How to Paint Chickens or The Way life was and How It Is Now

How to Paint Chickens or The Way life was and How It Is Now

by Vladimir A Shvartsman

ISBN: 9780984377022

Publisher VS Holding

Published in Entertainment/General, Humor & Entertainment, Entertainment

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This book is a collection of stories on various subjects written during the past twenty years. The absence of leisure time has severely decreased any chance for composing more stories. I’m not getting younger, but with every additional day, I’m working more and longer hours as if I were obliged to deliver an important message. As if, I would be judged on the value of my life once more, after my demise. I organized and selected only those considered complete. However, the result was not as impressive as I once had hoped and so I added stories borrowed from other books I have written. In addition, a few letters from a thousand written were also added to reflect my other activities.

“Why was I rushing to publish this collection instead of waiting for more stories, which might arise in the future?” It may surprise some that I answer a question pondered by the reader by asking another probing question: “Am I in charge of my life or in control of events and my “babies” once I become absent? The answer is obvious that I am not. I do not know why I fear the day when the many things that are important to me may be discharged into a trashcan once I have gone. Events that occurred over the past two years were like signs signaling me to be ready. The first was a quadruple bypass open-heart surgery, and the second, a sudden and terrifying bleeding ulcer. I was lucky in both cases. My heart operation was successful. In the second instance, I was able to expel blood from my insides via my mouth followed by an urgent procedure, which stopped the bleeding. I am better for the time being, but unfortunately, some cloudiness in my head remains. The hospital fixed one thing and it looks as if they inflicted some additional damage inside my head. It is possible that I had a mini stroke or some artery stretched due to very high inter-cranial pressure. Now I feel nauseous and my head spins if moved at a slightly accelerated pace. Nevertheless, I must determine the reasons for those signs. Were those signs about my approaching end or it was just a warning that I am not as young as I once was and should started slowing down? Understanding what each signs actually means is of the utmost importance to my comfort. Above that, not having a finished product is equivalent to living an unaccomplished life in my eyes. In the end, it does not matter what those signs were about, I must compile all my written material into books with little time left for completion.

There is no special sequence or relationship between compiled stories in this, my seventh book. I would love to say they were selected and organized in a certain order, but that would be false. Chaotically harmonized would probably be a better description. I hope in the course of reading these stories you will enjoy yourself as much I did while putting them into words.




Excerpted from "How to Paint Chickens or The Way life was and How It Is Now" by Vladimir A Shvartsman. Copyright © 2011 by Vladimir A Shvartsman. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Vladimir A Shvartsman

Vladimir A Shvartsman

Vladimir A. Shvartsman was born in Russia. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg and became an engineer, inventor, and scientist. Before moving to America, he worked in the Academy of Russian Science, Nuclei Research Facilities to study a protection against a nuclei poisoning and the Research Institute of High Nervous System and Pathology to study ability of the brain for learning a new responsibilities. He started to paint in 1974 and writing in 1976. His few exhibitions in Russia brought him no fame but rather trouble from the government. That was one of the reasons encouraged him to emigrate in 1977. In 1978, while working in the University of Louisville under a NIH grant, he built the first device based on his invention (neural-cell technology) to detect the faint signal, called Bundle of His, from the body's surface on a beat-by-beat basis. That invention becomes the basis for the Neural Network branch of science. In 1983, he formed a high-tech company to commercialize a new super-high resolution ECG and still working as the president. He has published about hundred scientific/ technical papers and seven books. In 1994, after twelve yours of marriage his family felled a part, which he took very painfully and he start writing the trilogy, The Fool. The first book, Born under Dark Sun was published in 2008. The second book, Chasing the Freedom, was published in 2011. Two more books, about his art (paintings) were published in 2001 and 2008. In 2004, he started writing Dirty Body could be washed off, but not a Dirtied Soul consists of three books. Two first books were published, Dysfunctional Girl from a Dysfunctional Family in 2010 and the second, Jailed Jailbird in 2011. Presently, he is working on the third book, Bleaching the Dirty Soul.

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