Dealing with Testing Times: "Remaining Strong, Healthy and Happy in Crises"

Dealing with Testing Times: "Remaining Strong, Healthy and Happy in Crises"

by Robert Elias Najemy

ISBN: 9781609118747

Publisher Strategic Book Publishing

Published in Self-Help/Success, Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Book Description

Learn how to remain healthy, happy, and positive during Testing Times. Transform all situations and events into opportunities to become a stronger, happier person. Cultivate positive thoughts and feelings. Use Energy Psychology to free yourself from fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Manifestation your ideal life. Live in the present moment. Let go of what other people think. Discover the power of forgiveness. Robert Elias Najemy is dedicated to helping others create a healthier, happier, more harmonious reality. He has written 30 books published in Greek and 10 published in English.

Sample Chapter

Cultivate Positive Thoughts and Feelings

Our emotions have a direct effect on our bodies. Every time we feel an emotion, our endocrine system excretes certain hormones and/or peptides that flow throughout our blood stream to all of our cells exiting them with the “hormones of this emotion”. The hormonal state created by negative emotions creates an imbalance in our nervous, endocrine and immune system, which in turn creates an imbalance in all other systems as well. Subsequently, we are much more susceptible to illness and discomfort.

Medical Studies at the “HeartMath Institute” in California have shown that five minutes of anger or frustration can weaken aspects of the immune system for up to five hours, whereas five minutes of love or gratitude can strengthen the immune system for five hours.

Other studies have shown that we become chemically addicted to the hormonal excretions produced by certain emotions. We tend to subconsciously seek ways to recreate those feelings and their respective “hormonal doses”. We actually become chemically addicted - just like any other addictive substance - to feeling fear, anger, hurt, bitterness, hate or guilt, attracting and creating situations in which we can once again experience those familiar emotions.

Our mind creates our reality.

Perhaps the worse result, because of the law of attraction, is that our negative feelings and thinking attract more of what we are feeling negative about. This might also be called the law of mirroring, sympathetic vibration or the law of manifestation.

Our mind, thoughts, emotions, expectations and behaviors actually create our reality. When we change them, our reality then changes. In the same way, positive thoughts and feelings attract and create positive realities.

This is the test of our times; to feel confident and positive even when our external reality does not inspire positive thinking. This is where the “centered” will be separated from the “fearful”. Those who are able to continue to feel confident in their ability to deal with and overcome challenges will do well. Those who succumb to fear, anxiety, anger, and hate - as it is very easy to do so - will suffer even more.

Others mirror our emotions.

We broadcast our emotions whether we express them or not. These energies trigger others to react and behave in ways that reflect our emotions. When we submit for lengthy periods of time to intense negative emotions (not just momentary feelings which are natural and harmless), we actually increase the possibility that others will behave negatively towards us.

Even when we are “innocent” and have done no harm to anyone, our fear of others will subconsciously invite them to behave in ways that mirror our fears. The same is true for our feelings of anger, guilt, pain, betrayal, hate, bitterness, rejection, criticism, and all other negative feelings. So I repeat once again, such emotions actually increase the possibility of attracting what we feel negatively towards.

The power of gratitude.

One way to generate positive feelings is to focus on all we have that we can feel grateful for. Even when we do not have everything that we want or believe that we must have in order to feel happy, we can always focus on what we do have. When we concentrate only on what we do not have, we lose sight of all that we actually do have. As a consequence we do not allow what we do have to give us pleasure, security and happiness.

We may not have the money or material security that we would like to have, but we may have people that we love and who love us. We may have good or sufficient health to enjoy life. We may have shelter and food. We may have electricity and running water. We may even have hot running water. If we have books and a TV, then we are probably in the top 20% of the well-off people of the world. If we have even a little money in the bank, then we are in the top 8% of the population.

We can feel grateful for the air we breathe, the flowers, trees, and birds around us. And, if we live near a park, forest, mountain or any body of water, then we can find pleasure of their presence in our lives. Even in difficult times, we can enjoy the people, animals and nature around us.

If we know how to read and have gained various forms of knowledge, then we are very special and blessed. If we have access to Internet, then we are amongst 6% of the people of the planet who have access to a computer. If we have a telephone we are better off than the 3 billion people (50% of the planet) who do not have one and may have not even seen one.

Feeling gratitude for all that we do have causes to attract more of what we need. When we feel gratitude, we broadcast positive energy that then mirrors back to us from other people and the universe in the form of more of whatever causes us to feel even greater gratitude. When we feel lucky to have what we have, we attract more of whatever makes us feel lucky. On the other hand, when we feel unloved, unlucky and discouraged we attract more of whatever causes us to feel those negative feelings.

It is important to perceive life as friendly rather than as dangerous. We have learned and become programmed to see life as difficult and unsafe. This is because for many thousands of years society has identified with the body and mind, ignoring our spiritual self and the actual reason we, as spirit, are in these temporary bodies.

Nothing is by chance.

One basic change we need to make in the way we think is to realize that nothing in our lives ever happened by chance, nothing is now happening by chance and nothing will ever occur by chance. We are loved beyond measure by the divine, life and the universe. Everything that happens in our lives occurs as an opportunity for our growth and evolution. We create these events and situations either with our unenlightened choices, feelings and thoughts or as “soul choices” before we are born.

The reality is that we are actually immortal, formless consciousness temporarily occupying a body for the purpose of remembering our true eternal nature while in this body and manifesting in this material level harmony, love, unity, and beauty that already exist in our spiritual self.

Having this in mind, there are only two reasons why something unpleasant happens in our lives; one is that we, in our ignorance and fear, are attracting negative realities and the other is that on a spiritual level we have chosen this experience as an opportunity to wake up

We are personally loved.

We have all together, as humanity, created and chosen this situation as an opportunity to take our next step towards spiritual freedom from fear by creating a deeper connection with our unlimited inner power. Based on this perception, we can now begin to understand and feel that we are each personally loved unconditionally by the Divine and the universe.

There is nothing that has ever happened to us, or is now happening, or will ever happen in the enfoldment of our lives that is not our creation – whether by our ego choices or by our soul choices. There is no such thing as punishment. There is no danger. Nothing can happen by chance. Nothing will ever happen that is not in our ultimate benefit as souls seeking to remember our true selves in these material bodies where we have lost that feeling of formless immortality.

Every event, every outcome is an expression of love from the universe giving us the opportunity to realize the truth or not. We have free will. We can use these experiences for our ultimate purpose; to discover greater inner worth, security, freedom, and fulfillment. Or, we can sink into fear, discouragement, pain, bitterness, resentment, anger, guilt, hate, and/or helplessness. This is our free will. These events have been created by our previous and present thoughts, words, actions, and our soul’s choices in conjunction with the lessons we have chosen personally and communally to learn at this point in our evolutionary process. But how we use and react to these events and situations is our free choice. This is the choice we have in “times of testing”.

There is no divine punishment

We must not confuse, as we have for thousands of years, the opportunities offered by these tests that we have set up for ourselves with any type of punishment. There is no divine punishment. This is an illusion. How could a divine being of unconditional love, who asks us to love even our enemies, ever have negative feelings toward or punish his/her creations, which are actually projections of itself on the material plane? It doesn’t make any sense. The idea of punishment from God or the universe is an old, rather childish perception of the Divine that has lost its usefulness as we move forward to realizing and manifesting our own inner divine potential.

It is essential that we free ourselves from the feeling that we live in a difficult, unfriendly and punishing universe.

Learning and manifesting.

We are in a process of learning to manifest ever more positive realities with abundance, peace, equality, love, and happiness for all; this is our life purpose. We have accepted to forget our true formless self in order to temporarily identify with the body and mind. In the highest levels of our being we love everyone – even those who harm and disturb us. Our ego might not love them, but we do love them. Christ asks us to love even those who harm us because, by doing so, we are connecting to our true spiritual self who actually already loves the others and cannot do otherwise.

When we realize that we live in a loving reality, we will feel secure and peaceful in all situations and we will be able to help those around us to do the same. Our energy will then be diverted from fear, resentment and anger towards seeking solutions personally and collectively. We will be much more effective in creating the security, abundance and happiness we seek.

You can do this by realizing and remembering the following:

You are, actually, an immortal Divine Consciousness who has temporarily projected your consciousness into your body. There is no birth, only a temporary projection of your consciousness into this body and mind. You were actually never born and will never die.

One day, you will simply retract your consciousness from your body at a time that you choose which may happen slowly or suddenly. Regardless of the conditions of your withdrawal, you cannot and will not retract your consciousness from your body until your own chosen time. Even in the extreme possibility that someone might “murder” you; it can only happen with your own inner concurrence – which of course your ego and mind will have no awareness of.

The same is true for all the events that have occurred and will occur in your life. Nothing happens that you have not in some way created or chosen on some level. Everything that has happened, is happening and will ever happen is always the best opportunity for your growth and awakening to the truth. You can be at peace with the fact that only that which serves your best possible interest as a soul in the process of your evolution will ever take place.

Equally, all of your loved ones are also eternal, immortal fellow souls who have chosen to play their temporary roles in your life drama (as you are playing your role in theirs) and who have chosen their own experiences and lessons. Nothing is happening or will happen in their lives that is not what they are freely creating and choosing as opportunities for learning their own chosen lessons. They too have free will to learn or not. They may have to create more pain before they are ready to learn. Sometimes we can help them, and other times they are not open or ready for help. This is something we need to accept and be at peace with.

Worrying or fearing for our loved ones only undermines their own sense of power and self-confidence. We can help them much more effectively by perceiving them as eternal, powerful and spiritual beings who have chosen their own life lessons and challenges and believing in their ability to deal with and benefit from those tests.

There is a story (which I believe is true) about a man who saw a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon. The man decided to help the butterfly by cutting the cocoon open with his pen allowing the butterfly to get free with no effort at all. However, the butterfly could not fly because only through the effort of pushing with its wings on the walls of the cocoon could the wings become strong and develop for flying. And so, the butterfly remained ground bound.

Due to our love and concern for our loved ones and especially our children, we often make the mistake of solving their problems for them so that in the end they have no wings to fly with. The best way to help our loved ones is to perform Ho’oponopono (which we will discuss later) and to visualize them filled with the inner light of their own true spiritual self in order to energize them with power and inner guidance.

Your opportunities for growth and evolution come in doses that may stretch your “spiritual muscles” but not so much that they will damage them, unless you yourself choose to ignore your inner power. For instance, if we want to increase the weight we can lift, there is no sense in lifting the same weights we have been lifting for years. We need to increase the weight but not so much that we will break our backs trying. In the same way, we “choose” opportunities for growth that test our “spiritual muscles” but always in doses that we have the power to deal with. You will never be given a growth opportunity that is beyond your ability to deal with. You, however, have the free will to access your inner power or to ignore it and feel weak thus allowing the event/situation to drag you into pain, fear, despair, depression, and helplessness. Some people, after suffering and/or fearing at first, will then recoup and reconnect to their inner power, while there are others that do not. It is your choice.

All events and realities are personally created - even in all encompassing catastrophes. Christ mentioned when talking about the second coming that: “Two men will be in the field, one will be taken and one will remain. Two women will be at the mill, one will be taken and one will remain.” This means to me that even in a massive catastrophe - whether it be an earthquake, flood, fire, or an economic crisis - that which will happen to each individual will be what each specific soul needs at that particular time. Nothing will happen to you because it is happening to others.


Excerpted from "Dealing with Testing Times: "Remaining Strong, Healthy and Happy in Crises"" by Robert Elias Najemy. Copyright © 2011 by Robert Elias Najemy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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