Apostles of Equality: The Birneys, the Republicans, and the Civil War

Apostles of Equality: The Birneys, the Republicans, and the Civil War

by D. Laurence Rogers

ISBN: 9781611860153

Publisher Michigan State University Press

Published in Politics & Social Sciences/Politics & Government, Politics & Social Sciences/Sociology, Biographies & Memoirs/Historical, Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People, Nonfiction/Politics, History/Military, History/Americas, History

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Book Description

D. Laurence Rogers offers a unique historiography of the abolition movement, the Civil War, and Reconstruction through the experiences of one family navigating momentous developments from the founding of the Republic until the late 19th century.

Sample Chapter

When Birney’s Second Division of the Twenty-Fifth Corps closed in on Lee, Gen. Ord held them in check, perhaps averting capture or death of the leading Confederate at the hands of Negroes, an outcome that undoubtedly would have been anathema to Southerners. And when Birney argued the order to hold back, Ord relieved him of command then and there on the battlefield, ordering him to inactive status in a rear staging area at City Point. Only providence prevented Ord’s interference with Birney and show of mercy toward Lee on 8April from backfiring and allowing the war and carnage to continue. Lee was really not ready to quit and in fact launched a final attack and breakout attempt the following morning. Lee had sent a tentative response to Grant’s 7 April demand for surrender, agreeing to a parley. But he had agreed when Gen. James Longstreet made a judgment about surrendering. “Not yet,” Longstreet drawled, a famous two word conclusion about a momentous decision to which “Marse Robert” readily assented.4


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