The New York Times Cozy Crosswords: 75 Light and Easy Puzzles

The New York Times Cozy Crosswords: 75 Light and Easy Puzzles

by The New York Times

ISBN: 9780312654306

Publisher St. Martin's Griffin

Published in Calendars/Games

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Sample Chapter

1 Listings in a dr.’s calendar
6 Number of Muses
10 Best guesses: Abbr.
14 Nary ___ (no one)
15 Grandson of Adam
16 March Madness org.
17 Parting words from the Everly Brothers
19 Unrestrained revelry
20 “Clean up your ___!”
21 “___ Baba and the 40 Thieves”
22 “___ me, Father” (confessional phrase)
23 Parting words from the Lone Ranger
28 Card game for two
29 “Telephone Line” rock group
30 Diminutive suffix
31 ___-Coburg-Gotha, former British royal house
32 Heavenly body
33 Gorillas
34 Parting words from the Terminator
38 Degs. for corporate types
41 ___ Lingus
42 Hula dancers wiggle them
45 Building wing
46 Suffix with labyrinth
47 Reply to “Am not!”
49 Parting words from the von Trapps
52 Laughs
53 Forbid
54 Bowling stat.
56 Western Indian tribe
57 Parting words from Donald Trump
61 Halliwell of the Spice Girls
62 Claudia ___ Taylor (Lady Bird Johnson)
63 Director Kurosawa
64 Fruity drinks
65 Dennis the Menace, for one
66 Not tidy
1 Four-line rhyme scheme
2 Human spirits
3 Horace’s “Ars ___”
4 Bath site
5 Foxy
6 Nervous ___
7 How French fries are fried
8 Oct. follower
9 Language suffix
10 W.W. II bomber ___ Gay
11 Homer Simpson type
12 Common house event before moving
13 Agrees
18 Sunrise direction
22 Pal
24 Vertical line on a graph
25 Hershiser on the mound
26 Subject follower
27 Isle of exile
32 “___ the ramparts . . .”
33 “Go fly ___!”
35 Fritz who directed “Metropolis”
36 Hamburger meat
37 “___ your food” (mother’s admonition)
38 Yiddish for “crazy”
39 Like a stomach after an all-you-can-eat buffet
40 Fully focused and attentive
43 North Star
44 Crossword doers
46 ___ and outs
47 Mount where Noah landed
48 Artist Magritte
50 Place for camels to water
51 Touches
55 “Hello” Down Under
57 Talk noisily
58 Bullfight cheer
59 Clan: Abbr.
60 ’50s prez
by Jay Kaskel

Excerpted from "The New York Times Cozy Crosswords: 75 Light and Easy Puzzles" by The New York Times. Copyright © 0 by The New York Times. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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