Going over Home

Going over Home

by Katie Andrews Potter

ISBN: 9781477698693

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

Maddox's life changed the day she read her real birthdate: May 17, 1820. Not 1990, like she’d been told all along. Sure, her family had always been a little different, but she could have never guessed they were from the past. And if that wasn't enough, now she has to go back in time- she has descendants living now, and if she doesn't go back, their lives will never be.

Sample Chapter




Mama and Papa waited until it was a new moon, pitch black outside, before they decided to leave. Dr. Wolf was there, he said he would take them where they needed to go. It was a cold night, and Mama had bundled up all her little girls. Papa carried the twins and Mama took Maddie and Ellie’s hands. That left no hands free to carry their belongings, so Dr. Wolf carried those – just an old trunk full of dolls and the family Bible. Mama said she wouldn’t part with them, especially the Bible.


            They walked along the road until they came to the creek. Papa went first with the twins, and then Mama pushed Maddie and Ellie through. She went before Dr. Wolf, but once she was through, she realized she had dropped her locket. Her locket with baby James’s hair. “My locket! No, wait, please, I dropped my locket!She screamed and cried and tried to go back, but Papa and Dr. Wolf held her, and pulled her away. Mama cried all night, cried for the locket, cried for her family, cried for her home that she would never see again. She was hugely pregnant at the time, and baby Lottie wouldn’t stop kicking the whole night. It was like she knew something wasn’t right.


            It took weeks before Mama went a full day without crying. For the longest time her eyes were continuously watering, silent tears always falling down her cheeks. She knew she was making a change to save her daughters, and to give them a future, but she cried for her old life, and cried that her daughters would never know the rest of their family. She cried that something would always be missing, and nothing would ever be the same.


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Author Profile

Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter grew up in Carmel, Indiana and at an early age grew interested in her family history. She would (and still does) spend hours upon hours looking through old books and records searching for one more branch to her family tree. Katie has always enjoyed writing and has piles of old spiral-bound notebooks filled with stories. It was on one trip to an old cemetery in Brown County, Indiana in 2009 when the storyline for Going over Home popped in her head. What if you found your own name on a headstone? What would it be like to meet your ancestors? From that day on the story took a hold in her mind until it was fully formed. Katie lives on the near eastside of Indianapolis with her husband, Ben and their children, Eliana and Micah, and a zoo of pets. She has her degree in Elementary Education and has worked in ABA Therapy and Special Education, but is currently a full-time mommy and author.

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