Evolutionary Work: Unleashing Your Potential in Extraordinary Times

Evolutionary Work: Unleashing Your Potential in Extraordinary Times

by Patricia DiVecchio

ISBN: 9780980235548

Publisher Pearhouse Press Inc

Published in Self-Help/Success, Business & Investing/Business Culture, Business & Money

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Book Description

This vital, in-depth guide will transform anyone ready to journey to the depths of themselves and surface with new work that fills the wallet and feeds the soul. These time-tested Seven Evolutionary Tools will uncover a new view of yourself, your work and your business choices-and reveal the internal obstacles to your success. This book is for anyone looking for more passion in their work and businesses eager to leap beyond the status quo. So roll up your sleeves and join author Patricia DiVecchio on this engaging evolutionary journey.

Sample Chapter

T ool 1
Reinventing Your Work/Business

A.  You Are More Than You Imagine
B.  Evolving Beyond Old Patterns
C.  Maturing Takes Forgiveness
D.  Predicting Your Future

A. You Are More Than You Imagine

“Welcome to the first time in the history of the planet when you truly can choose what you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to know and where you want to go… Life has never been easier, and because it has never been easier, life has never been more hard.” – “Visionary’s Handbook: Nine Paradoxes That Will Shape the Future of Your Business,” Watts Wacker and Jim Taylor


Take a minute to imagine being all you could be: doing your work or running a business that is better than you ever thought possible. You have no doubt that you are doing your life’s work/business. You’re leveraging your potential, feeling confident and self-assured and, by the way, thriving in the marketplace. You love your life and your work. There is flow and balance. You truly feel you are making a difference in the world while reaping financial rewards. The people you work with honor who you are and what you do, value your unique skills, validate your ideas, and together you create an environment where everyone learns and grows—personally and professionally.

  • Who are you “being”?
  • What are you doing?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Are you living and working without doubt?

Just imagine! We are all of this and more. We are who we believe ourselves to be. We have within us more power and potential than we can image.

Just imagine! We are all of this and more. We are who we believe ourselves to be. We have within us more power and potential than we can image.

But believing in ourselves is often not something we have learned to do. Have you ever been told you were great, precious and one of a kind? Maybe you were told the opposite: that you shouldn’t think too highly of yourself, that you’re selfish or different.
So we maintain the status quo, don’t rock the boat and stay mum. In doing this we stifle our work potential and make excuses not to act. We play along with the current situation and hold onto what we have—limited as it might be. We follow the negative patterns dictating life, deadening ourselves just a little bit more each day.
We ask ourselves:

  •  Who am I to think so highly of myself?
  •  What do I have to offer that is so unique?
  •  What if I start looking inward and find nothing worthwhile?
  •  Even if I knew my potential, could I live up to it?
  •  Could I handle the responsibility it might bring?
  •  Do I dare even try?

So we stay stagnant —uncomfortable but safe—so we think. For if we choose to imagine and act on this power, this potential, everything will feel like its coming unglued. Life will change, our current work may seem meaningless and our identity will be challenged. As you see the truth of ourselves, something inside knows it can no longer be ignored. We can no longer keep up the façade – the mask will evaporate. You will be left with only two choices—act or hide.

Those who choose to hide may think they can go back to how it was: living on autopilot, going through the paces. But there is never really a turning back. Once we see the truth of our potential, we know too much—about ourselves, that is. The inner fire has been lit. It may, at times weaken and smolder, but it won’t go out. We will long for something better. This longing will keep nudging, creating its own type of pain. Life and work, in the old frame, will become uncomfortable and unsatisfactory. If we choose to stay the same, there is now a price to pay. If we choose to hide, we will have given up.

Glimpsing our potential is where desire starts. We all long to be in that place of bliss knowing you are doing greater work. We want to feel the peace and joy that comes with the knowing of a job well done.

The minute we choose the journey, the journey begins. On some level, we’ve been waiting a long time for this. Potential has knocked time and again, seeking its rightful place. Its desire for expression can no longer be silenced. The dance has begun and we become partners with our purpose.

In 1986 I hit the wall in both my life and work—nothing felt right. I knew the answer to my dilemma was not just any old change—it was not about another job, a new boyfriend, or a new place to live. These were old escape tactics that I knew no longer worked. This was about my soul, my life path. It was time for a new and different journey that would take me to the unknown terrain called me. So I surrendered! That’s one of the hardest things to do for someone whose pattern is control at any cost. But I had no choice. Turning back would be like slowly dying on the vine. I read every book I could get my hands on about personal and spiritual growth, attended workshops from the East Coast to the West, practiced a variety of religions and saw a whole new side of myself. I realized I was not who I thought I was. I was much more!

Now it’s your turn, your time and your journey. Have you hit your “wall?” Is the pain great enough to encourage the changes needed? Are you at a point of no return where forward momentum is the only choice? Then come along. Evolution is your destiny.

“Whenever we attempt something difficult there is always a sense that we have to wake some giant slumbering inside ourselves, some greater force as yet hidden from us. We look for better work by first looking for a better image of ourselves. We stir this inner giant to life in order to find the strength to live out life we want from ourselves. We want to live that image not for abstract heroic reasons but because we are desperate for more presence, more responsiveness, more alertness in our work. But first we must be able to recognize the image.” - "Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity," David Whyte

A.    You Are More Than You Imagine – Here’s the Purposeful Challenge:

This section is here for YOU to stop, reflect on what matters and put pen to paper. This is where the real work happens—and something in you knows that. You might hesitate, but don’t skip over this section. Give yourself at least 20 minutes. If your responses don’t surface, come back later. Finish this exercise before moving forward.

Thank You So Much,

1.    Close your eyes, put a smile on your face and imagine a more self-assured YOU. What do you see yourself doing? How do you feel when you are self-assured knowing that your work or business is what you want it to be? Give as much detail as possible.

2.    If you consistently demonstrated and leveraged your potential through your work or business, what would be the result?  Write all that surfaces.  Don’t mentally negate any of it.

3.    The more you get to know and understand yourself, the more clearly defined your work becomes. If you believe this statement is true what does it mean?

Excerpted from "Evolutionary Work: Unleashing Your Potential in Extraordinary Times" by Patricia DiVecchio. Copyright © 0 by Patricia DiVecchio. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Patricia DiVecchio

Patricia DiVecchio

Patricia DiVecchio has over 25 years of experience guiding individuals, small businesses and organizations to a higher level of purpose and potential. As Chief Visionary Officer of International Purpose, she helps individuals to uncover their work purpose, small businesses to advance their work and organizations to align purpose with productivity. The bottom line? Making a greater difference and reaping a larger return.

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