Words that Sell: More than 6000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas

Words that Sell: More than 6000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas

by Richard Bayan

ISBN: 9780071467858

Publisher McGraw-Hill Education

Published in Business & Investing/Reference

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One




    Absolutely free!
    Free gift
    Free gift enclosed
    Valuable gift enclosed
    Your free _____ is enclosed
    Free download!
    Claim your free _____
    Check enclosed
    Free trial
    No-risk trial offer
    _____-day free trial offer
    No obligation ever!
    Exclusive offer
    Exclusive offer for _____ members only
    Limited-time offer
    Introductory offer
    Special get-acquainted offer
    For a limited time only
    _____ days only
    Dated material
    Send no money
    Risk-free opportunity
    Money-making opportunity
    You have been selected to ...
    A _____ has been reserved in your name
    Win ...
    Save ...
    Get a ...
    Bonus offer
    Rebate offer
    Important update
    Official documents enclosed
    Valuable document enclosed
    Valuable coupons enclosed
    Priority mail enclosed
    _____ enclosed
    Enclosed: _____
    Inside: _____
    Re: _____
    Here is the information you requested
    Immediate reply requested
    Your signature is required
    Please respond within _____ days
    Sign the enclosed _____ right away
    Last chance!
    Final notice
    A personal message from _____
    An urgent message for _____
    Photos inside
    Please do not bend
    Do not bend or fold
    New offer
    Introducing ...
    Announcing ...
    As seen on TV
    Back by popular demand
    Price break!
    Prices slashed!
    $_____ in savings enclosed
    $_____ coupon enclosed
    Save _____% on _____!
    Take an extra _____% off!
    Lowest prices ever
    New low price!
    Price blowout!
    Outrageous deal
    Spring _____ sale
    Summer _____ sale
    Fall _____ sale
    Winter _____ sale
    Private sale
    Members-only sale
    Members-only discount
    Special discount
    Grand opening
    Good news!
    Great news!
    Sneak preview!
    Your _____ is about to expire
    Imagine life without _____
    _____ reasons to ...
    _____ things they never tell you about _____
    _____ facts you should know about _____
    Startling news about _____
    Details inside ...


    yours free
    absolutely free
    free of charge
    at no charge
    Valuable gift enclosed!
    Free gift!
    Free gift enclosed!
    Free gift with purchase!
    Free download!
    Free CD!
    Free catalog!
    Free course!
    Free sample!
    Buy one, get one free.
    We're giving away ...
    It's yours to keep.
    Keep it, use it, enjoy it!
    Keep it with our compliments.
    It's your bonus for ordering now.
    It's our gift to you.
    Accept this _____.
    You'll also receive a _____ at no extra charge.
    Send for free facts.
    This one's on us!
    Included at no extra cost
    No hidden fees
    No annual fee
    A $_____ value—absolutely free!
    A $_____ value—yours free!
    It's yours free just for saying "yes" to _____.
    Take it—it's yours!
    It's our way of saying "thank you."
    Claim your free _____!
    We'll reserve your bonus gift.
    Early bird bonus
    Win ...
    Win a brand-new _____!
    Play and win!
    Double your winnings!
    Over _____ chances to win!
    Take your pick of these fabulous prizes:
    Hundreds of prizes!
    All prizes will be awarded!


    Save up to _____%
    _____% off!
    _____% discount!
    Price break!
    Price blowout!
    Prices slashed!
    New low price!
    We've rolled back prices.
    We've cut our prices on _____.
    Drastic reductions on _____.
    Take an extra _____% off the ticketed price!
    One-day sale!
    One day only!
    Shop till you drop!
    Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall preview/clearance sale
    Preseason sale
    Back-to-school sale
    Warehouse sale
    Every _____ on sale!
    Private sale
    Exclusive members-only sale
    Giant closeout sale!
    Final clearance!
    Everything must go!
    We must move our inventory.
    A steal at these prices!
    Value priced at $_____.
    Prices guaranteed through _____.
    Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.
    Biggest discounts anywhere!
    No lower prices anywhere!
    We challenge you to find lower prices anywhere.
    We challenge you to find a _____ at a lower price.
    Lowest prices/rates allowed by law!
    Guaranteed lowest prices!
    We will not be undersold.
    We will beat any price.
    Don't pay more!
    Comparable _____s currently sell for $_____ or more.
    ... at a substantial savings you can't afford to pass up.
    Carnival of savings!
    Save big on _____.
    Buy more, save more!
    Check our quantity discounts!
    huge discounts
    extra savings
    tremendous savings
    substantial savings
    unbeatable value
    Compare prices!
    Shop and compare!


    Send no money now!
    Send no payment now!
    Send no money!
    No risk now, no risk later.
    No-risk trial offer
    30-day free trial
    No obligation to buy anything ever!
    No strings attached!
    Use it for a week in your own home.
    You may cancel at any time.
    Say "yes" now and decide later.
    If you decide to keep it, pay just $ _____.
    If I decide to keep it, I will pay just $_____.
    Choose only the _____ you want.
    Keep only the _____ you want.
    You may cancel at any time, simply by notifying us.
    If you decide to cancel, pay nothing and keep the _____ with our compliments.
    No purchase necessary!
    No down payment!
    totally refundable
    No salesperson will call.
    Try us for six months.
    All we're asking is that you give us a try.
    a fair trial
    Try us on for size.
    What have you got to lose?
    Try _____ at our risk.
    We'll buy it back—no questions asked.
    We'll send you _____ to examine FREE—no cost, obligation, or commitment.


    Switch to _____.
    Success starts with _____.
    The _____ that works as hard as you do.
    It's time for _____.
    _____ spoken here!
    The truth about your _____ could shock you.
    Turn your _____ into a _____.
    How do you turn a _____ into a _____?
    _____ doesn't have to be expensive.
    _____ fever!
    A little _____ can go a long way.
    Get comfortable with _____.
    Power up your _____.
    Turbocharge your _____.
    How our _____ stacks up against theirs.
    Not just another _____.
    The _____ that makes other_____s look like toys.
    Don't settle for _____ when you can choose _____.
    Why your first _____ should be a _____.
    The _____ advantage.
    The _____ edge.
    Your partner in _____.
    A _____ for all seasons.
    Taste/See/Hear/Feel the difference yourself!
    Only _____ gives you ...
    The best-kept secret in _____.
    _____ secrets revealed!
    They don't call us _____ for nothing.
    Always go to an expert.
    We don't cut corners.
    It takes more than talent.
    The _____ experts.
    The _____ 's best friend.
    At _____ , you're #1.
    Get hooked on _____.
    Go with a winner.
    A winner never quits.
    It's easy to spot the winners.
    It's easy to see ...
    Meet the newest addition to our family.
    Announcing the first _____ that ...
    Introducing the _____ that practically runs itself.
    Introducing the _____ of the future.
    The best _____ just became affordable.
    You probably thought you couldn't afford a _____.
    Are you paying too much for _____?
    First-class _____ at no-frills prices.
    The price cutters.
    The dependables.
    America's #1_____.
    America's favorite _____.
    _____'s favorite _____.
    The _____ pledge.
    A major breakthrough in _____.
    Innovation is a tradition at _____.
    Built to last.
    The fun begins with _____.
    Instant _____.
    _____ in your pocket.
    _____ legally!
    The smart choice.
    Success tool.
    Management tool.
    Executives only.
    The right address.
    Money in the bank.
    Ever dependable.
    Genius at work.
    Child's play.
    Your move.
    Food for thought.
    All the right ingredients.
    Some cold, hard facts.
    Inside information.
    Fiction: (...). Fact: (...).
    Get all the facts about _____.
    Straight talk about _____.
    Let's be honest about _____.
    The startling truth about _____.
    Everything you always wanted to know about _____.
    _____ things you should never ...
    _____ things you should always ...
    What they never tell you about _____.
    What they don't want you to know about _____.
    Welcome to the _____ Age.
    Don't get stuck with ...
    _____ where you want it, when you want it.
    Finally, there's a better way to ...
    Nothing sells like a _____.
    Nothing's built like a _____.
    Nothing works like a _____.
    The only _____ you'll ever need.
    The last _____ you'll ever need to buy.
    There's no substitute for _____.
    In a class by itself.
    Your satisfaction is our business.
    _____ is our business.
    _____ means business.
    _____ can handle it.
    The _____ that never quits.
    Don't gamble with ...
    Don't take chances with ...
    Say good riddance to _____.
    Say yes to _____.
    A _____ from the word "go."
    Who says you can't win 'em all?
    For those special times.
    For those special people in your life.
    Give your children the _____ they deserve.
    An investment in their future.
    An investment in your future.
    Now, more than ever, you need _____.
    _____ reasons you should ...
    Can you afford not to ...?
    You have better things to do than ...
    Don't wait for _____ to come to you!
    Don't make these _____ mistakes when you _____.
    Take a minute to ...
    Your shortcut to ...
    Turn your life around!
    Train for the future.
    Turn your free time into learning time.
    _____ with confidence.
    You owe yourself a _____.
    All the _____ you need to succeed.

    For other heads and slogans, see individual topics throughout the book.


    Dear Friend:
    Dear Neighbor:
    Dear Customer:
    Dear Preferred Customer:
    Dear Valued Customer:
    Dear _____ Client:
    Dear Buyer:
    Dear _____ Fan:
    Dear _____ Fanatic:
    Dear _____ Aficionado:
    Dear _____ Connoisseur:
    Dear _____ Enthusiast:
    Dear _____ Lover:
    Dear _____ Buff:
    Dear _____ Collector:
    Dear Patron of the Arts:
    Dear Reader:
    Dear Shareholder:
    Dear Investor:
    Dear Subscriber:
    Dear Retailer:
    Dear Member:
    Dear Citizen:
    Dear Concerned Citizen:
    Dear Achiever:
    Dear Classmate:
    Dear Fellow _____:
    Welcome to ...
    Come with us ...
    You are cordially invited ...
    A special invitation ...
    A personal invitation ...
    You're about to join ...
    Get ready to enjoy ...
    We request your presence ...
    You've been selected ...
    Your name has appeared on our select list of _____s.
    Join us ...
    We want you to ...
    Try this on for size:
    Special information for _____s only.


    Isn't it time you ...?
    When was the last time you ...?
    Did you know that ... ?
    Are you still ...?
    Want to keep in touch with ...?
    Want to stay abreast of ...?
    Are you interested in ...?
    Are you curious about ...?
    Are you intrigued by ...?
    Will you be ready for the ...?
    Who could say no to ...?
    What's the best investment you could make?
    Could you use an extra $ _____ each month?
    Do you want a better job?
    How secure is your job?
    Why postpone your future in ...?
    What would you say if we offered to help you ...?
    Will you risk just $1 to ...?
    Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about ...?
    Do you ever ask yourself ...?
    How many times have you said to yourself, ...?
    Has this ever happened to you?
    How long has it been since you ...?
    Remember the first time you ever ...?
    Are you secretly afraid of ...?
    Don't you need ...?
    Don't you wish ...?
    Wouldn't you like to ...?
    Looking for just the right _____?
    Confused about which _____ to buy?
    Why should you use _____ when you can ...?
    Tired of empty promises from ...?
    Tired of the same old _____?
    Why trade a _____ for a _____?
    Why sacrifice _____ for _____?
    Are you ready for ...?
    Who can put a price on _____?
    Why pay full price for _____?
    Are you paying too much for _____?
    Want to stretch your purchasing power?
    How can you cut the high cost of _____?
    How much is your company spending on _____?
    Are you drowning in a sea of _____?
    Have you ever thought about ...?
    What's the most effective way to ...?
    What's the most profitable ...?
    What's the safest ...?
    Do you enjoy _____?


    It's no secret that ...
    Let me ask you a simple question.
    We'll change your mind about ...
    You've probably noticed that ...
    Just wait until you ...
    I'm extremely pleased to tell you that ...
    The results are in.
    Recent research shows that ...
    It's not every day that ...
    Here's an idea worth considering.
    Forget everything you've heard about ...
    Imagine being able to get a _____ for only $_____.
    Just a note to tell you about ...
    Don't let _____ keep you from getting ahead.
    Don't be caught without _____.
    ____ often spells the difference between failure and success.
    Within 30 days, you could be ...
    You can organize a successful _____.
    Think about ...
    Now you can ...
    For under $_____ you can ...
    If I'm not mistaken, you're the kind of person who ...
    As a _____, you know how important it is to ...
    Believe it or not, ...
    You're in for a pleasant surprise.
    If you're like most people, you probably ...
    If _____ is your passion, then you'll appreciate ...
    In today's competitive market-place, ...
    In today's uncertain economy, ...
    In today's volatile market, ...
    _____ industry experts estimate that ...
    We live in an increasingly complex society.
    Today, more than ever, ...
    It's a fact of life that ...
    It's never too early to ...
    It's never too late to ...
    Now, the real truth about _____.
    I used to think that ...
    Sometimes I wonder why ...
    I've taken the liberty of reserving a _____ in your name.
    Let's talk about why you need _____.
    Your new career in _____ is just weeks away.
    Anyone who knows _____ will tell you that ...
    It isn't enough to be ...
    Every once in a while you come across a _____ that ...
    _____ could determine the future of your business.
    If you've been waiting for the right _____, you don't have to wait any
    It's hard enough to _____ without having to worry about _____.
    Let's be honest.
    Let's face it.
    We've got the solution to your ...
    In the few seconds it took you to read this far, ...
    If you'd like to become part of today's _____, there's no better way to
    start than ...


    Get ready to ...
    Prepare yourself for ...
    Take a giant step ...
    Fasten your seatbelt!
    Watch out!
    Put your _____ to the test.
    Test yourself ...
    Challenge yourself ...
    Match yourself against ...
    Delve into the ...
    Visit the ...
    Take off for ...
    Leap into the ...
    Dive into the ...
    Discover the ...
    Explore the ...
    Encounter the ...
    Experience the ...
    Meet the ...
    Learn about the ...
    Say "yes" to ...
    Join the ...
    Capture the ...
    Recapture the ...
    Relive the ...
    Savor the ...
    Cross the threshold ...
    Climb aboard ...
    Scale a new peak ...
    Plumb the depths of ...
    If you're bold enough ...
    Take a deep breath and ...
    Do something extraordinary:
    Let your imagination soar!
    Dare to live your dreams.
    You already have what it takes to win.
    Be your own (mechanic, plumber, etc.).
    If you think you're good enough ...
    If you're seriously interested in ...
    If you consider yourself ...
    If you sincerely want to ...
    For once in your life, ...
    Join the small handful of people who ...
    _____ like a professional.
    _____ like an expert.
    _____ like a millionaire.
    _____ like the person you were meant to be.
    I think you'll be shocked by what you're about to read.


    Now, for the first time, ...
    Now there's an even better way to ...
    That's where _____ fits in.
    Think of it:
    Fortunately, ...
    Here's why:
    Here's how:
    Here's how it works:
    What I'm leading up to is this:
    I'm hoping you fall into that category.
    I'd like to call your attention to ...
    If questions like these intrigue you ...
    But first, ...
    If you prefer, ...
    You'll be surprised to learn that ...
    We're about to change all that.
    What does this mean for you?
    To be perfectly honest, ...
    Simply stated, ...
    In short, ...
    In brief, ...
    Let me explain.
    But let's take a closer look.
    Look at our track record:
    That's a claim very few _____s can make.
    What an opportunity!
    I'm sure you'll agree that ...
    One thing is for sure:
    This we promise:
    Come to think of it, ...
    To show you what I mean, ...
    For the answer, turn this page.
    As you can see, ...
    As you might imagine, ...
    No doubt about it, ...
    Obviously, ...
    Here are just a few of the ...
    These are just a few of the ...
    For these and many other reasons ...
    You'll also be glad to know that ...
    As a further convenience, ...
    Here's a better solution:
    And here's an added feature:
    And this is only the beginning!
    All this and more!
    And that's not all.
    And there's more:
    As if that's not enough, ...
    And we don't stop there.
    And don't overlook ...
    But there's even more.
    But before I say any more, ...
    But that's just part of the story.
    And this is only a small sampling.
    The result?
    Sounds incredible?
    Sounds fantastic?
    A miracle?
    Fair enough?
    No problem!
    You bet!
    ... and that's the truth.
    The truth is, ...
    But look—
    The way I look at it, ...
    Now for the surprise.
    I'm inviting you ...
    With your permission, I'd like to ...
    Are we out of our minds to make you an offer like this?
    So there you have it.
    So if you want to enjoy ...
    No wonder ...
    That's why ...
    What's more, ...
    Most important, ...
    Best of all, ...
    Last but not least, ...
    So remember ...
    So don't forget ...
    And that's what _____ is all about.
    We've saved the best for last.


Excerpted from "Words that Sell: More than 6000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas" by Richard Bayan. Copyright © 0 by Richard Bayan. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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