From Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets

From Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets

by Kristine S. Matheson

ISBN: 9781452543789

Publisher Balboa Press

Published in Calendars/Diet & Health, Calendars/Astrological, Calendars/Family & Relationships

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


The causes of disease are many and varied. The most obvious, from my point of view and after years of research, are:

• lack of good nutrition

• stress

• lack of exercise

• pollution and

• destructive thoughts

Interestingly, according to the medical industry's own findings, the cause of 95 percent of disease is still a mystery. This raises the question: How can the medical profession treat a disease if they do not know the cause?

Millions of dollars are spent on cancer research yearly, without finding a reliable cure. With cell research, microbiological information, nanotechnology, genomic testing, and experience from the past, one would have thought a cure for cancer would have been found by now. The lack of results leads one to ask, "Will they ever find a cure?" and, "If not, why not?" I don't believe they will—not unless some other disease arises to replace cancer and enable research funds to continue to flow into the pharmaceutical industry. They do not see a cure as viable as improving their profitability.

It is not my intention to denounce sincere, practitioners, but the medical profession in general ignores the fundamentals of disease: they ignore the cause. Medical professionals are trained to believe removal of the tumors, followed by chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs is the solution for curing cancer. The * "SPB" (slash, poison, and burn) system is employed immediately after diagnosis by those who assume control of the patient through fear of impending death. The SPB method does not challenge any of the unanswered questions and hides the mistakes of those in the industry who are intent on using people as guinea pigs.

The answer is simple for those of us who have been through cancer and cured ourselves: return to nature, use natural therapies and alternative thinking, avoid expensive drugs and their many irreversible, painful, and demoralising side effects that kill us in the end.

The drugs used for the SPB method harm the immune system and eventually diminish the body's power to heal itself. SPB kills the good cells with the bad. It also takes power away from the patient and gives it to the professional. Patients treated by SPB are never pronounced "cured." If they do survive the treatments, they are considered in remission. Patients considered in remission are those who have survived and had an extension of life for five years only. On the other hand, those of us who have cured ourselves of cancer know we have overcome the disease and permanently reversed the process. The body has won. Remember, when a tumor is removed by the SPB method, the cancer is not gone. Doctors performing the SPB procedures know this, and so lifelong follow-ups and additional, "just in case" rounds of chemo are required. You become stuck in the "cancer patient" category for the rest of your life. The profession places so much emphasis on the tumor itself, and they know that the cancer cells are still floating around the body. Chasing cancer around your body in order to find it and kill it will eventually kill you. This has been proven over and over again, by the increasing death rate among cancer patients. However, those who have survived to live valuable lives, defying medical treatment and prognosis, tell another story.

It is your choice whether to search and destroy or to bring the body to optimum health so that it can heal itself. This is the fundamental decision you must make: help your body to die or help your body to live. If the human body wasn't a self- healing mechanism, the SPB method might make sense. Giving the body the best chance to heal itself is a better choice, and this choice avoids all the harmful effects brought about by SPB.

The community is conditioned to rely on doctors and scientists for the answers to its ailments. In a perfect world, with honest, humanitarian professionals employing holistic methods of treatment, and trusting the body's capacity to heal itself, their trust would be well founded. Without the drug companies pushing them from behind, this might be possible; unfortunately, this is not so at the moment. We do not live in that perfect world—yet. We live in a world of greed, commercialism, and competition run by those who take advantage of others to keep their research projects going and their drugs coming off the assembly line.

People in the Western world depend too much on doctors and health care professionals. They do not take responsibility for their own body and health care. Surgeons and doctors are trained to "fix" the aftereffects of chronic, degenerative diseases and broken bodies; They receive very limited training in preventive care. Mind you, we no longer live totally in a world of denial and darkness. There are now medical professionals in the world today choosing to educate them themselves further, and implementing nutritional medicine, together with prescribing natural protocols and products for their patients. The number of these doctors is growing. Unfortunately, there are not yet enough doctors practicing this for my liking at this time. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by others instead of maintaining personal responsibility, we become disempowered and take on the fear-based belief systems of those who control us. Maybe this is laziness on our part, or conditioning, or ignorance and a willingness to hand over our power to others. It's easier to take a pill than to change our diet and lifestyle. Or is it? That depends on the outcome you want.

Ty Bollinger writes in his excellent book Cancer—Step Outside the Box, "You probably think the true cure rate of orthodox medicine is 40% to 50% and growing rapidly. Nope, it has been 3% for the last 80 years and it isn't going anywhere." I recommend this book, as it contains interesting statistics and valuable information. His message supports the health-promoting program I describe here and will motivate you to make changes in your life.

* SPB Splash Poison Burn — Ty Bollinger, Cancer — Step Outside the Box

Doctors who promote natural healing through diet and nutritional supplements are aware that illness is primarily caused by poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, toxicity (pollution), and the way we think. I congratulate medical professionals who are courageous enough to stand up for what they believe about the body's power to heal itself and the importance of proper nutrition, and who do dare fight the system.

Years ago, a general practitioner would never consider recommending physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, or herbal medicine, and certainly not nutritional supplements and dietary changes. Doctors did not relate nutrition to health. Why not? Because doctors were not taught at university the importance of nutrition or how it relates to disease.

Today, the doctors who are promoting natural nutrition see their patients improving through the value of healing themselves without medical intervention. If you Google "holistic doctors and dentists" or "nutritional and integrative medical practitioners," you will find doctors who choose to heal and prevent disease using methods other than drugs. There are pharmacists who compound bio-identical hormones. They may be able to recommend practitioners who believe in the practice of disease prevention and natural therapies. (A compound pharmacist preparing bio-identical hormones, mixes, and assembles hormone medications from scratch using raw materials, powders customized to suit a particular individual. These hormones are prescribed by a practicing medical doctor).

One doctor describes in his seminars how he left mainstream medicine because he could not continue poisoning his patients with drugs. He was failing to cure them of their illnesses and failing to cure terminal diseases. He says:

"If you go to the doctor with a headache and the doctor provides you with a prescription for aspirin and the headache goes away, does this mean you have an aspirin mineral deficiency?" (Joel Robbins, Health Through Nutrition video, Better Life Products Australia)

We are organic mammals. What goes into our bodies must make up the organic material of which we are made. Yet, nutrition is not taught to most of the medical profession and, therefore, not considered to have any bearing on disease. Only 6 percent of doctors in the United States study nutrition at medical school, and then only as an elective. They are only taught about drugs. Ray D Strand, M.D. What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine Maybe Killing You Published 2002.

The first step in combating cancer, or any other environmental disease, is to examine what the body is being fed each day and what it has been exposed to in the past.

The following quote is from the front cover of Herbert Benson's The Mind/Body Effect Published 1979: "Don't be afraid to be healthy! As a physician, I am alarmed at the way Americans today are trained to be sick by misguided medical practices. You can improve your health dramatically by learning to trust and rely on your body's own amazing healing powers.". He was associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Division of Behavioral Medicine at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital.



One of the first things to remove from your diet PERMANENTELY is sugar.

Sugar is: Ageing Fattening Addictive A Killer

Sugar raises insulin levels, is a high Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrate, and causes diabetes, obesity, and most degenerative diseases. Sugar creates fermentation in the stomach and upsets the alkaline balance of the body and the bacteria levels in the gut. Sugar plays havoc with the immune system, leaches out B vitamins, and causes irritability and anxiety.

Many people are seriously ill because they are addicted to sugar. Food manufacturers understand the addictive nature of sugar and promote the consumption of sugar- laden products.

People commonly joke that the cardboard container has more nutrients than most breakfast cereals; but consumers keep eating the cereal because they think if it is allowed to be sold and sitting on the self of the supermarket, then it is safe for them to eat and good for them.

I recommend that you read labels, and I mean ALL LABELS. Ask about the nutritional content of food when buying bulk products, even from health food stores. Many organic processed foods also contain sugar. Remember that sugar is harmful. Be mindful of what you are eating at all times.


Sugar of any kind will feed cancer cells and lead to further growth. Sugar will also add to the excessive growth of candida in the stomach, in those who are susceptible. If you want to survive, sugar has to go. When added to grains and fats, sugar becomes indigestible and blocks the digestive system.

Sugar can be replaced by other herbal substitutes. There are two herbs that I am familiar with that are not harmful to the body. One is Stevia Leaf and the other is Xylitol.


Stevia is a member of the chrysanthemum family and comes from the foothills of the Amambay mountain range in Eastern Paraguay, and from Parana State in Brazil. Stevia also grows throughout parts of North America and Latin America. China grows 80% of the world's Stevia leaf, and it has been used for hundreds of years as a sweetener in South America. Stevia is now commercially available all over the world. The Japanese put it in many products, from soft drinks to soy sauce.

It is best to buy stevia in the form of leaves, rather than granules as it is less concentrated. Once stevia is solubilised and crystallised it becomes extremely sweet, 150 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and with none of the detrimental effects. Stevia is safe for diabetics, is non toxic, and may be used in place of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

People with health problems such as diabetes, obesity, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, cancer, tooth decay and gum disease, arthritis, candida and digestive problems, to name but a few, will benefit from using stevia. Native Paraguayans and Brazilians enjoy a stevia tea concoction prepared from the leaves, stems and flowers. They boil the leaves in water and then add the thick syrup solution to a variety of drinks to aid digestion, stimulate mental alertness, and regulate blood pressure. This tea also has therapeutic effects on the liver, pancreas and spleen.

Though non-toxic, stevia plants have been found to repel insects, making them ideal for organic gardens. Today, stevia concentrates are marketed in skin care preparations to improve skin tone and remove blemishes. Stevia is also found in dental products, including toothpaste, and mouthwash, and also in pill coatings, pharmaceutical syrups and cough medications. (Extracts from Stevia Facts:


Xylitol is a natural sweetener, occurring in many fruits, vegetables and hardwoods. It tastes just like sugar. Xylitol is extracted from birch trees and corn cobs. It has a very low Glycemic Index (GI). Xylitol promotes healthy gums, suppresses helicobacter pylori, and promotes healthy teeth by retarding the demineralisation of tooth enamel. It supports intestinal flora, facilitates intestinal absorption of calcium, helps to maintain bone density, and stabilises blood sugar and insulin levels. All in all, xylitol is a great sugar substitute for those with a 'sweet tooth', and for those who love to bake. Xylitol, looks and feels like sugar, tastes like sugar without the nasty side effects and is alkaline forming in the body. For more information on xylitol, go to

How to stop sugar cravings

If your diet is high in fibre, and includes 80% raw fruit and vegetables as well as fresh fruit juices; this will balance your insulin levels and lower the level of fats in your blood. Adding nut butters, organic eggs, sugar- free yoghurt, brie/ camembert cheeses, and vegetarian proteins to your diet should also reduce blood sugar surges. This will help control cravings, as will barley greens, chlorella, spirulina or kelp, and chromium.

There are other natural substances, like fructose, corn syrup, rice syrup and palm sugar etc. which are promoted as sugar substitutes. However, when they are processed, they break down to sucrose and glucose, or a combination of both, and raise blood triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of fat circulating in the blood. Raised blood triglycerides are harmful to your health and can lead to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. You may think it is beneficial to use these sweeteners instead of sugar; but if you have cancer or want to avoid cancer and other diseases, leave them alone.

The only sweeteners to consume are Xylitol, Stevia Later on you may use a little honey; as long as it is raw unpasteurized honey or a little raw organic agave. Agave is great when you are well to add a little to some of the desert recipes. It is still quite a concentrated fructose so needs to be used in very small amounts.

Madjool Dates

Madjool dates are also a good substitute for sweetening desert recipes, smoothies and a great for a small snack. They provide a good source for energy and are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals together with being known to have anti-cancer properties. and to boost immune function.

BEWARE of Poisonous Additives:

Beware also of labels that state "sugar free" as the product may contain Aspartame. This poisonous additive is found in most diet drinks and many diet products. Do not use any artificial sweeteners; they are toxic, cancer-forming and cancer-feeding.


Caffeine would be without a doubt the most consumed and sought after drug in the world today. Fully active in coffee, tea, chocolate and many soft drinks being offered to children.

The following extract is from the Australian health retreat, 'Living Valley Springs' (LVS) in 2005 which support my findings and research on the subject of caffeine:


Excerpted from "From Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets" by Kristine S. Matheson. Copyright © 0 by Kristine S. Matheson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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