Real Pink Collar Workers

Real Pink Collar Workers

by Lady Jane Davis


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Published in Literature & Fiction/Historical, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


This story's about a small group of women who work in a vast airplane factory, based on actual on-the-job events. In sisterhood, they experience love, romance, sexual harassment, and alcoholism while working together in a “man’s world”; one that will send these ladies down a rabbit hole of espionage, intrigue and the attempted murder of two workers.

They share great humor along with some tear-jerking times while trying to find who’s sabotaging the airplanes they build.

But they need to earn a paycheck and do anything to get that plane built...well, almost anything.

Sample Chapter

New Man in Town

On Monday morning, Mrs. Bell gathered the crew at her desk.

“We is gonna have a bran’ new supervisor to the shop an’ you-all get to break him in. He be a good man sent down from da Monroe plant. He be good looking an’ single… an’ don’t any of you gals try to get in his pants, ya’ hear?” she joked. “I want all of you to treat him real nice. We be gettin’ through this change jus’ fine.”

“Where did Bob go?” someone asked.

“He be sent down to da solder area.”

“Talk about karma!” Jeannine exclaimed. “That’s where the gal he had the affair with was working. Those other women hated them for that and Stanford is going to work with them now! Well, what goes ‘round comes around,” she laughed.

“Enough talk now, ladies, here he comes with Mr. Hanson, the General Superintendent. Please be on your best behavior now,” Jane asked.

“Good morning, everyone. I want you to meet Bart Sundance. Bart is from Montana but was educated at UCLA in engineering and aeronautical design, and he graduated at the top of his class. The Bradley Factory was only too glad to snatch him up,” Hanson bragged while Sundance looked embarrassed.

“We started him out at the Eastside plant, then moved Bart up to Monroe to work on the Super Jet. I’m thrilled that he agreed to come to the main plant, so will you give him a nice welcome?”

Mr. Hanson led off the applause as the crew joined him. Bobbi Jo and Rusty added their loud whistles. Then Mrs. Bell was introduced as the lead person who welcomed Bart into the fold. She introduced Jane as the interim lead.

“Welcome to our shop, sir, Jane greeted him. "I’m from Deadwood. Maybe we can swap old country stories after you get settled.”

“That would be great, I hail from Billings actually,” Bart smiled, as he seemed to relax a little. “I'd like that, thank you.”

Jeannine took Bobbi Jo and Rusty aside. “My mom called last night to let me know Bart was coming here. She's still working at the Monroe plant and Mom said that one of the reasons he got transferred was because he damned near busted some guy’s head up there.”

“What in the world would make him do that?” Rusty asked.

“As you can tell, Bart is part Indian. This guy called him a ‘tomahawk tosser’ and a ‘half-breed’ and kept singing the old country song, “Squaws Along the Yukon”.”

“Hell, if that was me I'd bust some skulls for real. Let’s make sure he likes things here then.” Bobbi Jo suggested.

Bart settled in well with his new crew. They found him to be very knowledgeable about his job and easy to work with. He was very fair in making decisions and even had a good enough sense of humor to appreciate the antics of the B-Team.

During one lunchtime, the B-Team women noticed Kurt Shaffer sauntering toward their table. He was a handsome young man that they tolerated but he was not considered at all interesting by them. Kurt was slender, well dressed, mannerly but a somewhat obnoxious braggart who fancied himself to be a lady’s man, however, the ladies did not.

“Well, if it isn’t mister ‘swave and deboner’ on his way over here,” Rusty drawled. “He said he signed up for an artificial intelligence class.”

Jeannine smirked. “Hell, he was born with that.”

Frowning, Bobbi Jo looked at her, “You worked in mock-up for a while with his Siamese twin, Burt. Is he as bad to be around as Kurt is?”

“In just about every way, but I didn’t know they were Siamese twins.”

“Yeah, they were joined at the asshole.”

“Oh, don’t be so rough on him,” Rusty said, “after all, he puts his pants on just like a lot of other guys, with the zipper in back.”

“Hello, ladies. May I join you fair damsels?”

“NO!” was the unison answer.

Kurt started to pull a chair out, but BJ’s foot caught the rung. “This here meeting is for women only, no girls allowed.”

Bart politely called his name. The women looked to see that Bart was sitting at his desk with his back to them.

Kurt walked over to him. “Yes, Mr. Sundance?”

“Don’t you suppose you would like to eat lunch elsewhere?”

“Certainly, sir,” Kurt quietly answered.

As he left the area, Jane spoke up. “Thanks, kemosabe.”

The girls noticed Bart’s shoulders lightly shaking as he laughed to himself with a wave of his hand to them.

“That’s what the Lone Ranger called Tonto, it means friend or loyal scout,” Lorna explained to a curious Rusty. Looking at the other girls she asked, “What do you think that word would mean if you never heard it before?”

“I’d go into a bar and order a double Kemosabe on the rocks,” Jeannine answered.

“Naw, it would be a slightly used Kemosabe with four on the floor and roll bars,” BJ said. “It’ll be great for hill climbing.”

“I’d get a Kemosabe 650 with extension front pegs, a step-seat and sissy bar,” thought Rusty.

“I thinks I be havin’ a vacation in da Kemosabe Islands an’ jus’ lay out in da sun,” Mrs. Bell envisioned.

Leaning over to Jane Rusty asked, “Hey, you’ve talked to Bart about stuff back where you were raised. Is he really part Indian?”

“Yes, Crow. And I’d say at least one quarter. Why?”

“I just thought of something.” Rusty walked over to talk to Bart. Soon they were standing with arms moving through the air. She copied the foot stance he demonstrated, then Rusty shook his hand with a big smile before returning to her place at the lunch table.

“What was that all about? Jeannine asked.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before now. I guess I was concerned that I might offend him but he was glad to help,” Rusty explained. “He just gave me a big tip on what I was doing wrong in my knife throwing contests and he even gave me a couple of tips about tossing a tomahawk. I can’t wait to get home and practice!”

“Oh great, maybe you’ll be getting a whip next,” BJ laughed.

“If you do, I can help you with that! I used to have one when I was a kid back in South Dakota. I may still have it somewhere. I made like I was Calamity Jane when us kids played cowboys and Indians,” Jane added with enthusiasm. “That’s who I was named after.”


Excerpted from "Real Pink Collar Workers" by Lady Jane Davis. Copyright © 2018 by Lady Jane Davis. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Lady Jane Davis

Lady Jane Davis

Following a tumultuous but short marriage, as a single mother, Ms. Davis worked her way through college in the restaurant trade. She then took a job as an electrical technician with the Boeing Company where she worked until retirement. While working she pursued many aspects of the do-it-yourself field to become proficient in household electrical, carpentry and plumbing work. She also learned house painting, interior decoration and design, landscaping and even cement work. Her hobbies include silk and dried floral arrangements, jewelry making, dressmaking and tailoring. This woman is a Jane of all trades and a master of most. Lady Jane feels that her writing has been a God-given gift since middle school. She has written many poems, sonnets, song lyrics, short stories and three other novels. Ms. Davis has dealt with life-long bipolar disorder, manic depression and epilepsy. To cope with these illnesses, she had self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs which led to an addiction, from which she has long recovered. Arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic lung disease have tried to slow her down as well. She is no stranger to the wheelchair either, having had major surgeries due to broken bones weakened by the osteoporosis. For having been a battered and abused child and wife, she counseled others having gone through this in their lives. As an evangelist, she worked in single adults’ ministry, suicide prevention and domestic violence. Through all these areas of life she has gained insight into the tragedies, traumas and difficulties of others. Lady Jane says, “Been there, done that. I understand how you feel and so does God. It was the Lord who got me through all of this and He will be there for you too if you let Him”. She’s able to write from her heart through all these experiences    

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