Redress Of Goddess

Redress Of Goddess

by Isi Agbi


Publisher Eagle's Wings

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Goddess is faceless, connected, and mean. She runs her trafficking network with an iron fist and would destroy anything that stands in her way. She holds in the palm of her hand, the lords of the underworld in every major city in central Europe.

Stefan Reis is a police detective and leader of his homicide team. He would stop at nothing to find and apprehend the persons behind the recent wave of murder in his city.

Sabrina Jung is part of the team and must ignore her personal demons to focus on the investigations but can she?

To stop Goddess, they first have to unmask her.

Sample Chapter

Just Before

13 May 2002. Karlsruhe

When Aniela Heinz woke from sleep, she did not leave her bed. She laid back, stretching out, arms and legs, feeling the crackling of her joints with bemusement. Nothing in her expression showed the frustration she felt, but she resented herself for the way her marriage was turning out to be. Thomas had woken earlier, and she knew he would be in the kitchen drinking, and it made her furious. She got out of bed some fifteen minutes later and headed for the bathroom. An hour and twenty minutes later she was walking down to Passage Allee 5 where her escort service was located.

Once she got to her destination, she found her way to the kitchen and made herself a cup of green tea. She liked tea. It made her feel healthy and she could tell by her physical vigor that it was good for her health. Thirty minutes later, she was downstairs, sitting behind a computer desk. This was the work she had to do for three weeks until Adriana her assistant returned from holiday. She did not trust anyone else to do it.

Her escort service was named Aniela’s World. It was a three-floor relaxation home in the heart of Karlsruhe city, but its serene atmosphere made it an irresistible place for the men who came from every country across Europe. It created for them a world where they could talk to their hostesses about their problems uninterrupted, and the young women, always eager to offer listening ears responded all the time with mumbles of sweet nonsense later followed by intense and exhaustive sex that left the men looking forward to their next visit.

Aniela Heinz had hosted too many men than she could count. Now she was tired, and was sure the time for retirement had come, but that did not mean a life without work. She could not imagine such a life. It meant taking a lifelong break from hosting her male clients and refocusing on her husband. She would limit herself to running the official aspect of her business leaving the sexual demands of the clients to the girls who worked for her. Perhaps, Thomas could be happy again, and maybe it could save her marriage.

Taking her eyes for the first time since she set herself on her desk off the monitor in front of her, she took the cup of tea beside her, and lifted it to her mouth. Just then, the doorbell rang. She looked over at the clock on the wall and remembered she had given Jenny an appointment for noon. Five minutes later, she was ushering, a young beautiful brunette with green eyes into her office with kisses on both sides of the cheeks. She was, maybe, in her mid-twenties and carried her slim figure in a way that made other women jealous of her.

‘You’re welcome, Jenny,’ she said and offered her a seat. ‘You look really terrible,’ she observed.

‘She’s trying to have me killed,’ Jenny blurted out.

‘That’s ridiculous,’ Aniela Heinz said, making a face. ‘She might be anything, but a killer is what she’s not.’

Jenny sighed, her shoulders crumpling. She had come here convinced Aniela would believe or maybe listen to her. She did not prepare herself for her dismissive response.

‘Aniela,’ she said, her frustration showing from the emotion in her voice, ‘nobody wants to hear what I have to say. But people around me are turning up dead.’

‘You sound paranoid, Jenny,’ Aniela Heinz replied. ‘What you need is rest. Maybe a little holiday.’

‘That’s alright,’ Jenny muttered, tears swelling up in her eyes. ‘It’s obvious you’re not going to hear me out, but when I turn up dead, it’s going to be partly because you all refused to listen to me.’

‘You’re not going to turn up dead, Jenny,’ Aniela Heinz said. ‘You’re going to be just alright, maybe, after a little rest.’

‘Thanks, Aniela,’ Jenny said, a thin smile on her face. ‘I’ve got to leave now.’

Aniela, reaching out her hands, clasped her on both shoulders.

‘I’ll have a word with her,’ she said staring into her eyes. ‘I promise, I will.’

‘Thanks, Aniela,’ she replied and left.

Five minutes after she had gone, Aniela Heinz was still staring at the door wondering what had come over her.


Excerpted from "Redress Of Goddess" by Isi Agbi. Copyright © 2018 by Isi Agbi. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Isi Agbi

Isi Agbi

Isi Agbi is a freelance writer. He lives in Brunswick, Germany with his wife and kids. He finds satisfaction writing stories he hopes people find interesting. He was editor at Die Geschichte Magazin and likes to think of himself as a great story teller.

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