Flowers for My Best Friend

Flowers for My Best Friend

by Denise Sumotzy

ISBN: 9781450755191

Publisher Denise Sumotzy

Published in Children's Books/Educational, Children's Books

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Book Description

The book that inspired the mission: Flowers for My Best Friend is a story about a little girl named Bailey who bestows an act of kindness upon children all over the world! When Bailey goes to visit her friend in the hospital, she has a wonderful idea as to how she can help children who suffer from ugly illnesses. Other languages available soon!

Sample Chapter

Today is a very special day for a little girl named Bailey who is on her way to visit her friend Cyriss, in the hospital.

Cyriss has been sick because of his ugly illness. Today, he feels pretty good. So he asked Bailey & some of her friends to stop by.

Cyriss began by giving Bailey & her friends a little gift. He drew smiley faces for them. Then, he invited them all to sit around his bed. They played lots of games, and even made up songs to sing.

After a while, Cyriss began to get tired, so Bailey said she would come back another day.

“Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all enjoy the smiley faces,” said Cyriss.

After visiting with Cyriss, Bailey asked her mom if it was okay for her to do something special to help raise money for kids with ugly illnesses all over the world. She asked her dad and brothers if they would help as well. They were delighted!

Since Bailey’s dad is a gardener, she asked him if she could pick flowers out of their garden to sell. He thought that was a splendid idea! Also, Bailey’s dad built her a flower stand so she could sell the flower bouquets.

Bailey’s friends, Nate & Emma, have offered to help pick flowers on the weekend. Bailey’s friends & family will visit the hospital and pass out beautiful yellow flower bouquets to Cyriss, and the other patients......

Excerpted from "Flowers for My Best Friend" by Denise Sumotzy. Copyright © 2011 by Denise Sumotzy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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