Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware (Volume 1)

Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware (Volume 1)

by Mr. James E Horn

ISBN: 9781466313095

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Published in Nonfiction/Politics

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Book Description

A politically incorrect essay that has been censored by the CIA, banned by librarians, and condemned by political entities opposed to the Constitution's First Amendment.

Sample Chapter


This essay is about ideological, Orwellian, intolerant, misogynistic, sociopathic pedophiliac, bigoted, biased, intolerant, political, militant, socialist or fascist Islam, the expansive and violently imperial colonizing Islam in its many brutal and unforgiving manifestations (yeah, I know there are too many adjectives here, but they all apply); and the U.S. Government’s responses, how it functions in the face of, and other responses to Islam.

Anyone reading this, about my understanding, my truths, my opinions, my concerns, these words, and who after reading them pretends to be adversely affected or offended must understand this: If you have an inferiority complex, before you read this book, check first with your friends, family, politicians, bureaucrats, priests, rabbis, imams, mullahs, and other spiritual and political leaders; your mystics, psychics, favorite entertainers, lawyers, union bosses, psychiatrists, and anyone you feel to be wiser, smarter, or better than yourself to get approval to expose yourself to these words.

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America protects the rights of freedom of expression, allowing its sovereign citizens to explore their opinions and viewpoints. There are some who, based on their pitiful ignorance and hatred of genuine freedom, will label this book as hate literature. This book is not hate literature. It is an expression of fundamental truths.

Hate is a harsh word. I do not hate the religion of Islam. I do indeed fear the colonizing encroachment of the ideology of imperial, political, social, bigoted, biased, misogynistic Islam and I do so with serious justification. I will not be cowed by Islam or those who hate and destroy in the name of Islam.

I am Islam-averse. I am Mohammed-averse. I am Islam-aware. I in fact respect, treasure, and appreciate Moslems who support and don’t:

  • Want to overthrow our Constitution;
  • Who don’t murder fellow American soldiers while wailing “Allahu Akhbar!”
  • I respect Moslems who acknowledge Israel’s right to exist;
  • Who eschew Koranic teachings about subjugating, humiliating, torturing, raping, maiming, and killing non-Moslems;
  • Who honor and respect women and their civil rights as well as equal rights for non-Moslems;
  • Who don’t support Hamas and other terrorist organizations;
  • Who reject Islam’s Jim-crow justice system called sharia;
  • Who have no problem with people leaving Islam to join another belief system;
  • Who don’t practice dawa (Islamist treason) with takiyya and kitman (lies and deceit) etc.

Some people may disagree with my opinions and conclusions. OK! The publishers, agent or agents, distributors, bookstores and booksellers, libraries, and others offer this for informational purposes only. Most will find this to be educational and enlightening. An autonomous, free American, this book is my choice of, and assemblage of words. If after reading it you find that you are thus better informed, educated, wiser, and more able to understand and deal with this changing, increasingly complex and dangerous world we live in, so be it. If after reading this, you find its truths to not suit you, so be it.

This book is not a scholarly treatise. It is my knowledge and understanding of imperial, colonial Islam based on my considerable personal experiences and independent learning. For excellent scholarly readings, there are great experts whose books and studies I recommend: Bill Warner, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, Serge Trifkovic, Team B, Mark Steyn, Dave Gaubatz, and Andrew Bostom to name just a few.

The United Nations Charter grants people who are under threat (the right) to defend against illegal, hostile occupation. We Americans must defend ourselves now and in every way!

Excerpted from "Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware (Volume 1)" by Mr. James E Horn. Copyright © 0 by Mr. James E Horn. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mr. James E Horn

Mr. James E Horn

James E. (Jim) Horn is a retired American Diplomat who served abroad for more than a quarter of a century, mostly in third-world countries, ten of those years in the Middle East where he began to know and understand clearly the true Islam far batter than most. His essay, EXPERIENCING ISLAM (and becoming Islam-Aware) was redacted (censored) by the CIA with input from the White House, State Department and others.

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