Computer Secrets: Confessions of a PC Tech

Computer Secrets: Confessions of a PC Tech

by Ken Jaskulski

ISBN: 9781463567668

Publisher CreateSpace

Published in Home & Garden/How-to & Home Improvements, Computers & Technology

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Book Description

Computer Secrets will teach the novice to moderate PC user how to diagnose any PC problem and fix over 80% of all problems without any help. Written by a computer store owner and technician whose stores have serviced over 30,000 computers since 1987, Computer Secrets will absolutely be the best HOW TO Book a reader will ever purchase. Learn everything from how to diagnose and fix and computer problem to what best free programs as well as how to diagnose any problem (not just computers). Also includes a free PC troubleshooting download program and on-going PC support at a PC help site.

Sample Chapter


Introduction – The Secrets Book Series  1

1.Why computer support stinks  6

2.ALWAYS Assume This 13

3.What the computer service centers won’t tell you 15

4.Hardware or Software? 24

5.The 80-20 Rule 27

6.The biggest advantage computer stores have 36

7.How to troubleshoot any problem 49

8.Common Sense Repair Methods 56

  9. The Most Important Thing 60

10.How to Repair any software problem 73

11.How to re-install Windows 80

12.Activation / Registration 106

13.More Windows 112

14.Common problems and Solutions155

15.Common Error Messages164

16.Computer Myths169

17.PC Tune-up & General Housekeeping175

18.Computer Parenting 184

19.The XXX User193

20.Viruses, Spyware & Malware195

21.Social Networking204

22.Phishing Sites214

23.Invasive Programs219



26.Plug-Ins and Add-Ons239

27.Basic hardware repair244

28.Beyond the beginner247

29.Repairs that saved my bacon259

30.Repair, Upgrade or Replace?262

31.How to get Data from a Broken Computer268


33.Is Free Stuff really free?291

34.ISPs & Wireless298

35.Web surfing & Email305

36.Home Networking317

37.Common Download Issues320

38.Torrents, P2P and File Sharing327

39.10 Things to Know 335

40. My Desktop340



41. Dumb Computer Stuff343

42. On-line safety347

43. Online Scanners 355

44. How and Where to Get Help357

45. Using a Computer Service Department365

46. On-site service376

47. Using a PC trainer & Self Training381

48. Printer Repair & Ink Cartridge Refills385

49. Older computers396

50. A computer & the Environment400

51. Extended Warranties404

52. Calling the Manufacturer408

53. Buying and Selling on EBay415

54. Small Business Advice422

55. Tips427

56. Common and Uncommon Questions431

57. Your next computer441

58. Best free stuff & Useful Websites455

59. Cell Phones and IPods463

60. Other Repairs469

61. The Swami Predictions473

62. Final Exam476


a)Make yourself bulletproof483

b)Diagnose Most problems in 5 Minutes485

c)The Lazy Person’s Computer Repair Techniques487

d)Problem Database488

e)Terminology & File Formats489

f)ITunes Tips 493

g)Windows 8495

h)Annie Loves Horses498

i)Bonus Chapter – Never Give Up!499

j)Other Stuff511

Quick Reference Guide522





Hello and Welcome to Computer Secrets. This introduction will explain why Computer Secrets is the best computer help book ever written and how you as the reader will benefit.  The following two statements illustrate why Computer Secrets is necessary:



These are estimated numbers provided by the author based on his 20 years’ experience and over 30,000 computers serviced.  A computer is about the only electronic device that can stop working for no reason, require multiple people to figure out the problem and no one will take responsibility for the repair.  Name another device that has its own five stages of grief and recovery written about them. 


John just purchased a new Windows-based computer from a large chain store.  After one week of use, the computer won’t get on the Internet. A popup message said that the system has the Antivirus 2011 and the virus can be removed if the computer user pays $49.99. 

John tried to run the anti-virus program on the computer but it would not remove the message or get the computer back online.  John called his neighbor Ed, the local neighborhood computer guru.  Ed tried but could not remove the popup. Ed suggested that John re-install Windows and start over.  

The popups were so bad that John could not use a flash drive to back up the data. If John re-installed Windows, he would lose his documents that weren’t backed up.  John’s son would also lose ITunes that were downloaded to the system.  A Windows re-installation was not an option. 

John called the store where he purchased the computer for help. After twenty minutes on-hold, John finally got ahold of the store service department.  The service rep told John that because he did not purchase the store extended warranty that John will have to call the computer manufacturer directly for assistance. 

The rep also told John that if he had purchased the store system preparation option, a system restore point would have been setup on his computer. That restore point probably would have fixed John’s problem in five minutes or at least made the computer usable so his files could be copied off the computer.   Just what John needed to hear at this point.

John’s next step to solve his problem was to call the computer manufacturer. John’s first contact was a level one support representative named Hassid.  Hassid was very polite, however had an accent and was hard to understand.  Hassid read from a support script.  After thirty minutes, Hassid determined that John’s problem was a virus.  Hassid explained to John that because his computer problem was virus related it was not covered under manufacturer warranty.  From this point forward John would have to provide a credit card for billing at $2 per minute for further support, which John assumed would be more script reading.

You’ve entered the Twilight Zone for computer support. Unfortunately this type of problem and response is common in today’s computer service world. Most computer problems are not covered under manufacturer or extended warranties and are the responsibility of the owner to get repaired.  If John cannot fix the problem he will either need to get help elsewhere or take the computer to a repair shop.  John can expect to pay at least $100 for the repair and be without the computer for a few days.  

Computer Secrets was written for all the people fed up with paying computer shops for computer repairs that they could do on their own with a little guidance.  Computer Secrets was written understanding that a frustrated computer user has four main concerns when they check their computer in for computer service:

•How much will the repair cost?

•How long will the repair take?

•Will data be lost?

•What can be done to prevent this from happening again?

A frustrated computer user doesn’t understand or care that a computer technician had to edit the system registry and reset the web browser settings to correct an Internet problem or that hard drive permissions had to be removed to save important documents and files. The customer just wants the computer back working ASAP along with their important data saved.

Computer Secrets is presented in easy to understand, non-technical terms.  Most computer problems can be repaired without reading a manual or learning computer terminology. You won’t need to learn boring computer techniques like how to edit a registry or memorizing error messages and their meanings.   This book wasn’t written to be a reference manual.  Some important points and techniques are covered in multiple chapters to help the reader retain and integrate important methods when troubleshooting.  

Computer Secrets will also give the reader a complete understanding of the computer troubleshooting process.  The research techniques shown will allow you to troubleshoot virtually any problem.  Topics covered include how diagnose and repair problems, how to prevent problems and how to get quality free help when you encounter a problem that’s too difficult. You will never purchase another Dummies or Idiots book again.

You will also gain a better understanding of the computer and electronic market in general, the best places to shop online, how to shop on EBay and protect yourself online.  We also discuss the best free programs, websites and how to troubleshoot other types of electronic equipment. Points of emphasis will be identified by the following prompt:



We are making an important point when you see the Secrets Logo.








Excerpted from "Computer Secrets: Confessions of a PC Tech" by Ken Jaskulski. Copyright © 0 by Ken Jaskulski. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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