Dark Cycle: Street Life

Dark Cycle: Street Life

by G. E. Koenig

ISBN: 9781456745998

Publisher AuthorHouse

Published in Arts & Photography/Photography

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This photographic project was born one year ago in Las Vegas Nevada, continuing in Minneapolis Minnesota, and in my home city, Rochester Minnesota.

Being primarily a scenic and abstract photographer, I was drawn to begin moving among the street people and realized what stories the faces of the homeless were telling to those that cared enough to look. They moved me deeply. I put aside trying to determine what brought them to the streets, concentrating strictly on what was written in those faces. I was surprised. Over 200 individuals were photographed, and I found those people very cooperative and appreciative when they were informed of this book's purpose, which is part of sales intended to go to agencies that provide services for those who have found the street home.

I made friends out there. I learned many lessons from those living under overpasses and in abandoned buildings, realizing how blessed most of us are that we do not need to fight the physical and emotional demons lurking there on the pavement.

Some of the images are not "pretty," however I hope they portray a small part of the story of life in the Dark Cycle.

I wish to thank those who supported me in producing this book, especially my incredible wife who was always there for me. I also thank my children for their support and honest critique.

Gary Koenig


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