Common Sense Supply Management: Tales From The Supply Chain Trenches

Common Sense Supply Management: Tales From The Supply Chain Trenches

by Dr. Tom DePaoli

ISBN: 9781477686454

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Published in Nonfiction

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Book Description

n this hard hitting and unorthodox guide to supply management, Dr. Tom DePaoli shares the business lessons learned by engaging the reader with his tales from the supply chain management trenches. With this approach to supply management, he offers no-nonsense strategies learned from his diverse career in many organizations. Told in part via a story format, Common Sense Supply Management - Tales from the Supply Chain Trenches uses real life examples to discuss what goes right, and often wrong, in the supply chain management trenches.

Sample Chapter

Tom DePaoli  recognizes the primary importance of business relationships, and their critical role in navigating the complexities of supply management. The stories shared by the author present this concept very well. Indeed, the focus of the entire book is on the interaction and relationships between people. The concepts of best practices, Lean Six Sigma, and information based negotiations all share a common human relationship element. Tom DePaoli offers a proven multi-layered approach to finding, sourcing, and working effectively with suppliers.

Perhaps even more importantly, the author cautions business people about the problems that arise through international sourcing strategies. For negotiating better terms with suppliers, while developing strong personal relationships, the author shares his real world tested strategies and tactics. At the same time, Tom DePaoli provides an understandable and useful system of metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the entire supply management system.

For me, the power of the book is how Tom DePaoli combines the human aspects of supply management with a comprehensive strategic approach to developing an effective management system. The author shares his personal experience in the real world of supply management, and as a result, offers practical and readily applied knowledge and information. Tom DePaoli also shares his concepts of negotiation that apply lessons learned in actual negotiation situations.

Instead of automatically recommending a win-win negotiation strategy, the author presents an effective alternative in the form of an information-based technique. This contrast is one of the many valuable lessons offered in the book. Unlike many books on the topic, the author shares an accessible and readily applied approach to metrics and measurement. The chapters in the book are short and contain useful and relevant stories of the principles in action. The book is a handy reference that can be referred to as a guide to improving any supply management system.

I highly recommend the very accessible and hands on book
Common Sense Supply Management: Tales From The Supply Chain Trenches by Dr. Tom DePaoli, to any business leaders, entrepreneurs, and negotiators seeking a practical and no nonsense guide to improving any supply management process. This book will transform your supply management system from the ordinary to the outstanding, while boosting your overall bottom line.


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Author Profile

Dr. Tom DePaoli

Dr. Tom DePaoli

Dr. Tom DePaoli, is the Director of the Management Program in the School of Business and Public Safety at Marian University. He has previously published five books that are available on His website is

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