How to Reduce Gas Prices and Avoiding Heavy Traffic [Kindle Edition]

How to Reduce Gas Prices and Avoiding Heavy Traffic [Kindle Edition]

by M. J. Edwards

ISBN: 9781620957349

Publisher BookBaby

Published in Business & Investing/Finance, Business & Money

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Book Description

One of the most informative e-book on the market, on gas price reduction, information that reveals the reason, prevention and solution to elevated gasoline prices.

“How to reduce gasoline prices and Avoid Heavy Traffic” is not just an eBook, but an real solution to one of the world's greatest problems, rising gasoline prices. This problem in particular causes the price of everything we purchase to increase. This small, inexpensive and powerful booklet contains many awakening realities that will change the world's driving habits forever; drastically reducing gas prices,

Sample Chapter

Rising prices

It seems that the price of just about everything is on the rise. The reason is that the things we buy rides on ships, airplanes, trains, 18-wheelers and small trucks. They all use gasoline and deisel to pick up and deliver the items we buy every day. There is a surcharge for that fuel used to deliver the goods passed to the consumer. Therefore, if we can reduce the cost of fuel, there will also be a reduction in the surcharge and everything else we buy will be much cheaper.

Despite what most may think, gasoline prices can and will be drastically reduced if we follow the guidelines in this ebook.

If we all conscientiously work together, we can reverse this global catastrophe that has concealed causes. If not, prices will continue to rise, and the generation that follows will pay for our negligence. Let us try our best to leave this world a better place than it does was before we arrived. This is an extremely inexpensive booklet, but the contents are invaluable. If there is commitment, it will save the world hundreds of millions of dollars daily in wasted fuel. It will also improve the overall health conditions of the residents in the inner-city limit. Things difficult seem that way because we are not aware that there is a problem, cause and a solution. In this situation, we will point out the cause and the solutions; however, the benefits are through compliance. Let’s Live, Learn and teach each other

There are over 600-700 million vehicles in the world. The average idling automobile idles at about five to ten miles per hour. That is approximately .33 gallons per hour or more, 1 gallon per 3 automobiles, 100 gallons per 300 automobiles, 1 million gallons per 3 million automobiles, and 100 million gallons per 300 million automobiles; that is 100 million gallons of gasoline per hour in idle traffic. That’s an average of $450 Million dollars wasted in one hour of heavy traffic daily. Worldwide, how many gallons of fuel are being wasted in heavy traffic every day? .5 billion per hour at 2 hrs 1 billion a day 28 or more billion a month in ten months that $280 billion a year in wasted fuel.


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Author Profile

M. J. Edwards

M. J. Edwards

Michael is a solutionist and carries a burden to resolve some of the problems in the world. Michael believes that if everyone would make an effort to solve one problem the whole would be a much better place. Inventors, song writers, servants of all types drivers, cooks, jobs of all types, we all try to make the world a better place this is my contribution on How to Reduce Gas Prices and Avoid Heavy traffic

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