Trip Trap Tricked: Not Another One

Trip Trap Tricked: Not Another One

by Vee DeShawnna-Lee

ISBN: 9781479700776

Publisher XLIBRIS

Published in Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers

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Book Description

Follw this 5 volume series as three corporate excutives find themselves in situations that one could only dream about. Follow each, as they seek to find safety, security and spirituality from relationships gone bad.

Sample Chapter

Chapter 11

Clean House, Clean House!

Vilay Henderson

It’s about time this flight landed. I feel like I have just flown eighteen hours from Australia. At least I still have five hours left before Barbara gets home. This is just enough time to stop at the florist, and then pick up Champagne and something for dinner. Surprise, baby, your man is coming home. Lobster tail and asparagus Florentine will be my meal of choice tonight. I know how much Barbara loves lobster tail. Next I will place these six dozen pink roses in her favorite vase. Barbara loves roses and can smell them three rooms away. Maybe I should get two bottles of champagne. I want to make sure she’s out of control when I converge on that lovely body tonight. I want her at my beckoning touch. I can’t wait. Finally, home at last. Just as usual, the house is immaculate. Barbara has always been a neat freak. I like that in her.

I once had a girlfriend in high school. I’ll never forget when I went to her house for the first time. She had warned me that her mom was a collector. When she opened the front door to her house, my mouth fell open, and I couldn’t close it. In my whole life, I had never seen so much junk. Not even at the junkyard. Every inch of the house was covered with boxes and paper. When she called out to her mom to tell her we were there, her mom had to raise a stick with a rag on it so we could find her. I swore from that day forward, one of the things I wanted in my wife was her ability to clean the house.

Barbara came with this skill and more. Barbara cooks, cleans, washes clothes, and pays the bills on time. Her only weak point is cooking. She tries, but sometimes we need to know when we have reached our limit. Cooking is Barbara’s limit. I do all the cooking, and when I am too tired, we order out. No ifs, ands, or buts. Okay, dinner is done, the champagne is chilled, and my baby should be


home in the next twenty minutes. Just enough time for me to get a quick shower before she walks in the door. Oh no, I stayed in the shower too long.

It felt so good. Barbara replaced the old showerheads with these from France that sprayed out of a rotating head with triple sprays. It’s like having a French maid massaging your body three times over.

Barbara is still not home. She’s never late. I wonder what’s wrong. When we talked earlier today, she didn’t say she was doing anything this weekend. Maybe she is just stuck in traffic. I won’t trip. I’ll just lie down on the couch and wait until she comes in. Once the garage door goes up, I will hear her. I’ll just close my eyes for a minute.

It’s been a long day, and the flight from Chicago was one to be remembered for life. We had turbulence almost the whole way. Yeah, this feels good.

What’s that noise? Man, I must have overslept. What time is it? Where is Barbara? Oh, I hear her now. What! She should have been home five hours ago. Whose car is she getting out of? I know that car. It belongs to that punk Lincoln. She better have a good one to explain this, or all hell is going to break loose in this house tonight.

All kinds of thoughts were circling in Vilay’s head. Here I have been working like a dog to keep this house over her head, and while I am away, she is out with the punk whom she knows I can’t stand. Where is her Lexus? Is he picking her up for work these days since I have been gone? Is this why she’s been tripping for the last eight months? She’s having an affair with Lincoln. I’m killing her and that punk. She can’t tell me nothing. I am going to jail tonight for murder. I knew it all the time. All those hours they worked together were bound to start something off between the two of them. I wonder how many people know about their affair. I’m probably the laughingstock on the job. Vilay the fool, that’s what they are probably calling me. I wonder what they are going to call me when they find out I killed the two of them. Yeah, laugh now, you dirty bastards.

Finally, the door opens. Barbara walks in and sees the roses. “Vilay, Vilay, are you here?”

“Hey, Barbara! Yeah, I am here. Where have you been so late?”

“Oh, I stopped to get something to eat after leaving work. I had problems with my car, so Lincoln agreed to bring me home. We stopped to get something to eat before he dropped me off.”

“Barbara, you are repeating yourself.”

“Oh sorry, I’m just excited to see you are home. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home early? Lobster? Is that lobster? Oh, Vilay, you know how I love lobster. You got champagne too. Baby, were you trying to surprise me? If you were, you did a good job. I am full, but I am still going to eat some of that lobster. Come here and give me a kiss.”

Reluctantly, Vilay walked across the floor and gave Barbara a kiss. He was sure he could smell that stinking cologne of Lincoln’s on Barbara’s coat



“Yes, Vilay?”
“If you were having problems with your car, why didn’t you tell me when

we talked? I could have had the mechanic pick it up at lunchtime and arrange for you to get a loaner if you needed one.”

“I forgot to tell you when we talked,” said Barbara. “Lincoln was there, so it was no problem.”

“You forgot to tell me, huh?” What else have you forgot to tell me? Vilay said to himself. “Anyway, Barbara, what’s the plan for you getting it fixed, or has Mr. Lincoln Branswax got that taken care of also, huh?”

“Vilay,” said Barb. “As a matter of fact, it is under control. I dropped the car off at the mechanic shop after work. Jack said he should have it done by tomorrow. That’s why I was with Lincoln.”

Barbara walks over to Vilay and puts her tongue down his throat. Vilay is so caught up with the sweetness of her mouth, he forgets momentarily that he’s angry. Barbara steps back from Vilay and says, “Lobster, lobster, come to Mama. I am starving.” Barbara turned away from Vilay and walked toward the stove.

Vilay can’t help but notice how nice Barbara’s behind is looking. She has on one of them form-fitting black dresses that catches right up under the fold of her butt. Her well-shaped, muscular long legs show just how the swimming is paying off. Why is she looking so sexy coming from work? Vilay brushes this out of his mind. Maybe it’s me being horny and uptight about Lincoln. Barbara always looks good. “Would you like some champagne?” Vilay asks Barbara.

“Would you like some sex?” Barbara responds back to Vilay.


Excerpted from "Trip Trap Tricked: Not Another One" by Vee DeShawnna-Lee. Copyright © 0 by Vee DeShawnna-Lee. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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