The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest

The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest

by Cortina Jackson


Publisher Cortina Jackson

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


An unusual amount of children are abducted.

He knows where they are. He knows what happened. He knows what he did. The eyes of God were watching him, and now you get to see him as well.

Barrel down a terrifying path of the birth, rearing, and life of a serial killer. His influence helped him to get away with it, or so he thought.

Orchestrated by a diabolical manifestation, or his own penchant for murder.

His motives are more sinister than you think.

Sample Chapter

She tip-toed carefully, so as not to make a sound; inevitably, the crunch of broken glass underneath the sole of her worn out Keds broke the deafening silence. She paused, her foot slightly raised, so as not to create any more shards that would reveal her presence. It was very dark, rainy, and dirty in the alleyway; that provided feigned shelter from the passing cars that seemed to stalk her, like the thickly hovering fog that eventually encompassed the night air.

As the chilling rain hit the hot pavement, steam rose in a cloud of ominous wisps that playfully danced, and then dissipated into the night sky. She chose her next steps carefully, as she spotted a dumpster just a few yards away. She took a deep breath, wiped the water that streamed down her face, and into her eyes and proceeded slowly, so as not to be spotted. She knelt beside the receptacle, and although the stench of rotting food, and trash wafted from it, it was the most peaceful and welcome place at that moment.

She sat there rocking back and forth, as she embraced her knees, pulling them into her tiny chest. She did whatever she could to keep warm; however, the violent shivering was reminding her that this was impossible. It was now that she could assess her damages.

The water from the sky now mixed with the blood on her knees as it trickled down and pooled into the creases of her arms. Scratches to her hands, defensive wounds to her arms, and a deep laceration to the side of her head now became realized, allowing her to experience tremendous pain. Her body began to tremble more, but it was not from the cold, it was from fear.

The streets were no place for a 14-year-old girl at this time of night. However, in her eyes 14 was the new 21; and she had the street smarts to get her through any situation, or so she thought.

“I don’t want to die,” she whispered, wondering exactly where she was.

She began to feel cold all over, and extremely weak; before she knew it, she had passed out.


He was a man, same as any man; he put his pants on one leg at a time, just like anybody else. He had his ritual though, that he stuck to every morning. He got up, made a pot of coffee; swallowed down about 5 cups as he surfed the internet, and then off to work. He’d throw a stick of gum in his mouth, which he would trade for a new piece every 30 minutes. It kept his nerves intact. He whistled throughout the day, and mostly kept to himself. Co-workers described him as quiet, a loner; maybe a little quirky at times, but he got the job done, and he was very good at it. When he was off work, he demanded that his time be respected. Therefore, no one bothered him; and this suited him well, as he trolled the streets partaking in his favorite merriment, serial killing.

He was very good at it too. He knew the right things to say, the right way to behave; he was very smart, charming, and good looking. Not the hunchback, with the eye in the middle of his forehead, and horns, like people expect a serial killer to appear. His whistled rendition of, “Silent Night,” could have earned him a Grammy, but he was motivated instead to be an all-star in the sport of the kill.

He had a winning streak; he had never been caught, and no one ever got away, until tonight! He thought this one would be another dumb one; and she was. He would pose as an ambitious impresario with connections to some hot celebrity; with promises to get a young girl in a concert for free, or a young boy some type of record deal, or money-making opportunity. Additionally, he would promise love, protection, food, jewelry; whatever it took to gain their trust and compliance.

It was so easy to figure out what the bait would be for catching the attention of unsuspecting juveniles. Apparently, their problems were big enough to warrant the love and company of a complete stranger, who could walk the walk, and talk the talk.

This was certainly his young victim’s story. She hated her parents; although they gave her everything that she wanted or needed. Who knew, why she hated them.

"Who cares?” he thought. She took the bait, that’s all that mattered.

She always told social media her problems, just like the others. The internet made finding victims to kill so easy. It almost took the fun out of a good old fashion hunt. Although, the girl tonight brought back the thrill of the chase, because she managed to get away. He wasn’t angry that she hit him in the mouth, distorting his ability to whistle his favorite song without some distress; he was angry at his sloppiness, he was always so careful.

It didn’t matter if she got away; he had all the information that he needed to know about her. She posted pictures everywhere on all the social media sites; the pictures revealed her exact locations. She gave updates about where she was going, and who she was going with; she constantly updated everyone as to what she was doing almost every minute of the day. He knew where she lived, where she went to school, her favorite hangout, her parents’ names; everything.

He was patient; when he was ready to kill her, he would kill her. She got away this time, but she was a teenager; an update to her status was inevitable, and he would be the first to know, along with the rest of the world.

He un-wrapped a stick of gum, shoved it into his mouth, and began chewing hard and fast; only the gum kept his teeth from cracking from the pressure of his clenching jaws. He began to laugh; a little chuckle at first, and then a hysterical, yet maniacal guffaw. As the laugh simmered down, a sinister grin emerged, and he began to whistle the tune, “Silent Night,” as the blood sprayed from his lips onto the steering wheel. The tune always kept him from all-out insanity. He then drove home to return to his same ritual.


“She’s waking up,” the girl heard someone say, through the ringing in her ears.

“Where am I?” she said, very confused, but relieved.

She realized that she was safe now, as the team of smiling nurses and doctors gave her comfort and confirmation.

“You are going to be ok, honey. You escaped a horrific ordeal, but it’s going to be ok.”

“Did they get him, did they get the man that tried to kill me?” she asked.

“If you are up to it, we will let you speak with one of the detectives,” the doctor spoke, not wanting to reveal more than his scope of professionalism would allow.

She agreed, and a detective walked in and sat down, as the hospital staff excused themselves.

“Ma’am, we think that you were the potential victim of a serial killer that we have been tracking for some time,” the detective said. “Hopefully, you can shed light on the situation. I have my very best detective on this. He has solved many cases, and I’m confident that he will catch the monster that did this to you.”

Detective Bigsby walked into the room.

“Here he is now! We call him Biggs, because he has the biggest heart in the whole department,” the first detective said with a smile.

“Hello sweetheart, I’m Bigsby,” the detective introduced himself. “I will be working your case; so relax, take your time, and tell me everything that you can remember.”

Bigsby pulled out a recorder, his pen, and a pad, and began setting up for the interview.

“Biggs,” the first detective announced, “I’ll get us some coffee, be right back.”

The girl was quiet, as the detective looked around, and assessed the room. He then removed his jacket and hat, giving them a shake, to knock off some of the rain. He took his seat next to the hospital bed, as he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a stick of gum, that replaced the piece before it. The girl looked at him in horror, as he smiled, and began to whistle the best rendition of, “Silent Night” she had ever heard, good enough to earn him a Grammy.


Excerpted from "The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest" by Cortina Jackson. Copyright © 2018 by Cortina Jackson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Cortina Jackson

Cortina Jackson

Cortina Jackson is the author of, “On Earth as It Is in Hell.” and the new fiction thriller, "The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest." She is the proud mother of two sons, which is still one of her favorite jobs. When she is not making her young men laugh, she enjoys writing tremendously.

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