203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama [Kindle Edition]

203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama [Kindle Edition]

by John Wilson

ISBN: 9780985446109

Publisher John Wilson

Published in Nonfiction/Politics

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Book Description

"...Every voter should read this book, it is awesome, a lot of information and well-written. Thanks!"

"...a must read in preparation for the approaching election and beyond..." - Amazon Review

"...Highly recommended!" -Hugo D. Ley

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203 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama is a fact filled work that should be considered by people of all political stripes. It's pages are populated by the words and works of Obama, his friends and associates.

Sample Chapter

203 Reasons Not to Vote For

Barack Obama

In the Words and Works of Obama, his Political Cohorts and Those Who Know Him Best


John Wilson


He called America “mean-spirited” – himself a “blank screen” – and we made him the 44th President of the United States!

Obama is a man that doesn’t like America very much – who, rationally evaluated, has made all the right moves toward political self destruction, but is unable to hit bottom – protected as he is, by the unwavering support of a smitten, liberal media.

John Podesta reportedly considered Obama as “…capable of being ruthless” and questioned whether he “felt anything, especially in his gut.”[1] Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, once described him as “’slightly creepy’ and ‘deeply manipulative.’”[2] “Spengler” writes in Asia Times, “Obama's women reveal his secret: he hates America.”[3] David Mendell describes Obama’s “hidden side: His imperious, mercurial, self-righteous and sometimes prickly nature…” and calls him “…a man of raw ambition so powerful that even he is still coming to terms with its full force.”[4] David Freddoso calls him “…a shrewd, machine-aligned politician from Chicago – the kind who won’t make no waves and won’t back no losers...” a man who “…plays hardball and knows when to look the other way.”[5] Blackwell and Klukowski warn that “In President Obama’s America, dissent will not be tolerated.”[6]

Given the President’s level of public exposure, it is axiomatic that it should be impossible to conceal these traits, or his extreme partisanship, an easy disregard for the court system, his condescension and ridicule of ordinary citizens as well as political opponents; his Party’s disregard for the truth, his reckless spending; and his readiness to revert to community organizing practices – rubbing “raw the resentments of the people” and fanning their “latent hostilities.”[7] Miraculously – with the media’s help – with a fear of being labeled “racist,” many have remained unaware – even defensive – of Obama’s character. Rather than acknowledging and confronting the true Obama, they prefer to continue projecting “their own views” onto the “blank screen” that represents this charismatic, but duplicitous politician. Before We Knew Him

In 1990, Harvard student Obama called America “Mean-Spirited,” hoping we could become more “generous” in the future.[8] In 2008, his wife Michelle, echoed that position, saying “we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is ‘just downright mean,’ we are ‘guided by fear,’ we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents.”[9]

From telling us that he is followed by security in department stores,[10] to his claim that white restaurant patrons throw their car keys to him,[11] Obama’s two books are heavily laced with perceptions of racism and thinly disguised contempt for America. He writes from the perspective of an educated, somewhat detached observer – but, seems always less than an arm’s length away from someone with a strong, negative racial message…so much so, that it is sometimes difficult to tell whether one of his friends is actually speaking, or if he is using the character to voice his own sentiments. One case that illustrates this point is chronicled in Dreams From my Father, when Obama writes: “I could swear that just beneath the sober expression Ray was winking at me, letting me in on the score. Our rage at the white world needed no object, he seemed to be telling me, no independent confirmation; it could be switched on and off at our pleasure. Sometimes, after one of his performances, I would question his judgment, if not his sincerity. We weren’t living in the Jim Crow South, I would remind him…”[12]

Here, Obama attributes the cause of his racial epiphany to a friend he calls “Ray,” somewhat confusing the fact that it is he – not “Ray” – who decides that his “rage at the white world needed no object…it could be switched on and off at our pleasure.” He then immediately switches the writing back to “Ray” and portrays himself as the adult in the room, reminding his friend they “weren’t living in the Jim Crow South.”

Both his books and his work as a Chicago Community Organizer have proven that Obama is good with words. As an Organizer, Obama quickly gained a reputation as an agitator. Mike Kruglik, an early Obama mentor in community organizing, called Obama “a natural – the undisputed master of agitation”[13] and this is what Saul Alinsky wrote about that skill: “The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression…. “…When those prominent in the status quo turn and label you an ‘agitator’ they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your function – to agitate to the point of conflict.”[14]


Reason #2

Obama: Pot, Booze, “Blow” – almost “Smack”

“I blew a few smoke rings…Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though- Micky, my potential initiator, had been just a little too eager for me to go through with that…we were standing in a meat freezer in the back of the deli where he worked…couldn’t have been more than 20 degrees…looked…like he was sweating…He had pulled out the needle and the tubing, and I’d looked at him standing there, surrounded by big slabs of salami…”[lxxxv]

Is this the role model we would select for our children? Is this the man we should trust to lead the United States of America?

Reason #3

Obama the Drunk Punk

We know very little about President Obama’s school years, except that which he opted to share through his book: Dreams from my Father. Among the elements comprising his literary self portrait is this passage:

“…the swagger that carries me into a classroom drunk or high, knowing that my teachers will smell beer or reefer on my breath, just daring them to say something.”

This is the President with the bad boy rock star persona, carefully crafted to attract America’s youth. This is the President who supports the “Occupy” movement – home to drugs, violence, filth, interference with private business and destruction of property. This is the President who sends patriotic young men and women into combat and who controls our nuclear arsenal.


Excerpted from "203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama [Kindle Edition]" by John Wilson. Copyright © 2012 by John Wilson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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John Wilson

John Wilson

John Wilson served as a U.S. Navy Journalist in Vietnam and did a stint at WEAR-TV in Pensacola, FL as a News and weather announcer before turning to a law enforcement career. In 2002, after 32 years service, he retired as Director, National HIDTA Assistance Center (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). Since his retirement, John has dedicated himself to writing political nonfiction and special interest books.

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