Successful Indoor Organic Vegetable Gardening Manual

Successful Indoor Organic Vegetable Gardening Manual

by Anthony Higgins

ISBN: 9781453684795

Publisher CreateSpace

Published in Calendars/Garden & Home

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Sample Chapter

CHOOSING THE RIGHT VEGETABLES A few good choices to get started with your indoor garden are spinach, eggplant, peppers, cabbage, green onions, cherry tomatoes, varieties of lettuce, basil, many other different types of spices and herbs, some hybrid varieties of broccoli and bush cucumbers as well as strawberries. It’s wise to start with vegetables that produce maximum yields in small spaces. Tomatoes such as the ‘Micro-Tom’ and ‘Patio F Hybrid’ were developed specifically for container culture. Don’t forget about mushrooms, they can be grown on the lower shelves of your garden or even other suitable areas of the house, easy and tasty. Mushrooms need minimal light, lower temps and some humidity to flourish. They can be ordered already set up in a grow box and ready to go. Park Seed Co. as well as others sell a nice variety of these and will ship them right to your door. There are a hundred more varieties of veggies that will be successful indoor gardeners if the proper methods are utilized or discovered. During my indoor endeavors people have often thought I was crazy but at the same time they go home to water and nurture house plants that live just fine with barely anything but non fertile potting soil and tap water. Once that connection is made, growing things to eat inside the house doesn’t seem so crazy. I encourage some experimenting with this, after all, that is what makes gardening fun and you may discover something new and brilliant that you can share with the rest of us. There is always another way to do things, this just happens to be my way.

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Author Profile

Anthony Higgins

Anthony Higgins

I have lived in Idaho my entire life. I was brought up in a very agricultural community around farms, dairies, orchards, cattle ranches and fish hatcheries along with the production plants that packed and put the local grown items on the shelves in the grocery stores. Being around such a host of agriculture during my life I have naturally, been introduced to many various opinions and methods regarding the production of all kinds of food in its raw form. With so many different opinions it was hard as a kid to know which was right and which was wrong. As I have grown up, been through college and dabbled in several careers I’ve been witness to many different things over the past thirty seven years.

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