Through A Child's Eyes

Through A Child's Eyes

by Miss Phillis T Forrest

ISBN: 9781475060508

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Book Description

Through A Child's Eyes is structured rules and guidelines to protect children from child sexual predators that mothers may unintentionally bring into their lives. I incorporated my 14 years nightmare so anyone who reads my book will understand clearly exactly what he did and exactly how he did it.

After you have read my story, you will grab your children and cover them with a blanket of protection because just when you thought he was a part of a childish fairytale, you find out the boogey man does exist………

Sample Chapter


I decided to write this book because many children are carrying the pain of rape and molestation due to a lack of protection. It is the manipulation of my story that makes it unique. This wasn’t a situation where I was snatched by someone, attacked by an uncle while everyone slept or threatened. I processed my situation differently because of the diabolical manner in which it was executed. My story exposes a predator who was patient, manipulative and supposedly a God fearing man. My story is about a man who became a part of my family and destroyed family bonds that were embedded in us since birth.

I want to reach out to the mothers, talk to them and shake them awake. I want them to accept and deal with the fact that these kinds of crimes exist. I want mothers to understand that they are the targets. It’s very easy for a single mother to be targeted because she has so many titles for a man to occupy. An older man that comes into her life might serve as a father figure she never had. A man can come into her life as a companion. He can pretend to be interested in being a male role model for her fatherless son. He can offer handyman or mechanical service in order to establish a rapport with the mother.


I remember the day my life changed from; what I considered normal. It was a Sunday night and my two year old daughter had just returned home with Stephan. After giving her a bath I laid her on the bed and started to lotion her down when she said to me “Daddy put his poo in Katie poo and put his poo in my poo”. Katie was one of the little girls that came over to visit regularly that I found to be one of Stephan’s victims. As the blood rushed to my feet I walked into the living room and told her father what she told me. Instantly he denied it and tried to explain to me that she just loves her daddy and that sometimes a little girl will fantasize about their daddy in a romantic way. Did I mention she was two at the time?

At that point I realized that these were my babies and it was my job to protect them from the man that had his way with me and controlled my life for fourteen years. I tossed and turned all night thinking of a plan to protect my daughter. The next day I was in school crying when a voice in my head said “KILL HIM!” I went home with vengeance in my heart, never taking into consideration that if I had killed him and went to jail I would not have anyone to care for my babies. I was 18 years old and I didn’t have the maturity or experience that it took for me to examine the situation or think about the consequences of my actions.

I walked into the house and he was asleep on the couch. I had not decided on my weapon of choice yet but I remembered thinking of getting a butcher knife and stabbing him. Before I could finish my thought there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and a heavy set dark skinned guy with big pink lips asked “Is Stephan here?” I walked into the living room and told Stephan someone was at the door for him. He asked me who was at the door and I responded, “I have no idea”. As he got up off the couch and walked to the door half asleep I became annoyed that my plan to cut his penis off and watch him bleed to death was ruined. I had already pictured giving myself up willingly to the police with a smirk on my face. I turned to see what was going on at the door and all I saw were white socks being snatched out of the door. This huge guy grabbed Stephan by his neck, snatched him out the door and dragged him down the stairs into a waiting car. Another guy that was just as big as the guy that knocked on the door was standing next to the car. Stephan was shoved into the car and sandwiched in between both men. Without knowing, but knowing, I knew exactly why that drama just went down……………



I still remember the day I met him. We were living on Clements off of Davison and Dexter Avenue. It was a sunny, pleasant afternoon and my mom called us in the house to meet her new friend; a man named Stephan. Stephan was nineteen years-old. He was a nice looking guy with medium dark brown complexion, slanted eyes, full lips, very clean cut, medium muscular build and bow-legged. He was dressed in slacks and a crisp white shirt with a tie; looking like a church boy who could have had Bible in hand. But from day one I did not like him. He gave me an eerie feeling behind his very friendly smile and those perfect teeth. When I was forced to speak to him I felt very small and uncomfortable. I walked over to him very slowly with my face in my t-shirt and when I looked up to say hi he looked down my shirt. I was seven years old at the time and oblivious to the fact that this stranger would try to change the person that I was destined to become.

Before he came into the picture my mom had gotten in trouble with Child Protective Services for leaving us alone in the house while she went to school for her G.E.D. In those days you didn’t have a babysitter; your oldest sister was the babysitter. My oldest sister was 11, my second oldest sister was 9, I was 7 and my little brother was 5. So one night, while my mom was in class, we were upstairs throwing ice off the balcony of our two-family flat. One of our neighbors across the street called the police and told them that my mom had left her kids alone and we were throwing matches off the balcony. This woman already had it out for my mother anyway. My mother was 25 years old, she was attractive, independent and a hard working woman. She dressed well, carried herself like a lady and she did not associate with anyone other than our next door neighbor, who kept her eye on us when she knew my mother was not home. My mother worked and went to school. She did not drink, do drugs or go out with her friends. The lady across the street was usually nice to us when we played with her kids but one day my oldest sister overheard her call my mother a whore. Since that day the woman began to pick with my sister saying she was disrespectful; which we knew was not true because my sister was the sweetest of all of us. The real problem was that her husband paid my mother too much attention. He would break his neck to speak to her or make sure he was outside when she walked down the street. He constantly offered her rides; which she respectfully turned down every time. This man was very unattractive. He reminded me of Rog from the 70’s sitcom “What’s Happening” and his wife was an ugly female version of him, glasses and all. My mother had absolutely no interest in him.

The neighbor called the police and they came and took us to the police station. When my mother got home she walked into an empty house and became frantic. The neighbor next door told her what happened and then drove her to the police station. I was sitting on the policeman’s desk when my mom came in. Only because she got there before Child Protective Services was she allowed to take us home, pending an investigation whether she was a working mother and that she really was at school. Through the investigation they saw that we were clean and healthy, we attended school regularly and we were all pretty good students. They also spoke to the neighbors who described my mom as being a great mother. Child Protective Services decided to close the investigation but instructed my mom to find an adequate babysitter. Soon thereafter she met Stephan and she thought he was godsend.

Back in the day sexual abuse was something that was seldom discussed. Society was not ready to digest the reality that this kind of predator was amongst us. People quickly turned a blind eye on sexual predators and refused to acknowledge the suffering of the kids that surrounded them. There weren’t any T.V. shows that touched this subject. No books written, no articles in the newspaper or anything reported on the news. Sexual abuse was not an uncommon situation. So many women lived this reality as a child but still turned a blind eye as an adult. My mom was no exception.

The day we met Stephan turned out to be a very fun filled day. Stephan turned out to be a big kid. He played two square, jumped rope and got in the grass and wrestled with us. We thought he was the coolest and all of our friends loved him as well. After that we saw him every day.

Knowing what I know now it was all a set up. He handpicked my mother and to him she was perfect. She was a single mom with four children, she was in school and she worked a lot. He thought she was a GOLD MINE! Even though my mom was smart she was still naïve, inexperienced and desperate for help. He played his game real smooth. He watched her; basically stalked her without her knowledge. He waited for the perfect time to set up an accidental meeting. She saw him around quite often and eventually they got on speaking terms. Then one day he decided to follow her home. Almost to her house she spotted him and stopped to playfully tease him about following her home. Even to this day my mother would never forget the first question he ever asked, even before he asked her name. “DO YOU HAVE ANY KIDS?”


Excerpted from "Through A Child's Eyes" by Miss Phillis T Forrest. Copyright © 2012 by Miss Phillis T Forrest. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Miss Phillis T Forrest

Miss Phillis T Forrest

Phillis T. Forrest began her passion for writing as she built her platform against the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Educating and bringing awareness about child sexual predators to the attention of mothers, she wrote her true to life story in her self-published book, Through A Child’s Eyes (2012) and DEVIANT: Secrets of a Predator (2015).

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