Outlandish Tales & Savage Imaginings [Kindle Edition]

Outlandish Tales & Savage Imaginings [Kindle Edition]

by Semyon White

ISBN: B008AY9842

Publisher Hell 4 Leather Productions

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/General, Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Book Description

A cross genre collection of bizarre short stories mostly set in Boston that include lonely vampires and space porn, mute martyrs, vulgar aliens, time travel laments, promiscuous pig people, short tempered short order cooks, phantom laundromats, opportunistic sexpots, exploding planets, etc

Sample Chapter

The cage was on the opposite side from the window he had peered through, the chamber was roughly circular, lit by tall multitiered candle holders apparently in a delicate white ceramic in contrast to the darkened wrought iron elsewhere.

The floor appeared to be smoother, polished and littered with massive pewter goblets, fallen urns and dozens of clear glass bells in various sizes some on the floor and others resting on highly stylized white tables and stools. Beyond that was a large canopied bed in an intricate white frame, silver trays of slender bottled ointments, discarded garments and a tall jade green water pipe.

The warmth in the room wasn’t only coming from the burning wax. The grate under his feet was warm, even with sandals on, Ahmed could feel the heat and see a reddish glow below the blackened iron sheet riddled with finger sized holes that made up the grate itself.

In another moment the woman rose from an unseen door or passage in the floor. Ahmed’s heart raced. The woman had stripped herself of even the most intimate of apparel. She was absolutely without flaw, bare skin radiant in the undulating candlelight.

Their eye’s met. She was completely without shame. In her hands she held a skull. She was casually polishing it with an ornately handled brush. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

“I am Ahmed of Tarsus. I have come to your rescue. If you help me out of this cage I am prepared to take on any opponent or foe,” he announced confidently, a hand on his scimitar’s hilt. She backed away from the cage some and stood a moment in silent appraisal causing him to stand tall, raise his chin proudly.

“Mmmm,” she purred to Ahmed’s delight, her eyes radiant yet glassy. She kneeled on an embroidered prayer mat in front of the ornate jade hookah, struck a long match from a tiny case that hung from the pipe and lit it.

Intently, he watched her nude and perfect profile inhale in a sensuously glorious expansion of her chest, water slowly percolating in the pipe’s base. She exhaled the lush smoke in a slow cloud and crumpled in a fetal hug, slim arms across her thighs and breasts, dark hair completely covering her face.

“Hurry! There may not be time for such luxury should your keeper return,” he tried to reason with her, wanting out of the cage as quickly as possible to gain some advantage.

She gazed over at him smiling dreamily. Ahmed wondered if she was under some kind of spell, or perhaps had become delusional as a result of torture, confinement or hashish. He watched her take another deep hit from the pipe.

“Do you understand me? I have come to set you free. We must find our way to the outside before the man who holds you captive discovers us here!” he yelled from the cage. She rose and carried a tray of glass bells near the cage. She reached out for him and he offered his hand. Her touch was soft and warm as she caressed his fingers, rubbing each section of each digit.

“Why, you are the man who holds me captive at the moment,” she said looking into his eyes with what he imagined could only be a promise for even greater intimacy.

“If it be so then set me free of this cage,” he said calmly, attempting to play along with her delusion. She let go of his hand and turned away and he could not keep his eyes from her as she moved across the room.

On the wall a braided cord hung from a black wrought iron lever. As she pulled it Ahmed breathed a sigh of relief, certain that it had been a release mechanism. He dropped the green robe to the floor and readied himself for any eventuality.


Excerpted from "Outlandish Tales & Savage Imaginings [Kindle Edition]" by Semyon White. Copyright © 2012 by Semyon White. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Semyon White

Semyon White

Semyon White, was born in Queens NY, and went to Boston University. He performed in rock bands in Boston and worked as a photographer for a decade before returning to New York where he was employed by the Unified Court System for 14 years before dropping out of society all together. Obsessed with Einstein and gravity, he lives in reclusion, writing, playing piano and wandering back and forth between New York, Las Vegas and Hong Kong.

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