Before After

Before After

by Jethro Ford

ISBN: 9781463554439

Publisher CreateSpace

Published in Literature & Fiction

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Sample Chapter

Since the incident at the college, Geno had reluctantly reached local 'rock star' status as the student that saved a classroom full of college students from possible death. He was deluged with requests from the local media. The last couple of weeks he had been interviewed by WBEN TV, WKBW Radio, and three newspapers, the Buffalo Courier-Express, the Tonawanda News, and the Niagara Falls Gazette. Geno had now grown weary of the reporters. There were still some media types camped outside his apartment. At first, his roommates had enjoyed the attention; now they were tired of the constant harrassment. They wished their friend would just go out there, answer all the questions, and hope then, maybe, all the reporters would leave. "Geno's not here. I'm his roommate hack, we play hockey together. Would you like to interview me?" "Not just yet. Maybe later. We know he's here. Let us talk to him." "He doesn't want to talk to you people." "Will he talk to me?" Hack was staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.He was standing in the doorway with his mouth hanging open, when she reminded him whay she was there. "Hold on one minute." Hack ran back to Geno's room where Geno was listening to Tull's War Child album, he had it turned up very loud. "geno, turn the music down." Hack shouted a couple of times before his friend responded. "What's up, Hack?" "There's a reporter out there------." "No shit. I told you to tell them to-------." "You are gonna want to talk to this one. She is better than a centerfold." "Are you shittin' me?" "I am serious as a heart attack." "You better be." "Trust me." "Okay, let her in and bring her back here." "Right on." When the reporter walked into his room, Geno thanked his friend for doing the right thing. This babe was way too beautiful to be a centerfold. She had shoulder-length brown hair, big, beautiful blue eyes and the greatest looking lips. Geno's heart was racing, and he was hoping he was not going to say anything stupid. "Hello Geno, my name is Cher." "Of course it is." "What?" "Pleased to meet you, Cher. Have a seat." Geno had to clear a space on his bed so Cher would have somewhere to sit. He couldn't wait to watch her cross her legs. "Geno, I would like to start with a confession." "Whatever you do is fine by me." "I'm not really a reporter." "That's cool. I'm not really a hero. So what are you?" "I'm an attorney." "What is it with attorneys? I keep running into you folks. The last one looked like Aqualung, and you look, well, er, perfect." "Do you mean Tull's Aqualung?" "You know Jethro Tull? That settles it. I will do whatever I can to help you." "I understand you aspire to be an attorney. Is that correct?" "I don't know about the aspire part, but yeah, being an attorney would probably be cool." "After the school disaster with your friend, you have become a sort of local celebrity." "No shit. I am really sick of the attention and wish everyone would leave me alone." "I saw you on TV and read about you in a couple of newspapers. I must tell you that you caught the attention of some very influential people, and, you are much more handsome in person." "I don't get the whole hero thing, my friend died because I grabbed the gun." "Yes, but he could have started shooting students. You prevented what could have become a massacre from occurring." "I don't think Hay would have killed anyone. Life took a shit on him, and he was pretty messed up about it." "The police would have probably shot and killed him, if not for you." "Dead is dead, that's what Hay is now." "You just don't realize the impact you made." "Whatever. Cher, my real name is Sonny." "Cute, I've only heard that one a thousand times. Let me tell you why I'm here." "I don't suppose you are going to propose to me?" "No." "It was worth a shot." She isn't laughing, that's okay, I'm not making sense. "I work for the law firm of Hitchcock and Allen. We are always on the lookout for talented young persons who would be an asset to our firm." Just then, Gabe walks in, I wanted to kill him. "Geno, there's a detective here to see you." "Tell him I said to go to hell." "No way, you can do that." "Is his name Corelli?" "Sounds right." "Tell him I'm interviewing my future wife and I can't be disturbed." "You tell him." "That guy is a royal pain-in-my-ass!" "Geno?" "Yes, Cher." "Do you have a back door?" "Yeah, it goes into the alley." "What do you say we get out of here?" "I say absolutely. Gabe, tell Corelli I'll be right there." Cher and Geno exited into the alley. No one was around, except for the two rats that always seemed to be out there. Geno was starting to suspect that Gabe was feeding them when he was high. Geno waited in the alley while Cher went to get her car. Cher pulls up a few minutes later in an incredible coll, white BMW. Beautiful and lots of money, Geno may have hit the motherlode.
Excerpted from "Before After" by Jethro Ford. Copyright © 0 by Jethro Ford. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Jethro Ford

Jethro Ford

Author jethro Ford has worked as an attorney, gang investigator and youth counselor. The characters in his novels are not any one particular person; rather, they are a cross-section of colleagues, clients, co-workers, criminals and othe individuals he has crossewd paths with in his professional career.

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