Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairy Tale

Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairy Tale

by John C. Stickler

ISBN: 9780804842778

Publisher Tuttle Publishing

Published in Calendars/Science Fiction & Fantasy, Calendars/Children's, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

Maya and the Turtle is an authentic Korean fairytale just out from Tuttle Publishing. Maya is a supremely courageous and loyal girl who is prepared to sacrifice her life to save that of her father. She finds a turtle on a wishing rock and takes it home to care for. She has no way of knowing that the turtle is magic and will control her destiny.

Sample Chapter

       One winter Maya’s father, who was older now, became ill. He could not work and had to stay in bed. They had no money for medicine and no money for food. Maya tried to think of a way to make some money for the food and medicine he needed. The fields were covered with snow and she could not even gather wild berries or herbs.

        She knew of a prosperous village, on the other side of the mountain. That village was cursed by a monstrous centipede. It would fly3 into the village on cold winter nights when the moon was full, attacking the village children. The people lived in terror. Finally, they said, “Maybe if we sacrifice one person, the centipede will leave us alone.”

            And so a tradition began. Once a year, they would buy a young girl for the centipede and leave her outside the village. Of course, the next morning, the girl would be gone forever, but the village would be safe for one more year.

            Maya decided that to help her father get well again, she would volunteer to face the giant centipede. The villagers paid a great deal of money to anyone brave enough to become a midnight sacrifice.


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Author Profile

John C. Stickler

John C. Stickler

Soma Han has a degree in Fine Art from the California College of the Arts and has illustrated three children's books about Korea. Co-author John Stickler graduated from Yale and was a CBS News correspondent in Seoul for nine years. Previously they collaborated on a non-fiction picture book, Land of Morning Calm: Korean Culture Then and Now, published by Shen’s Books, Early reviews of Maya are positive:

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