The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age

The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age

by Giovanni Soriano

ASIN: B078NY51G3

Publisher FriesenPress

Published in History/World, Business & Investing/Reference, Nonfiction

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Book Description


An intellectual history of the present, outlining the events that have led the world into its current state of economic, political, and societal demise. Tyranny in its modern forms is identified and discussed. The book abounds with original ideas that make it a new foray into critical theory, with the major difference being a constant bias in favour of democracy and the society it has produced in the past. Written for the general reader, the narrative is easy to follow and enhanced with thirteen images in both color and black and white. Available in ebook, soft and hard cover versions.

Sample Chapter


Where did all this begin? Why this obssession with work, money, and things? What happenned to truth and beauty, to idealism? We know what happenned to the lust for glory and to high culture- the cataclysm of World War II and the resolve afterward never to repeat it. The first building American planes bombed in Germany was the Berlin Opera House. Even before WWII, in a 1937 movie called Things to Come scripted by H.G. Wells, we hear the new determination to replace nationalism and martial aggression with technology and commercial competition. It's no wonder a British writer should propose such a solution, considering that this modern culture of things was largely invented by the English. Why did this happen in England?

As every high school student knows, the rise of mercantile culture began in the sixteenth century with the spice trade. However, it was Sir Walter Raleigh's bringing back tobacco from America at the end of that century that really ignited the new fever for commerce and the fortunes it could make, and it did not end with tobacco. The whole development of commercial culture over the past five hundred years has been driven by oral stimulants and what has come to be a universal oral conscioussness. After spices and tobacco came sugar, coffee, chocolate, and alcoholic spirits. The first commercial distilleries (producing alcohol in large quantities) of all the major spirits- cognac, whiskey, gin, and rum- appeared in the 1600s. All of them created a large number of personal fortunes over many centuries and established a widespread appetite for money, especially in Britain. By the early 1600s nearly every Englishman had a pipe in his mouth. By the early 1700s coffee houses profusely dotted every cityscape in Europe. J.S. Bach even composed a famous Coffee Cantata. The painter William Hogarth produced a couple of etchings titled Gin Lane. Excessive gin consumption became so rampant in eighteenth century Britain that it led to the Gin Act of 1751.

These stimulants continue to this day not only to drive commerce but to shape human consciousness. People no longer need the books of the classical world or the Bible to infuse their lives with meaning as they did before 1600. They now only need to put things in their mouths throughout the day- sweet, fatty foods, alcohol, coffee- to feel satisfied. The removal of these substances from any modern life would be catastrophic. It would bring about a fundamental transformation of consciousness, a new reality paradigm, an end to the predominance of money and commerce in modern civilization. People can live without religion if they have to, without high culture, without military or even commercial competition, but they cannot live without their oral stimulants of choice. These are what they look forward to every day from the moment they awake. They simply do not require life to have a purpose anymore.

The American colonies would never have come into existence without the English desire to exploit for profit the new-found appetite in England for a weed Sir Walter Raleigh brought home with him from an expedition to America. The prevalence of tobacco smoking in England at the end of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth centuries, always attested to by historical tradition, was recently proven by the excavations at Jamestown, the oldest surviving English colony in America (founded 1609), which unearthed many pipes. Tobacco could only be farmed in America. Greed gave birth to America, and the new oral consciousness gave birth to greed. If you take away the five basic oral stimulants, even today, the entire commercial system would collapse and thus so would democracy. Common people simply do not care that much about material things or money. These are ancillary and come only as by-products of the main activity- to supply people with oral stimulants that pacify them and put them in a stupor.

Oral fixations may be infantile in nature, extensions of a person's continued attachment to the mother's breast. So the various stimulants are essentially replacements for the pacifiers that babies suck on. They may be an unconscious acknowledgement of inferiority, an indication of one's inability to grow up. Oral stimulation diverts blood and energy away from the body, from the errogenous areas, toward the mouth and brain. Men lose their virility and are denied sex or don't want it from women whose bodies are also denuded of blood and energy. In the seventeenth century men in England began to fit metal braces over the heads of disorderly women, with metal bits running into their mouths and possibly chains connected to the backs of the braces (Scold's bridles). This is obviously indicative of physical debility due to compromised circulation and hormonal deficiency. The oral stimulants also placate the spirit and empty the mind of all thought, replacing it with simple animal pleasure. In other words, they induce narcosis.


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