceutical companies and all the technology and what they call modern medicine, do we have more disease or less disease?  Do we have less disease today that we had in the past?  No.  So, a very simple solution, is to turn off the news and either change the channel or mute the pharmaceutical ads. 

Another idea, don’t allow people around you to talk about medical issues.  What happens is when people are discussing their medical issues, it becomes a focal part of the conversation, becomes the focal part of their identity.  They’re no longer this person.  They are now this new person with the “issue” and because of the “issue,” they get attention.  They have something to talk about.  They’re somebody now or they think they’re somebody now. 
The last thing you want entering into your conscious or unconscious idea is an identity with a physical issue.  Let’s look at our example of when a person yawns and another person on the other side of the room starts yawning. What went across the room?  The idea.  Looking back at our sneeze example, do you think it’s any different when somebody coughs or sneezes on the other side of the room and next thing you know, somebody on the other side of the room starts coughing and sneezing?  Were there really these “sneezing molecules,” some germs that went across the room that infiltrated a body that couldn’t handle it? That their immune system was so weak it could not deal with whatever got across the room?  No.  What they couldn’t handle was the idea.  “This person sneezed, so this means I must get this and sneeze.” 

Well, let’s take it up a notch.   
This person’s yapping about their personal condition, all the treatments they go through and all the “stuff,” and all the symptoms and the stuff happening, and things falling off and all kinds of things.  Where is that going to end?  Is it in your conscious?  Yes.  Is it in your unconscious?  Yes. 
How healthy is that?  Do not…and I mean it when I say it…do not allow people to discuss their medical, physical issues around you.  That is not conducive for your wellness.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite and you’re not helping them.  You are fueling their fire and reinforcing their identity.  There’s no benefit in it.  This why throughout this book the term “issue” is used instead of using a medical term.

Number three, be the observer of your thoughts, thoughts are prayers to the Universe. They’re tied to emotions.  Emotions equal your health.  When you become aware of this statement, what exactly do I choose to allow to take away the peace of God of which I can access at any time? What do I allow to take away my peace? 

For wellness, bring awareness to when your peace is jeopardized or compromised, and you minimize it by changing the way in which you respond to it.  If less than five times a-year your peace was challenged, it is less likely that dis-ease exist, because you know it, you observe it, you monitor it, and deal with it by changing your view of it to bring you peace. 

Not only do you have to observe your thoughts, but you have to observe the spoken words.  Spoken words are commands to the Universe.  The number of times I need to correct clients and patients in the way they are speaking, in the words they choose, because they’re literally commanding the opposite of wellness, is often uncountable.  Examples are the phrases “that ____ was to die for” or “over my dead body,” etc… Be conscious of the words and phrases that are spoken around you and the words and phrases that you use.  They are commands to the Universe.  The Universe takes it literally and it begins the manifestation process.  Also, the written words, anything you write, written words are contracts to the Universe and the Universe takes it literally.  So, your bumper stickers, your screen names, things that you write, things that you express in writing are contracts with the Universe, very powerful.

This next key factor for wellness is something that your ego is going to dislike, but if you incorporate this concept, you will be in the state of wellness where dis-ease cannot exist. Using the simple phrase, “Resist nothing” brings about a state of wellness. Because, only the things you resist can harm you, and if you don’t resist, it cannot cause any harm.  Now, the challenge with this is the ego wants to be in control.  The ego has its own plan.  The ego does not like your non-resistance because in its mind, it shows weakness.  “Oh, we’re not resisting so they must be winning” is what the ego is saying. 

Recently, I was completing business transaction, and we were actually foreclosing on a property (we were the lender/mortgage holder), and I was working close with the borrower.  We made arrangements for us to gain possession of the property prior to the foreclosure, so we received keys to the property and reinstated the permits.  We stabilized the building and made improvements to protect the asset. 
It was at this point that I met with the borrower and he said, that he had spoken to his attorney and was told to take back the keys and to take back possession of the property.  Now, we just went through this big contractual obligation where we even paid money for these rights!  So my response was simply, “Here are the keys.”  
The borrower then stated that he was going to “go downtown and get the permits to demolish the building.”  My calm response was, “Fine, knock yourself out.  Have fun.”  His reply was, “And we’re going to sue you.”  I quickly responded with, “You can’t sue me because we’re not resisting. We’re not fighting with you.  You want the keys.  Here they are.  If you want to knock down the building, then knock it down.”  I then reminded him that the building didn’t really belong to me, or to him.  Everything belongs to God under the Universal Law of possession. Whatever you want to do is fine. I decided that I wasn’t going to give him my peace or buy into the attorney’s idea.  I later walked away from that table with the keys, with possession of the property, with everything in full force and they did not knock down the building. 

So, the idea is if you don’t resist it, how can it harm you?  It cannot.  Resist nothing.  You are not in charge.  You’re just the observer.  You’re in charge of your thoughts.  You’re in charge in the way in which you respond to situations, but your ego says, “I can.” “I can improve God’s plan.  I can improve God’s creations.”  Judgment tells you that you can improve individuals, situations, circumstances, and people around you, that you have a better plan than God. The problem is, these ideas do not promote wellness… they promote disease.  It’s so much easier and so much more peaceful if you resist nothing. You’ve got to remember that God looks down at everything and sees everything in order.  When you look and see everything in order, you too are at peace.  When you have that peace, dis-ease cannot occur.  Disease cannot even think about being present. 

Another factor in dis-ease is anger.  Anger is your ego trying to control or improve something God created, and this something is “very good” as it states in the Bible.  And your ego looks at it and says, “No, it’s not very good.  I know what very good is.  Very good would be if they were more like me.  Or you and your ego think/say “If I was them, I would be doing it this way,” or “How dare they do that?” or   “Don’t they know who I am?”  Anger is your frustration trying to improve God’s plan. And you can’t improve God’s plan. 

On the other hand regrets and remorse are the opposite of improving God’s plan.  Regrets and remorse is your ego saying, “Oh, I did that wrong” which is really saying, “I screwed up God’s plan.”  Here’s what you need to understand.  Not only is it not your plan, not only is the plan that’s in effect greater than anything you can imagine, but best of all is, no matter what you do…   “You cannot screw up God’s plan.” It’s all in order.  For example, I was dealing with a patient one day who had regrets and remorse issues and he was second-guessing himself on what he did.  I responded with this really powerful statement, “You cannot screw up God’s plan.”  Everything is in order.  It’s your choice on how to view it.  It’s your choice on how to respond to it.  
The fifth idea for wellness comes from a book that I love, A Course of Miracles, by The Foundation of Inner Peace and in this wonderful text they have the saying, “Don’t give God’s power away.”  What is meant by that is, if you don’t give anything any power, it can’t cause any harm. 
With the patients that I work with, I usually break it down this way.  “Is there but only one power?”  “Yes.”  “And, is that God’s power?”  “Yes.”  Then, depending on their beliefs I ask; “Is that power good?”  They say, “Yes.”  “Is that power love?”  Well, if there’s only one power, then why do you give God’s power away?  And, if there’s only one power, and that power is good, why do you take that power and give it to something else?” 
I see it happening all the time.  Right now, one of the biggest segments with the male patients that I work with is that they have a problem with the government.  They have problems with Congress.  They have a problem with whoever’s in office.  They have given politicians power. The power of God.  They’ve taken it from God and given it to something or someone else. 

What about cancer?  We give it power.  The power is based on fear.  Somebody tricked you into giving God’s power to “it”.  Do not give it any of God’s Power.  It is not your job to give God’s Power to anything.  The power of anything other than good, other than love, is an illusion.  It is something that you have allowed yourself to believe in order to trick you into giving it power, because there’s only one power and it’s not darkness.  Everything ends up going to the light.  Everything at some point ends up going back to God.  So, where does darkness come from?  We gave it God’s power.  We did it out of fear.  It is really easy to destroy darkness.  Bring forth light and you take away darkness’s power.  It has no power unless you give it power.  Light casts out darkness.  Darkness cannot exist where there’s light.  Everything…and I mean it when I say it…everything returns to the light.  This chapter continues in "Prevent Cancer with Mind & Spirit.

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Chapter Seven Summary “Seven Ideas For Wellness”  Meditation  Avoid News, Medical Ads / Terms  Observe Your Thoughts  Resist Nothing  Don’t Give God’s Power Away  Confront Issues Immediately  Picture Yourself At Peace  
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Mark W. Tong

Mark W. Tong

Dr. Mark Tong is a spiritual counselor/healer, teacher and sought-after speaker. He holds a Doctorate in Natural Healing and a Master's in Religious Studies. He is widely known for his pioneer work in assisting others to obtain peace, wellness and healing. Dr. Tong is also the founder of Healing International and the creator of Crystal Bay Hotel, the "Healing Hotel." At his Spiritual Retreat, Dr. Tong facilitates lectures, meditations, workshops, and "Healing Intensive Programs."

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