A Murder in a Small Town

A Murder in a Small Town

by Gracie Curry


Publisher Outskirts Press

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

A young girl is murdered in a small Mississippi town.

Sample Chapter

Chapter 1 start out with the people in a small town in Mississippi that had lived there all their lives were shocked to learn of young girl well known was murder. One day a man was walking his dog and found her body in the woods on a path he walked daily with his dog. His dog saw something so he ran off to see what it was and this is when he ran across the girl body. She was wrapped in a garbage bag. The man ran back to his house and called the police. The police came to his house and he took them to the crime scene.

The police got to the crime scene and started the procedures to taping the crime scene of to try not to contaminate anything. When they secure the scene they but the body in a bag and took it to the corner for investigate it more. At that that time they did not know who the young girl was or even how she was killed. Evidence was collected at the scene. It would take sometime to gather all the evidence they needed to start their investigation.

After evidence was collected they found out who the young girl was. Her name was Gina and she had been missing a few days before her body was discovered. When Gina went missing an Amber Alert was issued and a picture of her was put up in all the surrounding towns where she lived. When the investigation started a lot of phone calls came in to the police stating they had seen Gina but all those calls that came in didn't find Gina.

Gina parents were very worry about her not coming because she had never did this before if she was going to be late she would always called to let them know. The police had Gina's parents home wired to listen in on all their incoming calls to see if they could get a lead on who her murderer was. When the man found her body at least they knew she was gone and no longer missing.


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