The Alice '65

The Alice '65

by Kyle Michel Sullivan

ASIN: B07C97J14G

Publisher KMSCB

Published in Romance/Romantic Comedy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


A book cataloguer is sent to Los Angeles to pick up a rare copy of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" from the actress who inherited it, but she wants a favor, first...and turns his world upside down.

Sample Chapter

The path they took back to the lift was more direct but entailed heading down a narrow side hall with some ceiling pipes that were so low even Adam had to duck to avoid them.

Vincent did not look at him as he asked, “When did you use your passport, last?”

Adam had to think about it before saying, “Three years ago. When you sent me to The New York Public Library.”

He had gone to review a collection they had received as a donation. The donor had wanted an independent evaluation of it for tax purposes, but he had not liked the value determined by the local dealer the library had engaged. They had reached out to The Arts Council UK who, on Vincent’s recommendation, had asked Adam to do the job. Adam had balked at the idea of travelling, but Vincent had insisted.

“I want us to work more closely with The Arts Council,” he had said, “and to refuse this commission would not be the best option.”

So Adam had reluctantly gone...and found the collection to be nice, though nowhere near what the donor thought its value to be. Until he discovered a complete Samuel Johnson's London: A Poem tipped into the back of a rather worn copy of the man's dictionary. With annotations in Johnson’s hand! Those few pages had doubled the value of the collection, so the donor had been pleased, the library had been pleased, The Arts Council had been pleased, and what was best — Vincent had allowed himself to smile.

So as they neared the tiny lift, Adam continued with, “I had to get an emergency issuance. I didn’t have one and — ”

“Then it's valid and you've been to The States,” Vincent said in too-cool a voice. “Care to go, again?”

Adam huffed. “God, no. New York was madness. I was almost struck by two taxis, a lorry, and four bike messengers as I was crossing Fifth Avenue. With the signal.”

“You'd be off to Los Angeles, this time.”

Adam knew the city was big and wide and open but still had to ask, “Is it saner than Manhattan?”

“Doubtful,” said Vincent. “But we've acquired a book and — ”

Adam gasped, jolted up — and slammed his head against a low pipe. He yelped, in pain.

“Careful, there,” said Vincent, more perturbed than concerned.

Adam nodded and, before he could even think to silence himself, blurted out, “Is she The Alice Sixty-five?”

Near color exploded across Vincent's face as he stormed up to Adam. “Who told you about that!?”

Adam took a step back, regained his breath, and rubbed his head a bit, for all the good it did. “I...I just heard. Heard someone...”

That someone being Jeremy, who had found out an extremely rare 1865 copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was being offered for sale to Merryton. He had whispered the possibility to Elizabeth, a fortnight back, like a lover cooing in her ear. Had she been a book person she might have reacted with more interest instead of merely saying, “When it arrives, I’ll take care of it, like I did the Appleton printing.”


Excerpted from "The Alice '65" by Kyle Michel Sullivan. Copyright © 2018 by Kyle Michel Sullivan. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Kyle Michel Sullivan

Kyle Michel Sullivan

Kyle Michel Sullivan is a writer and self-involved artist out to change the world until it changes has already happened in far too many ways. He has lived in London, Los Angeles, San Antonio, El Paso, Kansas City, Honolulu, Austin, Houston, and now resides in Buffalo, NY.

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