I Am Great Because I BElieved It First

I Am Great Because I BElieved It First

by Brandon J Richard


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Published in Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Nonfiction

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Book Description


Lets first get this understood, you control your reality starting with your mind. I Am Great Because I BElieved it First is a mindset that we must understand that "I" regardless of external positive praises from others or negative criticisms; it's not real nor relevant until you believe it, absorb it and therefore embrace it. So with that being said, this book is to show you how you are not what they, he , or she perceives you to be. But only what I know "I am", and watch as the Universe will respond accordingly.

Sample Chapter


"The future belongs to those that prepare for it today!"

-Malcolm X

"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself."

-Mark Caine

How is failure ever really an option? Because whether a person likes it or not, they're always in the game. You can be fired from your job, or are turned down for a big deal or contract, but you still have to go home, the game of life will continue; as long as you are alive and breathing it is not over. So physically, you can never really fail or lose in a never-ending game. Like a dog chasing his tail, he doesn't know wher the game begins or ends. The dog just knows, I'm in a game and it's fun. Life is sort of similar, it's probably the biggest game of all and within the bigger game of life you have smaller replicas, duplicates, mini-ME's or micro models. Just for example, you got the drug game or streets in general, the music game, the political game, the economics game, sports, the 9-5 corporate game, get and stay rich by praying on the poor and ignorant game, get rich by praying on the rich game, monopoly, checkers, blackjack, poker, chess, catch my drift. So once you become aware of the game your participating in, you then learn the rules. Now you may say, why wouldn't you learn the rules first, then begin to play? And see with that strategy and mindset, you eventually always put yourself in a reactive state. This means that someone dared to go before you, recognize they were in a game, maybe even went so far as to embellish the game even more and give themselves an advantage, and then go on to create new rules which could be detrimental or beneficial to you. Don't relinquish that power. We must always understand that the only rules that matter is the Laws of God/Universe. The game of life was created from that basis. Unfortunately given where you were born, you were implanted into multiple games and new rules from the embellishments and perceptions of those that came before you. Now remember what i said earlier how this can be detrimental or beneficial depending on how you look at it. But let's use my perspective as a young black man in America and for example how the former strategy has been very detrimental to our whole African-American society and communities. The slavery game, black labor white wealth game, prison and judicial system game, consumerism game, gentrification game, and the war on drugs game has all left us at a disadvantage or it seems. By never quitting though, and never saying die, we have used our resources or there a lack of to; strategically elavate our situations. For example, still with much struggle, we have had great benefits and advancements such as black music advancements, first black president, businesses and entrepreneurship, politics, more black millionaires and billionaires than ever before, and much black ownership.

So let me tie all this together before I have everybody falling asleep. They say the first step to success is showing up, and I believe that's about 90% of the process done. But the other 10% is about staying in the game! In order to create new rules, new strategies, and any version of your life that you deem desirable, you must stay committed, resilient, and consistently persistent to remain in the game, despite your current position. That's where your true power lies, your true growth, your God given power to manifest your desired outcomes. If you were the coach, would you even dare to take Kobe, King James, Reggie Miller, or Iverson, or M.J., or even Bird or Magic out the game in the fourth quarter of a heated game seven in the playoffs...They would kill you right there courtside! I want you to think about anytime you were ever challenged and facing a tough obstacle, and you began to be consumed with doubt, disbelief, insecurity, shrinking inside wanting to go ball up in a corner; you began to leave the game. Instead of staying in the game thinking of all the ways to conquer and overcome; you began to retreat and start thinking about all the things you're going to do when this is over... or thinking about what you could be doing right now instead of this...who's dating who...what whoever thinks about you and your current lifestyle so and so criticized you the other day...where and what your girlfriend or boyfriend is doing at this moment...what did I eat earlier...what I'm going to eat later...whose feelings are hurt...and blah blah blah, a whole bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with focusing on solutions and overcoming your current circumstances or problem that the game is presenting you at this very moment. See staying in the game is really metaphoric, and somehting I love to say to myself and others when it's beneficial to remain in the present. You must, "Persist and Resist." Persist in your effeorts, and resist giving in to distraction, discouragement, or disorder. Take Kobe Bryant for example, for him to be dealing with rape charges, in and out of court rooms, and things tha's none of our business in his at home life; he still was in the zone with laser focus and delivered some o fthe greatest performances anybody has ever seen on a basketball court including an 81-point game. Or how about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who always led from the front on marches while bravely facing objects thrown at him, taking rocks to the head, and faced heavy negative white racial oppression state and federal government levels, but still was undeterred in his pursuit of his vision, steady marching forward, continued to lead the masses, battled hard for fair distribution of economic resources, be the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and delivered incredible heart stopping legacy speeches. What about Malcolm X, who also faced white oppression as well as Dr. King from the government side; J. Edgar Hoover and FBI's communist witch hunt, inner conflict among the nation of Islam, surviving several death attempts; but yet still was undeterred in leading the oppressed to freedom, unmasking the truths that others shied away from, and delivering bold, intelligent, conscious, incredibly passionate speeches.

When it comes to being in the game, the hell with everything else right now unless you are using it as fuel to move you, channeling your pain, but other than that let it go. The hell with the past; let it go, if you refuse to let go you will inevitably continue to create it, and vondering why your new relationship feels familiar, your job situation feels familiar, your living situation feel familiar, your bank account still looks the same way it did 4 years ago, all the while with the same attitude, mad and always complaining why you never can catch a break, or it's somebody else's fault. The present is where all your power remains. This is where the future is created, so you must "STAY IN THE GAME" remain in the present! All your attention should be on who you are being at this moment. Your future is created from this equation; THOUGHTS+BELIEFS+FEELINGS+DECISIONS+ACTIONS=YOUR FUTURE! Now I'm about to go a little deep now, so hold on. I'm really wanting you guys and gals to understand the premise that what we deem as reality is truly an illusion. Remember I told you earlier, it's not a good idea to study the rules of the game first then get in, because those rules could be from an embellishment of the original not the authentic which creates an illusion for you by them which tricks you into a reactive mode, hypnotized by their illusion further making you a slave. Damaging. Take me writing this book for instance, the illusion of my current circumstances, and rules of the status quo game as a whole would say I have no chance. I can write all I want but it's not going anywhere, people aren't really going to feel it, and it for damn sure is not going to generate hundreds of thousands and definitely not millions in residual revenue. Also fake rules would say that I'm not ready yet, that I don't have the material fixings to motivate myself and others in this manner. See the illusion also gets you rolling into a whole other direction from dream manifestation by having you thinking you need this, and need that, and have to be here and there, already know this and that all before you do the most simplistic yet hardest thing and that's to just show the hell up. To stay in the game all I have to do is find a pen, find some paper, and yep you got it; WRITE! And keep writing. See earlier in the beginning of this chapter I proudly pronounced that there is no failure, and in the bigger scheme of the Universe there isn't. Because when you play all the way to the whistle, there's no reason to worry about the clock. You know you won't stop until it's over; that every second available is yours to use. So temporary setbacks aren't discouraging. Therefore, if Stephen Curry misses a three, the Universe does not give a dame and life goes to a halt, shining the light of failure and shame on Steph...absolutely not. The actual basketball game itself doesn't even stop, the game will continue to go on and on to the next play and Steph once again will have plenty more attempts at threes (In which I'm pretty sure he'll make them) as long as he stays in the game. He must continue to stay at a high level mentally; constantly policing his thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, staying as confident, assured, focused, and persistent as ever before not negatively swayed by past or current outside circumstances. Therefore, when he goes to take another shot, he's not controlled by the missed shot of the past "illusion of failure and self-lack" but only from his present state "staying in the game" of confidence and overall belief in his abilities to carry out favorable results. To close this chapter out, earlier I remember I also said path to success was 90% showing up, and I'm going to say it again so that it's taken very serious, that the final 10% is, "Staying in the Game" or now you know, "Staying in the Present or Moment." Once you get your foot in the door, you must remember you will get some curve balls thrown your way, but just stay in the moment patiently anticipating your opportunities to win. I don't give a damn about what T.V. shows are on, what's happening on whichever new or old social media platforms, even what happened to you in the past or even what you plan on doing in the future. Do whatever you got to do to mentally elevate yourself in the now, and make whatever obstacle that was in your way (whether tangible or intangible) become a notch on your belt or one of those great stories you tell about the things you faced on your road to success or a battle scar. Like a warrior hunter that proudly wears the tooth of a fears predator that he conquered and slayed. So you too shall rise to the occasion, start in the now to manifest all that you desire and know that the greatness is already there, it's just waiting on you to believe it first.




Excerpted from "I Am Great Because I BElieved It First" by Brandon J Richard. Copyright © 2018 by Brandon J Richard. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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