The Beginning: alliance

The Beginning: alliance

by Rob Caluori


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Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Alliance is a living, breathing runaway train ride that transits through the life of Frank, Tommy, and Anthony as they come of age during a time where the tough choices between being a crime fighter, and being a criminal, are blurred lines. Love gained and lost plague Frank, while Tommy and Anthony seek that perfect balance in their lives between good and evil. Amidst it all, a serial rapist, who likes to kill, is wreaking havoc with each of their lives.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Sample Chapter


Oh man, I thought, as the sun, peeking through the blinds, hit my face. I pulled the covers back over my head, trying to ignore the fact that it was already ten in the morning. It was the usual time for a fifteen-year-old to get up on the weekend, but for me, it was actually late, especially since I had a game at eleven. A big game, with all the local guys who were like me, living the dream of one day being a Mickey Mantle, or at least some kind of local hero in the neighborhood, anyway.

While still dressed in my pajamas, I staggered downstairs into the kitchen, where I was not at all surprised to find Anthony and Tommy were sitting at the table, eating through a bag of jelly donuts and black and whites. My dad wasn’t around much, however,the one thing that he always did was bring home a bag of pastries on Saturday mornings. My problem was that I was not always quick enough to get any of them.

I lived in a typical Italian home, where everything was decorated withfloral patterns and all the furniture was covered in plastic. You know, the kind of furniture that was purchased to impress the relatives but not the kind anyone could actually sit on. I always wondered why Mom and Dad thought things were going to get stainedwhen they had a two-inch thick plastic covering everything. It just never made sense to me, but then again, nothing made sense in a house where things were old and rarely used. Even the kitchen was dated, it still had the appliances from when my parents bought the house in the fifties, the kind with chrome accents on everything. Today, they sell these things at premium prices and label them as art-deco. All in all, we had a nice house, pretty substantial for the time.

“Tommy, you didn’t leave me anything to eat. Why don’t you eat the pastries at your own house?” I asked him.

“Don’t worry about that, Frank. We’ve got a game today and besides, you’re always the last one out of bed,” Tommy replied. “That’s what you fucking get for being lazy.”

“Yup,” Anthony added, as a cloud of powdered sugar blew across the table.

“Oh, you’re speaking today, Anthony?” I asked. “Nice to see you have a mouth that’s used for something other than eating.”

Tommy dismissed me. “Never mind him, he doesn’t even know he’s alive. The only thing he knows how to do best, is what you see, eat.”

Anthony stopped chewing and glared at Tommy, not sure what to say, but saying a lot with his eyes. While Anthony could be a bit goofy at times, if his eyes could kill there would be a massacre at the table.

Tommy didn’t seem to notice, but I’m sure he did, because he never missed anything, especially when it came to Anthony. Let’s be real, how tough could Anthony look, with jelly and shit all over his mouth?

Make no mistake about him, there was something not quite right about Anthony, and it all started with the daggers he could throw when he focused in on you. To tell you the truth, it kind of freaked me out a little. But then again, that was just Anthony.

As for Tommy, well that was another story altogether. You always felt Tommy’s presence, even as a teenager, he was always leading the crew, out front and aggressive. Tommy was not one of those guys to sit in the shadows and it was evident early on who he had taken after.

My mother and Tommy’s father were sister and brother. Tommy’s father married his high school sweetheart. They were a good-natured couple, kind, loving, and caring, the compassionate kind of people that were always there for you. One would think he would have taken after his parents. The difference here was that the gene skipped a generation and Tommy ended up emulating our grandfather, Salvatore DePriati, who stayed with us, in a bedroom on the second floor of our house.

While Grandpa was unassuming at home, in reality, he was a ruthless Sicilian, who was in the business of running numbers, gentlemen’s clubs and at times, murder for hire. Really, anything that paid and paid well. The other thing about Grandpa was that he was not the kind of gangster who wore silk suits, ties, or flashy get-ups. Grandpa, or “Sally Balls,” as he was known on the streets, was a unique individual. He looked like Dean Martin, dapper and debonair, and he sang like him, too.

However, Grandpa’s style did not cross over in his clothes, where he always had a flair for a tacky Florida look. If you ever saw him, even in the winter in New York, you would swear he was headed to some kind of beach party. He loved shirts with palm trees and his “special occasion” one was littered with a thousand pink flamingos. You could see him coming from miles away and although his shirts were comical, his demeanor was one you feared and revered all at the same time. And trust me when I say, if you were on his shit list, you never wanted to see him coming.

“Good morning, guys,” Grandpa said.

Anthony and I looked up and replied, “Good morning,” in unison before returning to the details of the breakfast table.

But not Tommy, no, not Tommy. You see, Tommy worshiped Grandpa and as soon as he saw him enter the room, he jumped out of his chair, planting a kiss on each of Grandpa’s cheeks, just like they do in the old country. It was like straight out of a movie and I did everything I could not tolaugh because I knew what would come next and Grandpa could knock you silly with a good shot to the back of the head.

I was waiting to see if Tommy would kiss his ring, but before that could happen, Grandpa interrupted, telling Tommy, “Make sure you drop this bag off after you get done playing, same place as yesterday.”

Tommy grabbed the bag, his chest all puffed out as if he had just been bestowed an Academy Award or something. The poor slob then lost his tongue and was at a loss for words, leaving Grandpa to believe that Tommy was a kid who could be trusted to do a job and keep his mouth shut in the process. What was clear to us was that Grandpa had started the grooming process and Tommy was his protégé.

Before heading out of the kitchen, Grandpa turned, saying, “And Thomas, don’t disappoint me.” Well, that was all it tookbecause Anthony and I immediately knew what Tommy was thinking.


Excerpted from "The Beginning: alliance" by Rob Caluori. Copyright © 2018 by Rob Caluori. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Rob Caluori

Rob Caluori

Sal Ardisi started his acting career in 2011 and has appeared in numerous large-budget films. He uses his experience as a detective to channel his emotions and provides a level of expertise that is unfounded. In 2016, Sal started his own dramatic web series, Alliance. The show highlights the struggle a soon-to-retire detective has while navigating between a crooked cousin and even more devious coworker. After completing 13 episodes of the renowned crime drama, Sal turned his attention to creating a comedic web series, Matchless, whose tagline is "Life is a Five-Minute Comedy". The series capitalizes on romance follies while incorporating modern-day social issues. Sal has also appeared in Madame Secretary and The Real Stories with Maria Elina Salinas on Discovery ID. Sal has done consulting work on new Law Enforcement shows in development for Jupiter Productions out of NYC.

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