The Burning Cedars: A Personal Account of a Boy's Life Journey Through The Lebanese Civil War (Volume 1)

The Burning Cedars: A Personal Account of a Boy's Life Journey Through The Lebanese Civil War (Volume 1)

by Ramzy B Baroody

ISBN: 9780615647661

Publisher The Burning Cedars

Published in Nonfiction/Politics

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Book Description

The Burning Cedars provides a poignant and pragmatic account of the Lebanese civil war and ensuing turmoil while candidly unraveling the intricate secrets and at times turbulent relationships of a family whose heartbreaking struggles and emotional triumphs extended over three generations. The unpredictable and surprising turns and twists of each chapter continue to resonate with readers long after the last page has been turned over.

Sample Chapter

On the morning of April 13, 1975, the Lebanese civil war got underway and for the next fifteen years, countless broken agreements and cease fires, un-eventful negotiations, foreign "peace keeping" troops, special envoys, US marines and warships, Israeli invasions, Arab League accords, international interventions and shifting alliances, all failed to halt the violent massacres, the cruel bloodshed and the total destruction of the country. The cause of the war was multifaceted yet its effects clear, deliberate and calculated. With over 200,000 civilian fatalities, one million wounded, 350,000 displaced and over one million fleeing the country, Lebanon, nicknamed "Switzerland of the East" along with its capital Beirut, "Paris of the Middle East," lay in ruin, powerfully disintegrated and effectively polarized.

The Burning Cedars follows the life of a young boy, a privileged son whose grandfather, a prominent village doctor amassed great wealth and power only to have it squandered away by the family or destroyed during the war. His grandmother, a powerful and domineering woman whose intense hatred for his mother ignited the flames of a volatile relationship which could be described as cruel at best. The distant and uncaring brother and the unmarried and loving uncle, who concealed a deep and unforgiving illness, must all work together as a family to survive the atrocities of the war.

In the midst of all the chaos, the author methodically reveals the family's struggles with loneliness, fear and sadness, while happier days spent in Egypt and America all come together seamlessly in this fascinating and gripping true story.

Excerpted from "The Burning Cedars: A Personal Account of a Boy's Life Journey Through The Lebanese Civil War (Volume 1)" by Ramzy B Baroody. Copyright © 0 by Ramzy B Baroody. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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