Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner

Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner

by Claire Watson Garcia

ISBN: 9780823013951

Publisher Watson-Guptill

Published in Arts & Photography/Study & Teaching, Arts & Photography/Drawing, Arts & Photography/History & Criticism, Reference

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Sample Chapter

As you add values to your sketches, they will gain a sense of dimension and weight. They may look less like fleeting impressions and more like solid objects, especially at a distance. The more time you spend adding visual information to your drawing, the closer you get to creating a study. The name itself implies that the artist has spent time closely observing the object. This scrutiny may result in more substantial, solid-looking drawings, with more detail and refined technique. The major differences between sketch and study are that in creating a study, more time is spent at a slower pace, adding a greater amount of detail, with more refined value application

Take Your Time

Many beginners wonder if they're taking too long. It's not how long you take; it's how long the drawing takes. Just stay with it until it feels and looks finished-- to you.

If your sketches are developing into studies, or you'd like them to, add the following points to your drawing approach. For creating a study:

-Slow your pace.

-Break up contour lines into smaller overlapping lines.

-Keep your pencil in closer contact with the paper surface.

-Fill in values with greater precision.

-Add more detail.

-Evaluate each area more frequently.


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