Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware (Volume 1)

Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware (Volume 1)

by Mr. James E Horn

ISBN: 9781466313095

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Book Description

A politically incorrect essay that has been censored by the CIA, banned by librarians, and condemned by political entities opposed to the Constitution's First Amendment.

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Religious fundamentalist/fascist zealots hate and fear what

President Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg,

That: ”Government of the people, by the

people, and for the people, shall not perish

from the earth”.



Not all Arab people are the enemy.  Not all Moslem people are the enemy.  But, very few devout Moslems are sincere friends either. 

The enemy we face is an entrenched faction or factions, groups and individuals; many in positions of power, leadership, and authority.  The enemy is religious zealotry.  The enemy we are dealing with now and will deal with for a long time is Mohammedan, Islamic, Moslem fundamentalism which has as its goal the enslavement of and subjugation of everyone on earth to a deadly, regressive dark age of repression, terror, ignorance, and poverty, all in the name of allah.  The enemy in America is controlled by the American Moslem Brotherhood.  Anyone or any government entity that does business with the Moslem Brotherhood is performing traitorous acts no less treasonous than doing business with the Nazis or Communists.

During World War II, if anyone joined the Nazi party, they were considered traitors, to be shot.  During the Korean War and Cold War, anyone proven to be a Communist suffered the consequences of traitors, including death.  In this same vein, any Americans joining Islam (as a convert) is likewise to be considered a treasonous traitor.

The enemy is the hydra headed Moslem Brotherhood, the al Qaeda, all of those Islamist fascists and more; it is Al Fatah; it is the pathological liars – the many Arafats; it is Iran’s proxy to the world, Hezbollah; it is Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the list of evil goes on by hundreds of other names.  It is all of these -- and more, born of ignorant hatred, feelings (knowledge in fact) of inferiority, the kind of willfulness that burns books, and one that relishes poverty along with bigotry and plain, stupidity, and wallows in self-pity based on its non-competitiveness.  It is Islam in all of its manifestations.


When you see a rattlesnake poised to

strike, you do not wait until it has

struck before you crush it.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 9/11/1941




Excerpted from "Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware (Volume 1)" by Mr. James E Horn. Copyright © 0 by Mr. James E Horn. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mr. James E Horn

Mr. James E Horn

James E. (Jim) Horn is a retired American Diplomat who served abroad for more than a quarter of a century, mostly in third-world countries, ten of those years in the Middle East where he began to know and understand clearly the true Islam far batter than most. His essay, EXPERIENCING ISLAM (and becoming Islam-Aware) was redacted (censored) by the CIA with input from the White House, State Department and others.

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