Cajun Sexy Cooking (Volume 1)

Cajun Sexy Cooking (Volume 1)

by Dana Holyfield

ISBN: 9781460964491

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Cooking, Food & Wine, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Within the pages of this quirky Cajun cookbook, you will find scrumptious recipes such as Broiled Alligator Tail with Lemon Butter Sauce, Trout Meuniere Almandine, Ginger Perch, Duck Fricassee, Rabbit and Oyster Gumbo, and many more recipes that will make your mouth water. Between the recipes there is a comical story about how Cajun Sexy Cooking really got cooking. There are also photos of the Cajun cooks in action catching the main ingredients for their dishes. This collectible coffee table cookbook will be a conversation piece at a dinner party.

Sample Chapter


If you want to know how Cajun Sexy Cooking really got cooking, sit back a spell and read the story in this cookbook.  It all started when Della Star showed up on the Louisiana bayou, who was a fashion model from New York City, gracing the covers of magazines looking perfect as a picture like we all desire to look if we could and would give up some calories.  She had gotten booked on a photo shoot down South in the swamp for the swimsuit edition of the popular sports magazine.  When Della strutted from the out-of-place limo that was waiting in the parking lot of the Bait, Bar & Gro, fishermen tripped over their bait buckets and tackle boxes to get a better look.  Their camouflauged, gun toting, crawfish catching wives, were curious about the pretty woman who was getting swarmed by paparazzi before she ever got into wardrobe, which wasn't much wardrobe to speak of.  Then when the photographer fell out of the pirogue and was chased to the other side of the bayou by a big alligator, he left Della stranded in a Cypress tree while he hiked back to the Baitshop for help and summoned a handsome Cajun fisherman named Claude Dean to rescue the pretty woman in a bikini.  You can just imagine the outcome of that.  Della Star soon had to contend with his over-protective Cajun sisters who didn't approve of their little brother falling head over heels for the city slicker, because they were worried she'd break his heart if she flew the coop before her Super Model beauty washed off in the bayou.  When they realized Della Star was actually falling for their brother, they decided to put her through a few tests to see if she had what it takes to survive the swamp life.  Della stirred up a lot of blood pressure while the wives were stirring up a roux and if you want to know the outcome to this Cajun fairy tale, you will just have to read the cookbook.


Excerpted from "Cajun Sexy Cooking (Volume 1)" by Dana Holyfield. Copyright © 0 by Dana Holyfield. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Dana Holyfield

Dana Holyfield

Dana Holyfield grew up in Southern Louisiana and has written and self-published several books that portray the unique Cajun culture that she was raised in. She has written fiction, cookbooks, screenplays, and documentary style books. Her cookbooks include; "Swamp Cooking with the River People" and "Cajun Sexy Cooking." She has also written books about the legendary Honey Island Swamp Monster and has made a documentary film. Holyfield has also written and produced a thriller motion picture called, "Infidelity" that was distributed on video by Showcase Entertainment. She has even written several children's books that can be found on Amazon. Hurricanes Are No Fun, and "The Very Hairy Not So Scary Honey Island Swamp Monster," to name a few. You can visit her website for more information She also has a facebook page for her books.

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